Apple fires iOS 6 Maps chief



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    I never thought Apple's approach to Maps was the right course with integrating so many partners. Sounds like a nightmare. As was mentioned by at least one Map industry expert, they didn't have the right combination of expertise in house such as more GIS people. Their fly over and 3D Artificial Intelligence turned out to be poorly executed. They could have left that out entirely and concentrated on higher quality in the 2D area. Better POI detail and better satellite imagery also should have been top priorities in my opinion. Managing huge data sets and cloud services always seems to be problematic for Apple. I guess it turned out to be a lot more difficult than they originally thought.

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    Let the rampant speculation begin. Oh, looks like you guys started without me :)

    I for one think it is a good thing. It's far more common in companies to keep people with tenure in positions of power and whitewash their failures (I'm looking at you, Ballmer) than to drop them. According to Adam Lashinsky's book (and the Fortune article it was based on) "Inside Apple", there's always a DRI (directly responsible individual) for any project at Apple, so there shouldn't be any question about who failed to execute.
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    "Apple wrote:
    [" url="/t/154640/apple-fires-ios-6-maps-chief#post_2237603"]There are two kinds of scrolling on the app store.

    One is where you flick your finger and it only touches the screen for a moment. That scrolling is smooth.

    The other is where you are constantly holding your finger on the screen and scrolling up and down. That scrolling is not smooth and it's pretty jerky.

    Ok, your right, I can reproduce it now.
    If I look at the 'top' apps page scrolling isn't smooth.
    The other 4 pages 'featured', etc are ok though.

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    Originally Posted by jnjnjn View Post

    Ok, your right, I can reproduce it now.

    If I look at the 'top' apps page scrolling isn't smooth.

    The other 4 pages 'featured', etc are ok though.


    Ah, finally. image


    It was my fault for not being more clear and pointing out that it was the "top apps" page that I was referring to. I don't usually visit the other pages that much.


    That's my main beef, because no other Apple app has such bad scrolling, and neither did the previous version of the app store. I don't have any problem with the design of the new appstore, just the performance.


    If you open up any other Apple app, like movie trailers, you'll notice that the scrolling is super smooth, even when holding your finger on the screen.

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    Nothing motivates like a crucifixion!


    ...except, maybe, the public vote of confidence presaging the crucifixion.

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    Good for Apple.  That needed to happen.  While probably more of a case of bad PR vs a bad product, it still hurt Apple's brand image.  Good for them to show that the Maps App was not an acceptable product.

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    May be Cue wants to replace the position with someone from the outside. Hence, the current manager is fired to attract potential candidate.
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    quoting Gruber:


    "Eddy Cue, not fucking around."



    quoting:  John Paczkowski


    Apple to Maps Manager: You’re Fired. Oh, Good Luck Finding Your Way Out of the Building.




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    I actually am satisfied with the performance of Apple maps.  I do wish I could disable turn by turn directions though....annoying.  

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    I'm sure some people on here will still deny that there was ever a problem with iOS 6 Maps.
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    Originally Posted by RichL View Post

    I'm sure some people on here will still deny that there was ever a problem with iOS 6 Maps.


    I never had a problem with iOS 6 Maps. Sure the 3D visuals are messed up in places - but the couple of times I used it for navigation it worked fine. 


    Of course I had been using MapQuest for years and recently switched to Waze. 


    On the other hand - if some of the roads were built the way they appear in Apple Maps - just think how much more fun driving would be!

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    Originally Posted by RichL View Post

    I'm sure some people on here will still deny that there was ever a problem with iOS 6 Maps.


    Define problem.

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    Looking to outsiders for help?!?

    What in God's name were all of those mapping company purchases in recent years for?!?

    They all just said "To hell with iit ...." & did nothing in all of that time?!?

    If Steve were here, any exec even remotely connected with MAPS would be gone ....
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    Originally Posted by nagromme View Post

    Meanwhile, if Apple users are reporting little errors by the zillions (as I suspect they are) I can well understand a backlog that takes time to clear. 6 weeks or even 3 months wouldn’t shock me. At first.

    Yes, I agree. I was hoping it would happen quick, but I am not surprised it is taking time. I just hope Apple is really serious about maps. It is a key feature for me.

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    Originally Posted by BoxMacCary View Post

    If Steve were here…


    Cut it out.

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    Scott Forstall had every right not to sign the letter of apology because the issues were not caused by his software but by faulty maps data and images.  Steve Jobs would have done the same thing.


    So I don't see why they are firing Scott.  His team has done an excellent job on the application.  

    Even if he has issues with other managers, that is not reason to fire him.


    I think Scott Forstall should be retained at Apple.


    Time will tell.

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    Being in the U.S., I'm relatively happy with Maps. I use both driving and transit directions, and while both work pretty well, there's obviously still room for improvement.

    The big issue with Maps when it was introduced was that Apple ended up taking the heat for location problems that existed (and still exist) in Google Maps. I was able to document locations that appeared incorrectly both on my iPhone AND within Google Maps on both my iOS 4.2 iPod Touch and my Mountain Lion MBP.
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    I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and have to say that maps has got noticeably better lately.I used it on Saturday in Glasgow which had the flyover feature to get to the SECC and it was just stunning. Going back on the train watching the pin move over a satellite image was great fun.


    However if I was reporting to the board I would have to say that the lack of public transport info is a big minus. Also the directions given I find puzzling at times. Is Apple not using TomTom for navigation.


    I would use that enormous cash pile and buy up all the bus trackers, national rail enquiries software and integrate it into maps.


    I think it has the potential to be a great app, it was just put out half baked just like SIRI (which doesn't understand my accent ) and FCPX

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    Isn't is about time we stopped using pictures like this to poke fun at Maps?  


    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post





    Maps does suck, but the reality is that images like this don't actually show "errors" at all and instead show exactly what they are supposed to show.  


    When in 3D mode the satellite imagery is projected onto a mesh of the geography of the area down to sea level.  This is totally normal.  This picture is showing satellite imagery of the land around Hoover Dam and projecting it onto a 3D mesh of said land.  The only areas where this kind of imagery *isn't* normal and is in fact a "mistake" is when you see something like this in an area covered by flyover.  


    In a flyover area, someone would have taken the time to do a mesh of that bridge and then manually paste it into the landscape.  It will be many many years before every bridge (especially one in the middle of a desert) to be mapped in this way.  


    These are not "mistakes" in mapping.  AppleInsider would do better to showcase the actual errors in the data which are prevalent and easy to find, especially once you leave the US.  


    Most details and locations in Apple Maps for any city in Canada for instance are not only far from reality, they haven't been corrected or changed yet by a single iota.  This is where the problems and mistakes are, outside of the USA.  Please stop with the posting of "fake" glitches as per the above photo and try to focus on the data mistakes and problems with Apple Maps.  They are legion.  

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    I have been using Maps since it was available.  I travel extensively for work and use it exclusively.  It has never failed to locate the facilities I'm visiting or made me late for an appointment.  I have no complaints.  I've used Siri to dictate addresses into the app and its worked great.  Even my hard to please boss was impressed.  As a result, he bought the 5.  Its always easy to find faults with something and it appears more people are interested in finding faults with AAPL.  The turn by turn has been fantastic.  I have never used the the 3D so can't speak to it's benefit.  If this is the worst thing that happens to all of us, that's not too bad.

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