iOS 6 Maps, Lightning connector have no effect on iPhone 5 demand, survey finds



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    Just because you don't see it nowadays doesn't mean it's not used anymore. Every cellular USB dongle uses RS-232 internally, it's just converted to USB because most PC manufacturers have dropped RS-232 ports. Industrial and network appliances still rely heavily on RS-232 due to its simplicity, even the Lightning Connector is still supporting RS-232. The DB-9 port may not be as widely used today as it was before, but we're talking about a 30 year old port.

    LOL, how can such a reduced functionality connector like lightning ever provide such versatility as RS-232? Oh wait, you just told me, it is converted to USB. But how can that be!? USB doesn't have as many pins as DB-9, oh dear how will Lightening ever compete in such a world?

    Still waiting for Apple to bring back the much more versatile 250 pin Duo dock connector, and drop all those other pointless ports like Thunderbolt, USB, FireWire and Ethernet.


    Why go for RS-232, when you can have SCSI...



    These little beauties weigh less than 10 lbs, come with a terminator, shoulder carrying bag and an AC adapter for your car -- the complete kit is under $80.

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    Why go for RS-232, when you can have SCSI...



    These little beauties weigh less than 10 lbs, come with a terminator, shoulder carrying bag and an AC adapter for your car -- the complete kit is under $80.


    On the plus side, when you lock the connectors in with the wires, they don't come loose when you accidentally tug on them.  Which I have done with both USB and FW with less than pleasing results...

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    vaelian wrote: »
    the iOS web share has a lot of iPads in there.

    There are more iPads than Android devices? Good to know.

    :rolleyes: How about just admitting iPhone users do far more than "just make phone calls"? Your analysis directly contradicts every piece of data out there...
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    maestro64 wrote: »
    it just shows that most buyer are just sheep, beginning lead around.

    If you seriously think that Apple can sell 10's of millions of devices due to "sheep" behavior your dumber than the average sheep.
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    Really?? Your telling me a GPS application that some customers find to be less usable than what was available in the past is the disaster that the potential nuclear holocaust between two nations once was.

    I believe you missed the /s sarcasm tag.

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    vaelian wrote: »
    Well, if the music app wasn't working properly on my iPhone I wouldn't notice it either, since I rarely use it to listen to music. I would even go as far as to state that many people barely use their iPhones for anything other than they'd otherwise use dumb phones, especially in the US, where the iPhone is heavily subsidized. Ask the same question to people buying an unlocked version from Aple and I bet your findings will be a lot different.
    For instance, I told a friend of mine who was complaining about the iPhone 4S' battery problems to disable Location Services (because the problem was caused by a defective GPS unit) temporarily and ask for a replacement, and she was all happy about the former solving her problem because she didn't care about the latter, so a year later she's still using a defective iPhone 4S. Might be anecdotal, but doesn't go far from most people's mentality.

    Your right, if you consider web browsing, maps, messaging, whatsapp, calendar, music, navigating, games, news reading and lots and lots of other apps as things you do on dump phones.

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    The dock connector reminds me of the transition from OS9 to OSX. Lots of gnashing of teeth. Lots of FUD. But in the end everyone got a much more robust, secure, and versatile OS. I'm pretty sure this will end up the same way. 

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    I love the Lightning connector. I hated the old 30-pin one, which was a pain to orient properly. I'm completely mystified by those who complain about what to me is a clear improvement.


    I agree 100%. As someone who recently switched from Android to iPhone 5, the lightning connector is such a massive improvement in usability it's actually kind of hilarious. For folks who have been a long time Apple customer and have multiple gadgets they wished to grandfather in, that's tough luck. That's just the price you pay in the technology world where some stuff will be rendered obsolete. The lightning connector is so much better in terms of plugging your iPhone in. I can't be the only one at night in bed who plugs their iPhone into the charger in the dark. Rather than hassling and twisting and finding the right way, it's a simple plug and snap. Done. One of the underrated changes in the iPhone in my opinion.

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    Nice survey. Nearly a month out, I'm unimpressed with the problems. Apple needed to ditch the connector, and the maps. It hurts a little if you were using Google's maps as your primary navigation, but I never did.

    Good move Apple! You made the move at a point where your overall public persona is good enough to take a little criticism with minimal impact on the brand.

    My contract on my iPhone 4 is up this month, and I WILL be buying the "5" and taking my Garmin USA/Can maps with me to the new phone. I will buy a 30 pin > "Lightning" adapter to carry for my much loved InCase, all-in-one car & and wall charger, and I have enough "legacy ipod devices around the house to use all the old 30 pin docks with. This new connector is a non-issue, a make-believe news item, and the "maps," meeeh, it's the price of change. Get over it. The bigger issue is whether your husband (or wife) drinks straight out of the milk carton, sans cup.

    I've spent enough time with the "5" to appreciate the differences in performance it offers over my 4, and want the 64 gig over my present 32 which I've outgrown.
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    I bought an iPhone 5.  I don't care about Map issue knowing that it will get better over time.  I am a little upset over the support logistics for new phone.  Customers want to buy accessories like case, cable right away.  Nothing can be found at the Apple Stores.  Secondly, the lightning connector is a change for the better.  However, I don't like the way that Apple want to completely control even the accessories market as well.  We all know that in a mutually respected relationship between friends, you win some and you lose some.  In this Apple, it is all Apple.  It makes the money on the phone.  Now they want to squeeze the last drop from the customers by charging $30 for a cable.  This is not a good way to build loyalty from your customer base. 

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