Some users find scuffs, nicks on newly-purchased iPhone 5s [u]



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    I see plenty of folks who don't use a case with their phone.

    I simply think it's not a wise design choice, there is no denying that aluminum is not the most durable metal.

    Sure, its easy to mill, and is relatively strong, but not in the least more resistant to scuffs than say plastics or other metals.
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    I could not agree more with the opinion that the fine finish of the device is compromised by factory handling or workmanship. You can be Leica would not let that go out.

    Having a 3Gs, I have been looking forward to the new phone and as I always have a case it may not be an issue (for me), but it is almost too beautiful to cover up. I prefer the metal finish to those plastic phones out there.


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    Originally Posted by Waverunnr View Post

    Why does it seem like Apple can't release anything anymore without something being wrong with it? What happened to quality control?



    Dude, get real.  You're talking about maybe a dozen phones out of 5,000,000.   Their quality control is actually amazing.  

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    harbinger wrote: »

    All good reasons, to a degree. The problem is that Nokia's latest and greatest is not just heavy when compared to the emaciated iPhone 5 (112 g), it is substantially heavier than the Galaxy SIII, HTC One X, Motorola RAZR M, all of which not coincidentally weighing in at a bit above or below 130 g. To be precise, the Lumia 920 is 50 g heavier than the Android beasts. Does Windows Phone 8 weigh that much?

    I just realized I forgot the Lumia 920 has a wireless charging system.
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    woodlink wrote: »
    I simply think it's not a wise design choice, there is no denying that aluminum is not the most durable metal.

    It can scratch quite easily with a single contact with a key:

    but you just put a protector on it:


    IMO shatter-resistance > scratch-resistance
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    Originally Posted by Woodlink View Post

    What qualifies you to discount my thought that he WOULD NOT agree with me?


    BTW, I have a MFA in Fine Arts


    Not trolling, just expressing my thoughts and asking a legitimate question.

    You have a Master of Fine Art in Fine Arts? How refreshing. 

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    Couldn't they have used coating technology from the automotive industry?

    AluCeram comes to mind ->


    German technology though, the Chinese manufacturers most likely won't have it and I wonder about price for a small device (if it's possible to coat in bulk).

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