Wall Street disappointed by indications that Apple won't launch new products until fall



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    apple ][ wrote: »
    Where is the logic in having these huge product release holes, and then releasing a whole crapload of stuff at once? Do you not want to spread out your product releases throughout the year, instead of everything arriving around the same time and not being able to meet demand?

    Yeah... they botched that one. Enough said. Terrible strategic decision. Likely done to make sure Apple was on people's minds going into the holiday shopping season.

    As someone else said in another thread, the iMacs should have been updated six months earlier with a speed bump only, and the new form factor announced at the end of January. iPhones need to ship early enough that they are readily available throughout December, but late enough that they are still new.

    I personally think that the lightning port roll-out was botched more than anything else. I'm not sure how to approach it better when you make a major change like that impacts three different product lines. Maybe Christmas wasn't the best time to do it. Maybe they could have had a year with a hybrid dual-function jack. All that said, the lightning connector is an order of magnitude better than the MicroUSB, and I am happy they stuck with something proprietary. Just wish the transition was easier.
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    gEt over it Wall Street - apple doesn't deliver for you, if they did, all they would do is produce junk. Apple users work hard for their money and demand the best and are willing to pay the extra money.
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    Poor, poor Wall Street. What ever will they do... (shedding a tear)

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    If Tim’s words were chosen carefully (and I think they should be) a "surprise" isn’t a new-New iPad or a Retina iPad mini or an iPhone 5s, or refreshed MacBooks...


    "Surprises" are game-changers, leaps-not-steps kind of advances... To me this feels a lot more like "Yeah guys, all the cool stuff that is Top Secret that you are speculating about, it’s gonna start happening in the Fall and trough next year, so brace yourselves!".


    I might be wrong, but that’s my take on it...




    Right now they seem to be working really hard on iCloud, iTunes, OsX and iOs... Maybe not the most exiting prospect in therms of investors, but as an Apple product owner, that makes me happy.

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    Wall street only worries about the next quarter and any successful company long term  has to worry and plan for the next 5 years or more and not just the next quarter. As an AAPL shareholder I am very worried and hope the stock doesn't go much lower. If I didn't own any stock it would be easy to completely dismiss and attack Wall Street. I think Tim has to do a balancing act. First and foremost is to continue to make exceptional products and plan for a long term growth strategy that will eventually include China and many other markets not currently carrying an iPhone or other Apple products. Short term I think the increase dividends and $60B buyback will help somewhat. I wish he had shortened the time to say the end of 2014 instead of 2015 but still a good move. 


    The iPad line is pretty safe for the time being. Plenty of optimized apps, two screen sizes, various other options to cover all the bases. The Mac line is stagnant but the whole computer sector is as well due to people needing to upgrade far less often and increased tablet sales. I don't see Mac sales increasing dramatically anytime soon. I can't even remember the last time I saw a Mac TV commercial so I would like to see a bit more Mac advertising again. I see the same stagnation for the iPod line. I can still see the need for the shuffle and nano as a spare and for uses where you don't want to risk damaging your phone for example jogging or at the beach but the iPod Touch is being cannibalized by the iPhone and other smart phones. I can see the iPod touch being displaced by a cheaper iPhone model eventually or simply morphing into one. 


    The real areas for growth are in some brand new unannounced categories whether it is an iWatch, iNecklace, an iCar system that even goes far beyond what Volkswagen are doing, a completely reinvented Apple TV that could go head to head with the game consoles, expanding the iPhone line to include more affordable and larger display models, or some product no one has even heard of yet. All we can do is hope that Tim was right about fantastic future products in the pipeline and wait and see. 

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    Problem with Wall Street is that they are disappointed no matter what. The stupid analysts (see the word anal in there) are basically that - stupid.

    I personally see no reason for Google to be at the price it is and for Apple to fall $300 in the last 6 months.

    If Apple releases new products they are dissatisfied it it is does not they are disappointed.

    I say screw them.
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    Cook is making the big mistake of caring what investors think. Cook is taking SJ's final words to him "Don't ask, "What would Steve do"?" too seriously. SJ would say, ignore Wall Street. Cook and the other boys ask what would Steve do. SJ would be right.
    What choice does he have when the narrative is all about Apple's falling stock price. It's impossible to ignore.
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    Oh yeah, it's ONLY Wall st. Nobody else was hoping for some new fantastic release this summer. I mean, I sure as hell wasn't hoping for an 11" Air Retina. That's for sure! And now that every single product Apple makes is a "Thunderbolt" product, no reason to expect a newly entered product in the pro Mac space.  Naw...

    Yep; Firing on all cylinders.

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    We will have to wait and see...
    I read a quote that said new "Ground Braking" products coming in the fall.

    iPhone 5S and low cost iPhones are not particularly ground breaking.

    iRadio, iTV, iWatch would likely be ground breaking...
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    We will have to wait and see...
    I read a quote that said new "Ground Braking" products coming in the fall.

    iPhone 5S and low cost iPhones are not particularly ground breaking.

    iRadio, iTV, iWatch would likely be ground breaking...
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    Originally Posted by AppleSauce007 View Post

    We will have to wait and see...

