iPad mini carving new demand from the hide of PC sales more than existing iPads



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    That's very interesting!  What city is your Craigslist in?  I just looked at Craigslist here in L.A. and the sellers are all asking more for their iPad Mini than the standard Apple price.  I'd like to buy one from the town you're in!

    I am in San Diego. The bulk of people are asking for prices higher than retail, but that does not mean they are getting that. If you monitor Craigslist for notifications of new listings you will see that 1 out of 10 or so list for low values. You just have to jump on them because they disappear fast. Mine was brand-new and sealed. It was indeed one of the better deals, but there were other 64GB versions available for $475 and $500 at the same time. There is a plug-in for Google Chrome called 'Page Monitor' which can check every minute for new listings, if you want.
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    If you monitor Craigslist closely, you can score good deals. My purchase was legitimate. Think of it this way, the good deals are quickly removed from Craigslist while the over-priced ones remain. When I want a piece of tech, I use Page Monitor in Google Chrome to check every 5 min for new listings and am the first to jump on any. Regarding safety when purchasing - always meet in a busy public place, preferably with video surveillance, bring WiFi hotspot, check serial numbers on Apple website, open all packaging and activate Apple device, verify condition - and THEN pay the money. Apple warranty is so good thought that as long as the device shows as being under warranty on Apple's website, and there is no sign of abuse or water damage, you should be fine.

    When the iPad 1 came out, I would buy them from people and then turn around and sell them the same day for as much as $200 more. Not everyone is savvy, and MANY people are feeling a financial squeeze and need to sell fast - OR maybe mom bought the device for them and they want to sell it to pay for their apartment they secretly live in with their girlfriend (this was one of my favorites).

    No to mention, many people can be talked down in price pretty fast on Craigslist. The bottom line is that the indications of value from list prices mean very little. We can ask whatever we want, after all.
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    You may be right there.
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    Originally Posted by ankleskater View Post

    Yes. Yes. Yes. The iPad (or Mini) is great. But to oversell its advantages is to be full of it.


    Gotta agree with Luxo and ankle here. 


    Now I have to go lie down and contemplate what actually agreeing with them implies. image

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    What about Macs? Was "replacing a Mac" one of the options in the poll? I wonder if anybody is doing that. Wouldn't make sense to me, but I suppose some people really don't need a real computer, like elderly technophobes and anybody else who really doesn't do much online.

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    "Since there is no such model in existance, I suggest it's likely to be a fake Chinese knockoff. All the rest were above Apple Store prices."

    This is a phishing method in an effort to collect valid email addresses.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,953member

    Just as everyone thought the original iPad had a nice screen.

    You forget about the superiority of the Retina Display once you start using the Mini. Particularly since it is soooooo easy to handle. Even with the smartcover, it is not thicker than a notepad, and it's so light.

    I'd never think of it as a replacement for my laptop (Windows or Mac) but I don't even remember or care where my iPad3 is.

    I was clamoring for Retina on iPad. Not so much on the mini after having tried one. The difference, practically speaking, wouldn't be as apparent as it is on the mini. Not that I would reject it, I see it as quibbling at the moment.

    I thought the mini is perfect for a mid sized tablet. It is compact without feeling cramped.

    I don't think tablets are a substitute for notebooks yet either. Too many times the tablet software or site is missing the one control I need and I'm waiting to get to the desktop to fix something. But it seems clear to me that tablets will play an increasing role in electronic device use.
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    Yes. Yes. Yes. The iPad (or Mini) is great.

    I was actually stating a fact.
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