Apple's new Maps in iOS 6 draw ire from users around the world



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    I wantd to like this but playing with it yesterday im not so sure. No, actually I am sure.. it sucks. I know Apple probably has a huge team working on this and big plans for it in the future, but right now it feels like a .99 cent app. The flyover is OK but kind of useless as a functionality. With the sketchy and confused reviews of Passbook (not only because of Apple), I wonder if this could be the biggest blunder update yet. Im sure  the competition is ready to jump all over this in a bunch of new 'exciting' ad's.

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    Originally Posted by Modena360 View Post

    Not ready for prime time. The overview of my house in Rancho Mirage looks like it was shot through a cloud, and the images are extremely grainy. On google maps I could identify the cracks in the street. Another complaint is when trying to map an address in Carmel, California from my address book (the address there don't use street numbers but rather intersections), it cannot be found; never had that issue wi

    THe privacy nuts would likely say that grainy due to having blurred out people etc is better than Google not giving a damn and showing you walking around inside your house. 

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    The map app is very good for a 1.0 release. I'm impressed with it. It's not perfectly reliable yet, but it promises to be a gamechanger for iOS users and the entire industry. I can't wait to see where Apple takes us with this. I'm happy to be on the journey with them from the start.

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    I like the concept, but I found several bugs during my first 20-minute trip. Mostly, many streets were referred to by outdated or lesser-know names. In a couple of cases, the street name was completely wrong on roads that haven't changed names or routes since the 1950s. Once, it instructed me on multiple occasions to "turn left on [random street name]" when this wasn't part of the route nor were those streets anywhere close. So, it's definitely got a ways to go.

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    Yeah Im not digging the new maps app. But Im willing to wait for them to update/fix the issues with it. Fly over is pretty cool. My biggest heartache is the new Dial Pad UI.
    I hate that new look with the white back ground...then you dial a number and the interface goes back to the original look.... WTF is going on here.
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    Yeah, not liking the new maps, I now live on a street that no longer exists and a mall that was torn down a couple of years ago is back.
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    If you have an iPhone 4 or earlier, it's a big step back. I used to use Street View a lot to get a general idea of the layout of my destination. I no longer have that. What's more, I don't have 3D view since I'm on an older phone. Fortunately, I'll have my new phone tomorrow, but not everybody is in the same boat.

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    I really don't know what people truly expected.  Did you honestly expect a 1.0 product to match something or even come close to a system that's been going on for several years?  Yes it sucks now, but it's going to take years to catch up to Google.  Fortunately I live in Houston and the maps works great for me.  I also have a great sense of direction, so that helps too. 

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    I wholeheartedly agree. Apple is known for updating their apps a little more ánd better than Google has proven to be in the years that the iPhone existed… In the 5 years Google Maps came preinstalled on the iPhone, has it ever been updated with some serious effort?

    Apple has indeed released their own, because their 5-year aggreement with Google has ended and neither party wants to renew it due to differences in opinion (amongst other things)… which is fine in my opinion.

    But Apple júst released their first, so give it a little time. Over the years they updated/improved most of their apps tremendously, so I'm sure that with the upcoming updates they'll improve it. At the very least they'll improve it a heck of a lot more often than Google ever has as far as functionality goes, and the map-data will undoubtedly get better as well.
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    wigbywigby Posts: 692member

    no problems for me so far (i commute between brooklyn and central nj) but i don't appreciate the extra steps to create a simple to/from route. and so far the traffic alerts i have experienced are all accurate. based on the story and the comments, it sounds like less attention has been paid to countries outside the u.s. turn by turn is also done well but it's too early to really say. give it a few weeks for more reviews before piling on.


    the only downside to these built-in apps like passbook and maps is that there's no reviews. apple has responded well and quickly to negative reviews in the app store. what is the best way to voice discontent with their latest release in this case?

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    Pretty terrible. Lists a restaurant as being in my neighborhood that is actually 500 miles away. Tells me to take an illegal left turn at the end of my street onto a main road.

    The directions also stink (Boston). Google gave much better suggestions.

    The lack of decent traffic data also stinks. Google is fantastic in this regard, iMaps is spotty as can be.

    Basically a huge downgrade.
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    Originally Posted by thataveragejoe View Post in Safari. Added shortcut to homescreen. Problem temporarily solved for now. New maps, iMaps in colloquial, isn't unusable, but it's certainly a step backwards. Flyover isn't great either; 1/3 of downtown Philadelphia? Really? It just feels very un-Apple.

    Street View does not work on their web version. I miss that the most.

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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    I'll second the mention that works on iOS pretty well. Seems to have all the options the old maps app has, including bike and transit.
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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,505member
    The presentation is secondary to information in this case, sure it looks fantastic but it's next to useless. I'd imagine it's better in the US than anywhere else in the world.
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    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    I really don't know what people truly expected.  Did you honestly expect a 1.0 product to match something or even come close to a system that's been going on for several years?  Yes it sucks now, but it's going to take years to catch up to Google.  Fortunately I live in Houston and the maps works great for me.  I also have a great sense of direction, so that helps too. 


    So we the customers have to wait "years" for Apple to catch up?  Stinks, I tell you.  Stinks.


    I really hope Google releases a stand-alone app.


    Plus, Apple is selling this on their website as an upgrade, not as a work-in-progress.  So should I therefore expect a downgrade instead?  Or should I expect Apple to be lying?



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    I love the new Maps app! Accuracy seems to be just fine in the Seattle/Redmond area where I live. The app is faster and much smoother than Google Maps. I also love how it displays turn by turn directions, remembers previous searches (no way!) and of course, how the vector based graphics don't shrink labels like the old Google app did. Huge improvement!
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    I don't know, I could give you a laundry list of crappy BS I get from google maps. Just last weekend I was looking for a Rooms To Go store, I tried "Rooms to go" and it recommendend "RoomsToGo" - ok, that's probably more accurate. Yeah, it said no results... I live in DFW and there are at least 5 RoomsToGo stores in the metroplex. There's also a restaurant that's been open for more than a year called "Mi Dia from scratch" - Google Maps refuses to find it at all so I just tried "Mi Dia" - it took me to California... I don't doubt that iMaps has issues but I think people have had 6 years to deal with Google's issues and they just deal with it and accept that's what happens when you try to map the world...
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    dbhdbh Posts: 41member

    at first glance, the Maps app looks way better than Google... however playing with it showed its weakness... when i tried searching for a place, it did not return any results... most of the POIs are also missing and some misplaced... being outside of US and in Asia, this Map app will not really work for most of us... though i'm not that dependent with the Maps app even during Google times, i would usually use it often as sometimes my the iOS Garmin app does not recognize some POIs as well... so now, if Garmin fails, i bet this Map will do as well.. and i'll just wander around.. :D

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    For those unhappy with the new Maps app, you might want to pop for one of the various versions of Navigon. It works very well and they just updated it to support the new screen size and Map app. It has Street View and Google search built in.



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