iPhone 5 users seeing 'purple haze' in pictures, claim camera is defective



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    Or ... a better camera and photographers who don't understand light.
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    Originally Posted by acslater017 View Post

    I'd have to see more samples to make a judgment, but it seems like a nonissue to me. I can see the headlines: "iPhone 5 Photos Contain Artifacts When Pointed Directly at Sun". SunGate!

    They really should wait until "FINGERPRINT GATE" has waned a bit, pace yourselves people, pace yourselves!


    ETA: Oh and a suitably effective lens hood (something I routinely leave mounted on my slr lenses) would add an unacceptable amount to the thickness.

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    Taken this morning, pointed towards and just below the rising sun - iPhone 5 camera cannot be too bad!




    Towards the foreground, where the lake changes depth markedly, there is a purple tinge but not overwhelming. (A tourist in this image was using an iPad to take similar panoramas.) 

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