Apple's new iPod commercial focuses on colors instead of features

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Coming on the heels of reports that some iPod touch orders are being shipped out, Apple on Wednesday released a new TV ad for its iPod family of products, highlighting the revamped media players first announced in September.

The commercial, first seen at Apple's iPhone and iPod special event in September, is called "Bounce" and features the entire iPod product line, from the smallest iPod shuffle to the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Using Willy Moon's song "Yeah Yeah," the spot focuses on the variety of colorways now offered throughout the iPod line, starting with the flagship iPod touch, which "breaks apart" into two units, then into three iPod nanos, which splash into a sea of iPod shuffles.

Living up to its tagline, "Every iPod now in color," the commercial marks Apple's return to fun, colorful iPod-centric TV ads after taking a turn toward the unexpected this past summer.


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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,665member
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,528member

    What they did not do today was send out invitations for a media event next week.

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    My 13 year old and 17 year old love it.

    Me? Meh. :\
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    After complaining so much about the last two batches of commercials.. I'd just like to say that this was great.
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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,154member

    that's the ticket

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    Cut a little too quickly, but I love the premise.

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    daharderdaharder Posts: 1,580member
    Very Nice...
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member




    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    My 13 year old and 17 year old love it.

    Me? Meh. image

    My son can't make up his mind about the color. I am taking him to the store to choose one on the spot when they hit the stores.

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    fun, vibrate - on brand. Phew!
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member

    Better than Ears are weird. It's snappier!

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    VERY COOL commercial!
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    Great!! Love this!! Return to true Apple spirit, class and style. This is a great testament that Apple creative is as vibrant and alive as ever.
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    chudqchudq Posts: 43member
    wait for iPad mini, much cooler than iPod touch.
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    Originally Posted by chudq View Post

    wait for iPad mini, much cooler than iPod touch.


    And far harder to fit in a pocket and use in any capacity like you'd use an iPod touch, thereby rendering it pointless as an offered replacement… 



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    chudq wrote: »
    wait for iPad mini, much cooler than iPod touch.
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    They neglected to mention that they raised the price
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    Originally Posted by Rodent View Post

    They neglected to mention that they raised the price


    Probably because they didn't.


    If you're gonna troll, don't be so bad at it.


    And no, that's NOT "free license" for you to troll if you do it well. The "If you're going to troll, shut up and go away" is implied. image

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    lmgslmgs Posts: 63member
    So when do the lawsuits drop????

    My daughters 4th Gen iPod Touch lasted a week before she dropped it, and the screen shattered...

    I didn't see any fine print saying "Do not bounce your iPods"...
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    This means that full iPod lineup, iPad lineup and iPhone could receive color. Making it IOS representing color.
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