Microsoft expands Motorola patent case to target Google Maps



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    Originally Posted by Corrections View Post


    What's really confusing is why Microsoft didn't try to exercise its maps patent before... before it was sued by Google's Motorola over H.264 standards essential patents with the demand that Microsoft pay huge royalties or stop selling Xbox and Windows. Oh wait, that probably had something to do with it. 


    It's so hard to remember Google's position, how do you droidfans keep up? Not long ago, you were cheerleading when Google was saying that H.264 was dangerous because Apple and Microsoft held patents and that implementing it required a cheap FRAND license. Now Google is attacking Apple and Microsoft over the very thing it vilified, even though neither Apple nor Microsoft ever sued anyone over H.264 patents the way Google was happy to do as soon as it got the opportunity. But I guess that's the dirty work you have to do when you are tasked with "protecting" Android from the consequences of infringement. 

    Google sued Microsoft?? When did that happen?. 


    If you instead meant to say Motorola sued Microsoft first, starting the whole thing, I don't think that's accurate either. You might want to go back at take another look.


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    Interesting theory indeed.
    I wonder why if this has legs in Germany why not here in the USA?
    Because the Germans have a way of cutting through all the bullsh*t and get straight to the point... here in the US, not the case.
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    timmydax wrote: »
    We will have the last laugh as Apple insulates us from Google's Iron Fisting, whilst droids just feed the giant lying maw that is "open" and "free".
    Idealists believing blindly in a company with no ethics. Laughable.
    Google apologists are so strange. If you've invested time and money into a company's tangible product, fair enough, I get it. We all do. But why do people love Google so irrationally? Are they just cheap sheep? They mean less than nothing to Google, they are just eyeballs. Apple listens to its customers. So does Google. They're not us..

    That's exactly it. Some people want everything to be free. They're the same people who thought it was so terrible for Apple to charge for songs on iTunes when they felt that they should be able to download everything free off the Internet.
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    Originally Posted by derekmorr View Post

    What iron fist would that be? The iron fist that released an operating system under an open-source license which lets their competitors (e.g. Amazon, Baidu) build good products? The iron fist that paid a competitor nearly a billion dollars to develop Firefox, including a version that can be installed and made default on Android?

    Again, if you just want Android without restrictions, just checkout the AOSP source and build away. But if you voluntarily join the OHA, then you can't cry foul later.


    I admire your desire to try a rebuttal but you may not have read through this forum enough to realize that the vast majority of posters on here are pro Apple.  Just as Google has it's own set of zealots, so does Apple and this site is full of them.  You might want to try this logic somewhere where people are not wishing death and destruction to a corporation because it competes with their chosen brand.  Personally, I think that both sides make mistakes and both sides have done some great things.  But that kind of thinking will get you shouted down on this site.

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    Originally Posted by zippy2shoes View Post

    But that kind of thinking will get you shouted down on this site.


    Hardly. It's simply the ignorance of that which is most evident that seems to be disliked.

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    That settles it.
    My Windows machine is moving to Linux.

    Why the heck should we the customer pay all those fatcat attorneys!
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    Originally Posted by aBeliefSystem View Post

    That settles it. My Windows machine is moving to Linux. Why the heck should we the customer pay all those fatcat attorneys!


    Why would you move your PC to Linux when it is highly likely it came preinstalled with Windows which you have already paid for?


    In which case you're better off doing some partitioning and setting up dual boot.


    When you build your next machine try installing Linux, or if you buy a prebuilt one do not accept the Microsoft EULA and begin the tedious process of seeking a refund.

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    charlituna wrote: »
    Just because a product is 'great' doesn't mean that it should have become so via a legal violation. 

    And you should actually be wanting this suit to go forward. You seem to think that the patent is too vague to really be valid at this stage (if not ever) so you should want this suit so that it can be invalidated by Google's arguments

    That's exactly what happened too. Microsoft's patent they were using against Google Maps has been invalidated today. Microsoft will predictably appeal.
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