Apple launches OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on Mac App Store for $19.99



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    Originally Posted by @tiger View Post

    Yes, My iMac is connected to an Airport Extreme. I have of course tried to reboote both iMac, Airport Extreme and iPhone/iPad.


    I have the wifi sync working with my iPad & mac mini.

    it stopped working a while ago using Lion, i read your post & thought id give it a try now with mountain lion, worked first time & better then when i originally tried it, i know this doesn't help. 

    This might sound extreme, you could re-install iTunes.

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    @tiger wrote: »
    iTunes wifi sync with iPad & iPhone is not working after upgrading to ML

    The ML installation/upgrade went great on my iMac (i7, mid 2010 modell, 27").

    However, I have only noticed one odd issue after installing ML. Neither my iPhone 4S or my iPad (retina) won't longer sync with iTunes (lates version) over wifi. When trying they are only "looking" for my iMac but nothing is happening. When connecting both iPhone and iPad directly to my iMac syncing goes as planned. It is also crossed for "sync over wifi" on both devices. After disconnecting both devices vanishes from the device list in iTunes.

    Can anybody maybe tell me how to fix this?

    -> Greatings from Norway - reading AppleInsider every day! :)

    Try the following:
    1. Connect iPad + iPhone with cable to Mac
    2. In iTunes, turn off WiFi syncing on both devices
    3. Sync both devices
    4. Unmount both devices
    5. Unplug both devices
    6. Turn on WiFi syncing on both devices

    Sometimes that fixes it.
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