Google Music gains free scan & match in US to compete with Apple's iTunes Match



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    gtr wrote: »
    Try it.

    That is the best way to gain experience.

    Hope it brings what you require.

    Thanks for all the generous comments recently!

    I have gone over to the dark side, there is no coming back.

    Dude at the Vodafone Australia shop did me a solid by charging me just $30/month for a HTC One X 32GB. International version, so Tegra 3, etc. I'm using my Telstra SIM because data-wise, Vodafone is... hmm, bad. But I trolled Vodafone successfully to get a decent monthly payment for a handset, don't need data.

    Donated my XperiaS to one of those mall toys-for-tots(and adults) collection thingies. Hope they figure it out, and if they do some kid/teen/adult will hopefully get an Android Christmas miracle. Perhaps even the next (aussie) Steve Jobs. Or a drug dealer, using his smart new phone to pull off mad deals... whichever.

    So yeah, iPad 3, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 is in the drawer now, just for testing purposes as needed (more on this another time).

    HTC One X now my main phone ~ TrickDroid mod Android 4.1.x ... Plus Nexus 7 for tablet (stock, rooted).

    Forgive me Father Jobs, for I have sinned... And LOVING IT! MUAH HA HA HA
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    "Google did it first."


    Actually was doing it in 2009 if not earlier. That tech is very possibly one of the reasons that Apple bought LaLa in the first place. Pity they never hung onto the other features. If they had copied those features and added them to Ping they might have had something that wouldn't crash and burn in a year. 

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