Steve Jobs was 'very receptive' to 7-inch iPad idea, court documents show



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    Originally Posted by punkndrublic View Post

    LOL awesome job, advertise the hell out of that before the new apple product comes out, and makes the nexus an obsolete POS. 

    You don't have a lot of constructive comments to add today do you?

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    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    You don't have a lot of constructive comments to add today do you?

    Just pointing out the obvious guy. 

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    Why does it have to be a news report to be a issue?

    Google is your friend, if you actually look you'll see that it's quite a problem.

    I'm not making this up. Do I really new to show you links from countless fan sites about QC issues? It's not a isolated issue. Don't be lazy.

    Search around...they are infact being returned/exchanged in big numbers...
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    93 pages of iPad wi-fi comments/complaints doesn't mean it's being returned in huge numbers does it, or that there's a serious QC problem? Add another 87 pages of iPad overheating discussion. Would you now call that proof of quality problems? Add another 46 pages of comments on screen discoloration. Is that proof Apple's latest iPad has QC problems? Of course not.


    Every new product release has some initial issues. If they're still there 60 days in, then there may really be a problem IMHO. Initial complaints from a relative handful of buyers is to be expected and not a sign of massive returns or widespread quality problems as far as I'm concerned. Might there be a QC problem with the Nexus 7? Certainly can't be completely discounted but certainly not proved by your link.

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    Originally Posted by Eriamjh View Post

    I told you guys what Steve poo-poos in public he works on in secret.


    Unless it's this.  We're told Jobs was on top of several years' worth of new products, at least in general, yet the small iPad is still just something he's essentially upgraded to "not 100% against".


    At some point, it stops being Jobs' company.  I think we're close.  Nothing inherently wrong with that.

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