FBI issues warning to smartphone users regarding Android malware



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    Go back to your pirated OS.

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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    There's a difference between "perfectly functional" and "fully featured".  Google Maps on iOS was perfectly functional, not fully featured.  Maps still isn't fully featured, and now it's less functional.

    Google withholding full turn by turn navigation has nothing to do with half-truths.  It's the whole truth, and it makes sense as a competitive advantage.  It obviously wasn't a big enough problem for Apple to ditch the service for the first five years of the iPhone, so why not wait a sixth year and release a truly world-class maps application?

    To tie this back in, the press on Maps was fully deserved and was not biased.

    Maps without turn by turn were not "perfectly functional", they were shittily functional and illegal to use while driving in a lot of jurisdictions, which rendered them perfectly non-functional.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Now a lot of the issues with Android and malware is a lot of Android buyers use it to download pirated java programs for free, they are exploited by marketers selling cheap shit phones, based on the premise they are escaping Apple's walled garden (i.e. developers get paid).
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,460member
    ziggybyte wrote: »
    I have a Mac OSX, iPad, Android Galaxy Nexus, and a Windows 7 PC. I have never had any problem with any of them because of one simple rule... "Don't be an idiot!" 

    It's not like these things 'just happen', a user has to physically invite these attacks on their devices. It's kind of like those spam emails where they ask for your bank account so they can wire you millions of dollars. No offense, but people who fall for that kind of stuff deserve to get scammed. Any intelligent person can easily avoid these attacks by using common sense, likewise, any idiot can still be attacked by stuff like this whether or not they use an Apple product or Google product. 

    And shompa.... Where are you getting your information? Because most of it is just wrong.

    That would be Mac and OS X, after all it's just common sense to know the name of your operating system.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 21,302member
    That would be Mac and OS X, after all it's just common sense to know the name of your operating system.
    You do realize that post you replied to was 7 months ago?
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