Apple reportedly paid $21M to use Swiss Railway clock design



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    Just shows that Apple is willing to pay when they use someone else's design - this sends a strong message to Samsung and the other copycats.

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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    $21 million does seem excessive, considering Apple's design looks better.
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    Has the saying "Time is money" ever been truer?

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    A lot of strong reactions based on a rumor. No wonder the stock is so depressed. So many people willing to go on an emotional rollercoaster based on hearsay.

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    realisticrealistic Posts: 1,154member

    I don't believe this, just because AI reports this doesn't make it true. AI has posted many things that been proven wrong before.


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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member

    Apple just made that money back with less than one day of sales.

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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,384member

    So, what exactly is worth 21 million? The ball at the tip of the second hand? Cause apart from that, it looks like a generic clock. 


    Absolutely Incredible. 

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    ascii wrote: »
    That's an irresponsible use of company money, they should have just changed the app.

    We have no factual confirmation of this report. For all we know there was no exchange of money.
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    jkichline wrote: »
    Everyone is getting up in arms that Apple paid $21 million for good design. Here's something I want you to pay attention to... Apple knew full well what they were doing when they used that clock design.

    If you are trying to say that they knew it was trademarked etc and used it anyway, you can't really back that up. It is a majorly simple design and it is possible that it was assumed that it was too simple to be protected. Plus trademarks are market specific and it is very possible that a judge would say that watches/clocks and time telling software are not the same market do Apple is in the clear.

    Apple and SBB came to an agreement. The terms and money are unknown. As is what Apple knew etc
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    [quote]"It's not just about exchanging money, rather drawing up a contract stating where the logo can be used, under what conditions and for how long," SBB spokeswoman Patricia Claivaz said at the time.[/quote]

    It's not about the money. But perhaps we can put this disagreement behind us by coming to an understanding that involves you giving us money.
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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,742member

    I say what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  If Apple is entitled to protect their IP then so are other companies and organizations.


    That said, I would've had the design team lose the red disk at the end of the second hand for the next iOS release and saved the company $21 million.

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    Good for Apple for paying for iconic design.

    Irresponsible? Paying a legitimate license fee for a design that is justly displayed in museums hardly seems irresponsible. One of the things that separates Apple from companies that make ugly products is that Apple cares about beauty and design, as well as beautiful design.

    Samsung and other race-to-the-bottom-with-cheap-crap companies would certainly have never have considered doing this. And that's what makes Apple special.
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    successsuccess Posts: 1,040member

    I can't help but think that Ives could've designed something just as nice for a few tens of thousands.


    People weren't complaining about the clock design with iOS 5 so why do they need a 21 million dollar clock design? 


    Regardless of how much they are willing to pay or how much $ they have, I just don't see this as a smart use of $.



    Since they were sued everyone found out that it's an "iconic" design. Before that no one except for maybe a handful of hard-core designers and Swiss citizens knew shit about the clock. 


    I don't buy the "It's great that they were willing to pay up for an iconic design" BS.

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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    When was the last time you asked someone for the time?


    I remember it well... she replied, "If you've got the money!"

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    The clock design is striking in it's simplicity and ability to be instantly read. Apple reached an agreement with SBB, the design owner, over the use of the design, and  the deal was between them. The "I know how to run Apple better than Apple does" crowd that insists on second guessing every move that Apple makes, fails to get it once more. 

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    Originally Posted by mac-user View Post



    WHAT!! Do the swiss have a patent on the circle! These two designs are different. Apple's is much better, besides it's the only way it could have been designed. 

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    There's no way the apple or ANYONE would willingly pay 21M for the design of that clock. The reality is that they had apple over a barrel if for nothing other than litigation fees. Even if they found them not guilty of copyright infringement or whatever silly accusation that would have been laid, the time for the lawyers, people who would have been sequestered, digging through all the employees emails to try and demonstrate that it was knowingly done or not... All a big distraction & cost for what... A pretty silly graphic of a clock.

    I would say apple sat down with the Swiss train guys (or whoever), they probably came to a net estimated cost of litigation of say 42M. They probably said 'hey, let's all save ourselves some time and money and split the difference' and wound up at 21M... Or something stupid like that.

    No way anyone in apple actually thought that was "worth" 21M. I think if they did, the graphic would be identical, they would probably have a tv spot just showing off the iPads stunningly beautiful and incredibly useful clock and bragging that they decided to get the rights to this earth shatteringly life changing design that hypnotizes you whilst taking a poop as you gaze at the red ball second hand... Or somthing equally rediculous. No way.

    I am sure whoever actually designed the iPad clock was severely reprimanded for this issue for not doing their homework. (Or they should have been)

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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member

    The second hand reminds me of the old train signals: and the clock was designed by a train company employee for use in train stations. Because time is a signal to the trains too, maybe that is what he was thinking?


    I don't think it is a uniquely simple design that Apple just had to have, it is a themed design, and you just have to go to a department store and look at the fashion watches to see many very strikingly clear designs. It seems overpriced to me, for what it is, and the idea stated above that it was more about avoiding litigation could have some merit.

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    sipsip Posts: 210member

    If a plain clock face is worth £21million, how much is of Apple's own icons worth? All the icons in iOS must be worth billions.


    Apple should have stuck their logo on the end of the second-hand, with the Apple turning and remaining right-way-up as the seconds ticked away. Now that would have been worth many millions.

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    So Apple just pay for it... nice... too avoid courts and alike
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