Rumor: Fifth-gen iPad to debut in March with iPad mini design cues



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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Ah, there's the problem. You think by answering my questions and responding to the comments I quoted from AT that it would mean you'd be rolling over. I gave you the benefit of the doubt in thinking you were being sincere, rational, and scientific in your approach to commenting on this forum. It certainly makes sense now why you've ignored all the various aspects I and AT have clearly laid out in this thread but I am honestly disappointed you'd let your hubris of admitting you didn't consider all aspects of the device get in the way of knowledge. But hey, you didn't "roll over" when the facts conflicted with your preconceived notions . Well done¡


    As I said, for part of this I was on the iPhone so I think there was 1 posts that went unanswered.  Plus quoting using the mobile editor simply sucks.


    As to my not responding to your comments...well I'm nothing if not verbose so that's a highly amusing statement.  Especially since I conceded your point on memory while you were writing this post.  I don't believe that the A6 would be memory starved for most things but under heavy load the performance probably would drop low enough that it would suffer vs the iPad 3.  That might be deemed unacceptable but honestly, with the way the iPod Touches have been gaming slackers I doubt that Apple would be all that perturbed.  For 2D + CoreGraphics you wouldn't notice at all.


    Hubris eh?  Pot, kettle, black.  Where in this post have you addressed the possibility of a 28nm A5X working?  Or a downscaled A6X?  Or even that the assertion that an A6X class GPU is a requirement for an iPad Mini is wrong. 


    I guess you're miffed I called you a zealot.




    Just strikes me that way and I've been reading what you write for a long long time and you didn't used to seem that way to me.

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    NO. He said this:

    And from there I began my string. So even just before this when I offered him a chance to correct if he had actually meant A5X-A6 the entire time and he didn't, it wouldn't have mattered, as that's NOT what he was saying.

    If the A6 could have handled 2048x1536 to Apple's taste, there would not be an A6X.
    Umm- when I sarcastically said thanks for enlightening us the A6X is a better GPU than the A6- I was basing it off of your response. Obviously both nht and Solip are educated- and nht (or Anyone on the forum) would know that already. I was just mentioning your post was not enlightening- and it was obvious.

    As for the quote you say he said- that just proves your stubbornness further. He clearly, in that quote, mentions the A6 and the iPad 3- which has the A5X. How could he be any clearer?

    Look- this isnt about me or you or if you are relentless in your "gotchas" or stubborn as a mule even when you have egg on your face. Every educated person can make their own opinion of you. It's just the more you post, the more evident that opinion gets.
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