Apple's iPhone 5 debuts on T-Mobile April 12 with $99 upfront payment plan



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    I bought an un-locked, iPhone 5 from Apple in December. And NOW, T-Mumble and Apple are telling me that I have to buy another one to get all of the network I’m currently already on?? 





    Actually, nowhere on Apple's site does it say the unlocked iPhone was supported on T-Mobile's network. If you look at Apple's unlocked iPhone 5 website, it has a section that talks about what LTE networks are supported, and T-Mobile's is excluded. 


    Moreover, T-Mobile's website didn't claim to support the iPhone on it's high speed network.It has, however, tried to give 3G support to iPhones.  

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    Lenovo K900 debuted recently and gets on shelves for pre-order at only $699.99 at this site: I would like to compare iPhone 5,Samsung Galaxy S4 and Lenovo K900. Any idea which one is better?


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    Nice article. It is helpful to me. Thanks


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