New Apple retail VP John Browett planned to cut jobs to raise profits



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    And yea, I've read AI for YEARS but this is the first time I've been induced to register and post a reply!

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    Originally Posted by Waverunnr View Post

    I'd bet a month's salary he's a Romney supporter.  Probably even contributed to his campaign.

    He comes from the UK, why would he have political affiliation to a man that would represent the BNP in the UK?

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    ironted wrote: »
    Great, another fucktard for Apple!  :)  

    America is full of fucktards anyway!

    Aww... That's not true. Besides, Browett is British. Go hate on them for a while (wink).
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    Here's a completely off the wall idea:


    Why not make the Apple Store a place that people can hang out in, kick the tires, explore the wonderful Apple technology all around them, chat with some knowledgeable people in Apple uniforms who are there to make people comfortable that Apple will always respond to their needs. Perhaps these employees can point interested visitors at some relevant demonstrations that are scheduled to take place soon. Heck, call me crazy, but if these employees are enthusiastic and passionate about Apple's products, it might increase sales.


    We were at that point a few years ago. The stores were not there to turn a profit, they were originally put in place to generate enthusiasm and counter the FUD put out about Apples' products by the competitors. The side effect was that the stores were amazingly successful at selling product and (once critical mass was reached) generating profit too.


    What happened? When did profit for its own sake become the priority? Pay the staff. Generate enthusiasm. Service the customers and make them *very* happy. If you don't, first you'll become like Dixons, then like Radio Shack... poor undefined commodity sellers that become marginalized into oblivion.


    I've not problem with progress - but this isn't it.



    ps AI... why does right-click not give me the expected menu in Safari? I'd like to be able to correct my spelling etc.

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    This guy should be FIRED!!!!


    We don't need a Romney or Bush ideologue pushing the "profits uber ales" mentality. You make more longterm profits by improving service, not cutting it.

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    It could be they hired this guy to let him do something stupid, which was only a matter of time.  Now they can publicly fire his sorry rear end.  That kills three birds with one stone. First, it gets rid of a competitor.  Second, it makes a statement about Apple's true DNA being customer service. Three, it shows Tim has the "scourging" skills that Steve was known for.

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    Oh, Apple, you've effed up.  This clown needs to go.


    Other retailers are trying to copy Apple, meanwhile Apple hires an outsider who wants to turn Apple into the retailers they're crushing?  Yikes.

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    I hope none of the employees lost their job over this if this is true. I hate it when people in charge make obvious mistakes, after being told what they want to do is the wrong direction for the business, just to do it anyway, and the only ones hurt are those at the bottom just starting out.


    Makes me sick. Maybe his multi-million dollar contract can be voided. That would surely pay for an entire store's staffing for the year.


    Maybe he's still within his probationary period and he just fired himself. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    Being from the UK.this makes me so mad !!! I avoid places like Currys/PC World like the plague because there is NO CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE !
    I would rather travel 30 miles to my nearest Apple Store.
    I hope somebody at Apple wakes up quickly !
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    Compromising the customer experience is the first step down the road to becoming the next Hewlett Packard.  I usually don't resort to the "but Steve would never approve of this" argument, but in this case I'll make an exception.  The Apple retail stores are designed to be an experience, and are a walk-in advertisement as much as retail space. I really don't see what turning them into mall-based mini-best buys is going to accomplish. 

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    It gives me no pleasure to be proved right but I thought this guy was an idiot when they said (when they hired him) that he was CEO at Dixons. 


    Dixons, for those of you not from the UK, is a national electronics chain where spotty teenagers in badly fitting suits try to sell shitty PCs to unsuspecting  shoppers who think the CD tray is a coffee holder.  How it stays in business and how he ever ended up at Apple is a mystery of epic proportions.


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    this goes against the very essence of who steve jobs was and what he stood for.


    send this guy packing asap—no matter what the cost!


    if cook allows this clown to continue, it will mark the beginning of the end of apple as the company we have grown to love and respect.

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    Originally Posted by ahmlco View Post

    Tell Tim Cook to fire Browett. Seriously. [email protected]

    Just did it, seriously, a simple email "Fire Browett".

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    Originally Posted by mac512 View Post


    Originally Posted by ahmlco View Post

    Tell Tim Cook to fire Browett. Seriously. [email protected]

    Just did it, seriously, a simple email "Fire Browett".


    I suspect that decision was made before the public mea culpa -- they will:

    • allow Browett to "resign to pursue other interests"

    • announce that, by "mutual agreement" he is leaving [unspoken that he was not a good fit for Apple]

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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    The report also noted that Browett said Apple's retail outlets need to "learn to 'run leaner' in all areas, even if the customer experience is compromised."


    Nuffink wrong with this... is there???

    I am crying over the hire of Browett. Ths move send all the wrong signals.

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    outpost wrote: »
    Being from the UK.this makes me so mad !!! I avoid places like Currys/PC World like the plague because there is NO CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE !
    I would rather travel 30 miles to my nearest Apple Store.
    I hope somebody at Apple wakes up quickly !

    Seriously, this is exactly the same approach they had at a previous company I worked for ... a company which is now history !
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    I'm generally not one to sound the alarm on specific items like this, but this really concerns me.

    Apple Stores are one of the gems of the Apple ecosystem, and to have a cut-rate clown like this starting to cheap out is really concerning.

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    Originally Posted by xclntgig View Post

    To make the retail stores more profitable? If true, this is an obvious unApple-like move by Mr. Browett.  Hopefully he at least got his hand slapped. Which, I guess having one of your executive decisions overturned is kind of like getting one's hand slapped in the corporate world. He's is new, so I'll consider this strike one.  Hopefully he just needs a little more time to absorb the Apple way of doing things into his thought process.


    This IS disturbing.  Just don't want to panic too soon.


    On the positive side, I'm sure this cost cutting decision scared Steve Ballmer.  "Wow, this Browett guy is a super GENIUS! We need to watch out for him."

    I need to correct my mistake.  This is actually his SECOND strike.  The first was the terrible Apple Genius commercial that aired during the Olympics.  I'm sure he had some input since he IS in charge of retail.


    Apple, cut your losses.  It's time for this guy to go.  No need to wait for the third strike.

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    I wouldn't suggest Papermaster as an example of Browett's problem. Papermaster didn't work out because he did not have the aggressive personality to argue for positions with other higher management -- he was seen as not a good fit for that reason. Browett seems to be a problem for a whole different reason. 


    If the story here is true, then Cook should can the guy before the stock market opens tomorrow.

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