Video shows BMW X5 crash into California Apple Store



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    They could have at least waited for the iPhone 5 to be on shelves, would have fetched more than some iPods. 

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    Originally Posted by dysamoria View Post

    Some psych drugs destroy impulse control, too, such as SSNRI/SSRI drugs, hence the ironic "antidepressant drugs can cause suicide" thing.


    True.  Drug abuse turns normal people into strange versions of themselves sometimes.  

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    They are just fucking idiots. Retina MacBook Pro's, Mac Pros, iMacs. If i were to rob an Apple store those are the things I would take. What idiots.
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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

     They steal because they see all the products just lying there on the display and they just want to grab them and run.  They can't understand why anyone wouldn't.  Most of us have a similar urge every now and then but it's stopped by our (normal) impulse control that our parents taught us.  

    I believe this is what Edgar Allen Poe referred to as "The Imp of the Perverse."

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    I too am trying to figure out why they would grab iPhones instead of Macbook Pros and iMacs and such. Would have at least made more money if they would have gotten away with it.
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    welshdog wrote: »
    It's a cost factor.  The cost of HD cameras (good ones) is still way higher than SD.  It's not just storage, but the whole package.  But yes, if you want to actually identify someone you should spend the dollars to get HD.  

    Is cost really a factor for Apple though?

    Maybe they did have HD cameras that were sold and replaced by Browett.
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    What a moronic idiot lol. He deserves every bit of the jail time he gets.
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    Originally Posted by macminiwii View Post

    That's what I was thinking. And if it was stolen why bother fixing a flat? LOL


    "Police allege that Howard popped two of the tires on the BMW. After the burglary took place, he reportedly changed one tire near the store, while the other flat was allegedly addressed with a stolen can of Fix-A-Flat from a nearby 7-11.

    Howard, however, reportedly failed to repair the flat tires on his vehicle, and the BMW was abandoned about a mile from the Temecula Apple Store.


    Now the can of fix-a-flat was stolen. LOL



    Why bother trying to get it out of the store at all.




    Looks like they grabbed six or so iPhones/iPod's and four or so iPads.


    Probably wanted them to swap for crack.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    Free room and board, free reading material, television, gym membership…




    You left out plenty of sex...



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    600,000 dollars damage?



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    Originally Posted by Woodlink View Post

    600,000 dollars damage?



    The store is will be closed for a while. So, in addition to the repairs, you need to include lost sales, lost work for the employees and rent for a space Apple can't use.

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    I cleaned up the video, it looks even more dramatic when it's un-squashed.



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    Originally Posted by bobborries View Post

    I cleaned up the video, it looks even more dramatic when it's un-squashed.


    Thanks - that's awesome!

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    Why didn't they wait for the iPhone 5s?
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    Good point.

    But i bet the store is up and running tomorrow.

    There is no way that Apple retail would allow a store to not be ready for the launch of the iPhone five
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    I don't understand why Apple doesn't have special iDevices at the Apple stores with ROM in instead of flash memory. When the retards who steal them try to sync them with iTunes, they won't be able to, and no amount of Jailbreaking would help either.

    Also the crooks wouldn't be able able to turn off find my iDevice either.
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