Apple reportedly knew of iOS Maps troubles well before launch



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    Those hilarious amazingAndroidmaps mentioned, is there a link?


    I only found the IOS one.

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    whoda wrote: »
    Yeah but to be real, it is South Carolina.  Perhaps Apple was embarrassed you are part of the union and wanted to try and right the wrong?  

    And by the way, Columbia, SC pulls up your city.  Not sure how you have to put it in to get it to go to South America. 
    Ummm WTF???

    First off I DON'T live in SC. second, why the heck does this matter? This is just further EVIDENCE that maps is not up to snuff.

    Quit insulting (or attempt to insult) people. It does NOTHING to the debate or conversation and just makes you look like a DOUCHE.

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