Microsoft's Steve Ballmer dismisses Apple as a 'low-volume player'



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    Excellent point!

    No, not really.

    Windows users are not as hyped as Mac users. Every Windows is for a slow start, but picks up later on... well, every successful one. OSX spikes fast, but then declines as limited user base gets saturated.

    According to Balmer, Windows 8 initial demand actually outpaces Windows 7 demand at the same time of it's release, and by a margin.
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    Originally Posted by dbtinc View Post

    Yep, just like Ferrari, Bentley and the like. They're small players too. Poor Steve - all that money has gone and ruined whatever is left of his brain.


    It's weird when people draw these kinds of comparisons. Ferrari and Bentley are not mass market products. They're priced well out of the range of most people. A lot of people who own Ferraris don't even drive them as their "regular" cars. They draw a lot of weird attention. An iphone is not the same thing. No one will be surprised to see one in public, as it's a fairly common product, especially in larger cities. This is actually a better thing for Apple. Having a product that moves that many units has shown them much more growth than they would have seen from a device with the sales volume of a Ferrari.




    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    I wonder if anyone has told him how many Windows Phones have sold vs iPhones.


    He really does spout a lot of nonsense. Microsoft could use a better face for their company.

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    Ballmer sucks nuts.
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    [/quote]He really does spout a lot of nonsense. Microsoft could use a better face for their company.

    Figuratively and literally.
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    Originally Posted by gfeier View Post

    Apple is bigger than Microsoft and Google combined. Neat trick for a "low-volume player."

    Ask yourself; in what sense is Apple bigger than Microsoft? And then; how this fact benefits you as a customer?

    Except of course to be able to brag about it. image

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    Originally Posted by BrianCPA View Post

    Computers running Windows 7:          40%

    Computers running OS X:                   8.5%


    First 4 days:

    Upgrades to Windows 8:               4 million

    Upgrades to Mountain Lion:          3 million


    Had Ballmer had the success of Apple that he said he was content without, Microsoft would have sold around 14 million copies in the first four days.

    That only shows how OS X is an unfinished product hence a need for an upgrade. But as long Apple customers are happy to cash it out Apple will be happy to include it in its earnings  image

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    Originally Posted by TheOtherGeoff View Post

    A sales guy...  it's all about sales numbers (volume).  


    I like corporate earnings:


    MSFT:  15.5B

    AAPL:   41.5B


    MSFT has to own 90%' of the market to get those returns.  Apple can make that money on 11% of the phone market, 10% of the PC market, and what 60% of the tablet market?  Who is more efficient?   has more upside?

    Which only shows how much Apple is efficient in screwing over its customers with their pricing. image

    Now to see it more clearly you just need to divide Apple and Microsoft earnings into separate chunks for tablet, smartphone, computer, software figures and then compare it with the market share they respectively hold in these divisions.

    Because mixing Microsoft's 90% of the computer market share alone and then comparing it to Apple's market share of all different divisions is just mathematically wrong.

    Example: You know that 70% or more of Apples earnings/profits (correct me if I'm wrong) comes from iPhones alone?

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    popnfresh wrote: »
    This is the same idiot who, the day after Apple released the first iPhone, scoffed and said that there's no way Apple could ever sell more than 500 of them.

    To be fair, Apple did drop the price pretty quickly. I don't think it would have sold well at its original price. But I do think Microsoft's strategy is distasteful. They flaunt their monopoly of being bundled with every PC to dismiss any potential competition. Steve saw this years ago and declared that Microsoft won. Microsoft missed the other thing he said though that the only way they'd be unseated is with new technology and their iOS devices have done just that.

    Steve: it's over, Microsoft won.
    Ballmer: Hey Bill, Steve said we won.
    Bill: Cool, we'll always be number 1.
    Steve: We think PCs are going to be used a lot less in favour of Post-PC devices.
    Ballmer: Well, we think they're still called PCs.

    Ballmer: Oh sh*t, Bill they're saying Apple's selling more PCs than anyone else when they count tablets, which we're still calling PCs.
    Bill: Dammit, we should have called them post-PC. No matter how half-assed it is, you need to fix this quick.
    Ballmer: Introducing Microsoft Surface. Check it out, clicky magnetic keyboard. Ignore the tablet itself don't even turn it on, just keep clicking the cover - we can't compete on quality or innovation so our USP is clicky noises:

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    Originally Posted by Marvin To be fair, Apple did drop the price pretty quickly. I don't think it would have sold well at its original price. It sold so well (and the 4GB so poorly) at that price that they discontinued the cheaper one, the 4GB! I like owning the Apple product with the shortest lifespan. ???? And yes, I just copied and pasted this old text into the new box. 

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    Steve Ballmer appears to be delusional (iPhone funeral etc.), arrogant (everything out of his mouth) and shows signs of hyper-vigilant narcissism. He’s not capable of leading Microsoft—this has been obvious for many years—yet he’s still there and his personal wealth is now estimated to be ~$15.7 billion. Isn’t that profoundly disturbing?

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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    Under Ballmer, MS has lost every key tech battle (outside of game consoles) and has been confined to Windows + Office. 



    Not true.  They lost the console war to Nintendo, and it cost them billions to get to where they are (second place) in the console business (upwards of $30 billion).


    At the rate they're (finally) making money off the console business, it'll take them years just to recoup their investment.  And that assumes they don't chuck another $10 - $20 billion into their next generation console (which they might have to do to compete with Sony and Nintendo, again).


    The console business became just the kind of no-margin, high-volume sinkhole Apple avoids like the plague.

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    Ballmer is using the number of desktop/laptop users compared to the number of Apple users using OS X as a low volume player.

    A little message to Ballmer, Apple may be a smaller volume in the desktop/laptop arena as far as install base, but Apple is gaining market share and in the tablet world, Apple is cleaning Microsoft's clock and in the smartphne arena, Microsoft is non-existent.

    Now, in terms of the financial viability, Microsoft is turning into a half of the value of Apple.

    Microsoft's profit margins are erroding as Microsoft dives into the mobile device market since they don't charge as much for the licensing, hardware is lower margin than they are normally used to and because Microsoft is threatened by Apple's success  as a tablet and smartphone maker.  Microsoft is not the big player in those aspects.


    Ballmer has to act like he isn't scared and Ballmer is just trying to use FUD marketing, but it coming off as as in idiot.  


    I actually will be laughing the day he gets ousted out of Microsoft. I wonder who would or should i say IS going to take his place.

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    Low Volume player?


    When Apple announces the first Week sales for the Mini, is Ballmer going to announce Surface sales for comparison?

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    Originally Posted by Snowdog65 View Post

    …is Ballmer going to announce Surface sale for comparison?


    Fixed that for you.

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    I am sure Steve Jobs is laughing at this. You think so huh. Really. Maybe he's not dead and everyone is supposed to think he is.
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    If Apple is a "low-volume player" in smartphones, them Microsoft must not even be in the game.
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    Windows 8 is laughable. What a piece of junk!
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    I'm amazed every time this guy opens his mouth. Can someone please give him a banana? Yes, Apple has smaller volumes but I bet Microsoft looks small in Apples rear mirror too. Ballmer was taken by surprise by the Ipod, Iphone and the Ipad, He had no clue and no foresight. Fortunately Ballmer only comes in one copy.

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    I love this man, he's a professional troll!
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    It's clear Bomber's math skills have gotten as bad as his technology skills.... both have almost ground to a halt driven by dementia.

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