Apple's new Maps in iOS 6 draw ire from users around the world



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    The new map app is already much better in my area. My street, and many others in my neighbourhood, is mislabeled on google maps and a search for the name places it 200 km away. I just wish Apple used used open street map data here, instead of tomtom, which seems less up to date.
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    Hopefully Google will give us a better App like the new YouTube App- so much better than Apple's.
    Please hurry Google- you'er our only hope for maps.
    Apple's maps is like Ping- amateur hour.
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    Originally Posted by tylersdad View Post

    Street View does not work on their web version. I miss that the most.


    Indeed.  People forget how borked Googles maps are on the web.  No streetview, impossibly hard to use UI.  Absolute shite IMO even on a desktop computer.  


    Using it on a mobile device by adding a shortcut to the home screen is far from "problem solved."  


    People also forget that the mobile Maps app on iOS is actually an Apple app.  That's why it was always so much better than Google maps on the web.  Google hasn't actually shown us yet that it's capable of designing a good maps app for a mobile device.

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    Originally Posted by Daekwan View Post

    Is anyone really surprised Apple maps 1.0 is not equal to Google Maps 6.0?


    Give it a few months.. maybe even a year.  With user feedback and resources focused on the Apple maps.. they will eventually catch up.  I have no doubt a company with a $100 Billion in the bank.. can make a great map app.


    Why should I give them a few months or a year? When I'm buying the iPhone I have to pay right there, I can't say, well, give me a few months or a year and I'll give you the money! I f..king paid for the f..king phone and now they have ruined the maps!
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    I was going to post and say it isn't that bad... Just a small step backwards in terms of accuracy. Then I checked international locations I know. It isn't going to help me navigate the streets of Bangkok, as there are no phonetic spellings of street names. It won't find the island I was looking for, just a little village of a similar sounding name (which it errantly gives the same name).

    In the US, my location was reasonably close-- right intersection, wrong corner. My office is the parking garage behind the building. It is the kind of issues Google had 2-3 years ago.

    Apple needs to invest a lot more money to make this viable.
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    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    I really don't know what people truly expected.  Did you honestly expect a 1.0 product to match something or even come close to a system that's been going on for several years?  Yes it sucks now, but it's going to take years to catch up to Google.  Fortunately I live in Houston and the maps works great for me.  I also have a great sense of direction, so that helps too. 


    They truly expected an upgrade not a downgrade. 



    Originally Posted by flabber View Post


    I wholeheartedly agree. Apple is known for updating their apps a little more ánd better than Google has proven to be in the years that the iPhone existed… In the 5 years Google Maps came preinstalled on the iPhone, has it ever been updated with some serious effort?


    This *is* the serious effort!


    The Maps app has always been written by Apple... previously Google provided the data. BTW when Street View was added it was a worthwhile upgrade, due mainly to Google. The biggest thing it lacked for me was landscape mode.


    Imagine how good the new App would be if it had Google's POI database and imagery... 

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    I've been satisfied with the new Maps but Apple is seriously lacking on waypoints. I was in Chicago the other day and typed in Garret's popcorn and 1 thing popped up on my iPad, which had iOS 6. Typed in Garrett's Poprcorn on my iPhone which is iOS 5 and a gazillion waypoints popped up in the city.


    I am hoping though with the large amount of iPhone users that business owners will realize that their business is not being found anymore and will get it added to the database. We'll see if things improve from here on out.


    What I'm curious to now is if Google will design an iOS app for Maps or will they let us suffer and let that be a selling point of Android.

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    This is called how to hand your competitors an opening by degrading functionality on a daily used feature by a huge chunk of your customers - and your competitors are waiting to provide the old, better experience...

    Apple should have kept the Google Maps in place while they built up their own application until it had equal cababilities then shifted over.

    If I was Google, I'd let this go on for about a week (frustration building), then announce that they are working on iOS Map App, but if users really need it they can switch to an Android phone and get it immediately....not sure if they are cagey enough to do that...but especially for international customers they might get quite a good chunk of switchers.
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    Originally Posted by jigjag69 View Post

    Wow. ISheep have something negative to say about God (Apple)

    i think that elevates Apple users apart from the rest... they see the good and bad of Apple... they're not here just to bash everything that is non-Apple...

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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    Google hasn't actually shown us yet that it's capable of designing a good maps app for a mobile device.


    Get real. Google Maps is probably the only reason why anyone should want an Android device. It's fantastic. Hell it even has indoor maps.

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    I must say that this first iteration of the Apple Map app is awful. It's an embarrassment to the company. Using it is counterproductive. And I fear it will be years before Apple can fix this.

    Let's hope Google produces a useful Map app for the iPhone; otherwise we're stuck with this worthless piece of junk.

    I can appreciate the fact that it takes years to produce a really good mapping app, but that said, why did Apple foist this upon its user community at this point in time? I know they are pissed at Google, but the losers in this instance are the users, not Google.
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    Originally Posted by lilgto64 View Post

    I have an idea - if you live in a country where Maps are not yet fully supported - Don't update to iOS 6. 


    Perhaps hard to do if you are getting a new iPhone 5 - but here's an idea - don't update to an iPone 5 just yet. 


    I would have to think that Apple is hard at work on getting lots of updates to Maps done as soon as possible. 



    Or just get a cheap Android phone to use for maps only. 

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    I think it looks great BUT I think they are going to be very far behind Google obviously. It won't be up to par as most of the locations are based on Yelp or Tomtom. Blame those before Apple.
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    I was really looking forward to the maps application but its got that "abandoned open source" look about it. Its slow, not convinced about its accuracy and is missing the transport directions ( I travel by bus ).

    So will put Googles back on when available.

    Underwhelmed to say the least about IOS 6 so far.
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    For me, so far, Apple Maps have been working better than Google Maps, with few cartographic errors. Your mileage may vary.
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    In montreal, the fly over cover the entire metropolitain area, its very nice and I prefer it to streetview because it shows everything (roof tops, backyards, parks, ...)   I did some search of locations with Siri (in iOS 6 Siri locations now works in Canada, about time) and the results were OK, but not as good as google maps.


    The new map system would be better if it cover more area with fly over.  Streetview covers pretty much everything in north america.  Giving the limited fly over coverage and incomplete location information, I think the maps have been release to early, it still needs a lot of work.

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    Originally Posted by Mazda 3s View Post



    Thanks for the link. So instead of fixing the problems themselves, they whine about how bad it is. Why should anyone who brings up iOS' Maps in that regard be taken seriously? The only legitimate complaints that can be had, then, are the accuracy and clarity of the satellite and flyover imagery.

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    morgajx wrote: »
    I was really looking forward to the maps application but its got that "abandoned open source" look about it. Its slow, not convinced about its accuracy and is missing the transport directions ( I travel by bus ).
    So will put Googles back on when available.
    Underwhelmed to say the least about IOS 6 so far.

    What? Don't you find "Do not disturb" something you've longed for?
    Seriously all they needed was to update the camera app for panoramic pics. All else was fine as is.
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    Steve: "What is this thing supposed to do?"


    *half-hearted mumbling*


    Steve: "Then why the F*** doesn't it do that???"


    *Pink slips appear with the strength of a thousand suns*

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