Apple releases Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.1 with iMessage, Migration Assistant fixes



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    gizmo-xlgizmo-xl Posts: 142member

    Well I have had my MBPR running for 15min after a full charge just using Safari on this site and my battery has gone from 100% to 93% in less then 15min.  So I don't think we have a fix in place based on what I am getting on my Mac.

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    Originally Posted by nitewing98 View Post

    I'm just saying, while I understand your pain, "You are using your own experience and speaking as if it means more than that."


    nitewing98, I think you're misunderstanding me.  :  )     My post was only to point out some real world problems in ML in a relatively small but vital pro arena to refute Tallest Skill's assertion that there are no important things wrong in this update.  ML is great but they've obviously got teams and teams of programmers banging out fixes for issues in things like the App Store, messaging and facebook integration while it feels like they've got two interns in charge of some of the very basic but under-the-radar specialized system features such as Core Audio and Aggregate Devices.  Absolutely true, of course, that no one outside of recording studios use either of these, but equally true is that IN recording studios we all do  :  )  They are naturally the exception and not the rule, but still...The whole is made up of groups that are the exception and not the rule : )


    For most of the world ML is working great and again, in recording studios many are not having these same problems in certain situations.  But my point was that some things are still broken in it and some are now newly broken, and I daily don't see it as the perfect release that Tallest Skill says it is.  You'd need to read the listservs and etcs to see that it's not trivial stuff for us.


    My own recording rig is run off a 2008 MBP using ProTools, Logic and Metric Halo products on 10.6.8 and it runs great  : )   I have no reason to put ML on it.

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    Originally Posted by ombra2105 View Post

    Yeah for me the update weighed in at 7.28MB

    I got the HP printer software update as well, total ca. 13 MB. Guessing the 10.8.2 updater will be a biggie. Readying for iOS6, etc.. 


    ML and now updated ML have caused no problems at all. Safari's much quicker. ML has been faster with less stalls and somewhat better BL that Lion. (13" MBAir oct 2011). 

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    iTunes is locked up now. Nothing plays - no songs, movies or podcasts. Worked fine in 10.8. 

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