    I read a quote that said new "Ground Braking" products coming in the fall.

    iPhone 5S and low cost iPhones are not particularly ground breaking.

    iRadio, iTV, iWatch would likely be ground breaking...


    iRadio would be me-too, but it's inevitable anyway.


    iTV or iWatch 'could' be groundbreaking. We'll see.

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    'Um also believes it would be "more prudent" if Apple were to spread out its product refreshes. He noted that very few consumers can afford to upgrade their iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod simultaneously.'

    This was the obvious flaw in Apple's 2012 execution. Let's quit the denial already and hope Apple doesn't repeat the same mistake two years in a row.
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    You took those ASCII characters right off my finger tips! ????????????????

    More importantly these idiots can't read between the lines. Tim said absolutely nothing about revs to existing products. One way to read Tim's comments is that he is talking about brand new products. I could easily see new laptops before the fall and maybe some desktops, there it is all about Intel more than any thing else.

    The other problem is the analyst have no sense of history. In the past long drawn out product revs, especially iPhone related, have not impacted sales the way some think the do. The last time this happened sales of the iPhone stayed relatively strong. Likewise tablet sales haven't been an issue either. The expectation that sales will suddenly tank is not rational and does not reflect history!!

    So yeah Wall Street can go F themselves.
    simtub wrote: »
    Wall Street can go and F themselves!!
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    WWWWHHHHhhhhaaaaa..... That's all these Wally-Street Klowns know how to do... Whine.., if YOU, the sucker little guy, won't pat their $ BILLION DOLLAR A MONTH BILLS, then they think they're under-compensated... FU** THEM....
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    New products are tough to create. They need to let people rest. Too much too fast is very bad for everyone!
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    Totally puzzling product intro roadmap. With the bunching increasing the likelihood of creating supply issues and shortages, as happened last year.

    It's going to be a long, hard summer for AAPL shareholders, Apple enthusiasts, and AI's boards.

    I for one am happy for a lull in the upgrade treadmill. Just got the 15" Retina MBP, and the iPhone 5 was 6 months before that. I've spent my allotment of Apple money til 2014.
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    jgutherjguther Posts: 84member

    These ANALysts make me vomit. I have absolutely no repect for those useless parasites of our society.

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    So, no new Mac Pro this year?
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    If it is true that a majority of the product roll-outs won't happen until Fall (we're already well near May) then that's for one of three reasons.


    1) Apple can't keep up with demand of their existing products so there isn't a need to refresh quite yet.

    2) Manufacurer difficulties.

    3) There's major OS changes coming that must be released prior to the hardware rollouts.


    With WWDC coming soon we will find out whether #3 is correct which I expect is the real reason.

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    Originally Posted by pedromartins View Post

    This is hilarious!


    They are not demanding a better iPhone, they are demanding 3 new models already and talking like if iWatch and iTV are certain things and apple's obligation!


    I truly believe that APPL is doomed.

    The dilemma is that Apple can't put out products as quickly as you, I, or Wall Street wants because Apple, like everyone else, has to wait for Intel or some other technology that comes from a variety of component mfg to be released and in high enough quantities to be able to have a successful launch.


    For laptops, iMacs and MacMinis (or other potential desktop computers) Apple and everyone else is waiting for Haswell updates and i'm sure the new  802.11ac spec (chips) have to be released since that's the next generation products.  So what can ANYONE do about it?  NOTHING.


    Yeah, I'm sure it would be great for Apple to finally release the next MacPro systems, but they have to wait until Intel releases the new XEON chips and whatever else they have to wait for.


    iPhones?  Well, I'm sure Apple is trying to figure out the Fingerprint ID technology, and they are working on new processors, etc.


    iTV?  I'm sure that's mostly just a new designed product they are waiting for whatever technology to be available.


    The unfortunate problem seems to be out of Apple's hands.


    Will they announce anything this quarter?  Maybe.  I wouldn't be surprised if they made SOME announcements.


    Next quarter?  Summer months are generally not the best months to release product, but we might have some announcements.


    Either way, we can only sit back and wait.

    What sales will happen?  I'm sure this quarter and next quarter will be fairly low, just because that's what is going on in the industry.


    I think Apple is also trying to get China Mobile signed on and they'll obviously have to tailor their products specifically for their cellular network, since theirs is proprietary.

    Is Apple doomed?  No.  It's probably just not going to be as big of a year as people would like, but that doesn't mean they are doomed.


    HP, Dell, all of the other PC mfg are more doomed because WIndows 8 is a complete failure, especially on the tablet front.


    Smartphones?   I think Apple just has to get out a larger screen model and whatever else they're going to come out with and I'm sure they'll be just fine.


    I think that the stock will go up in the next 2 to 3 years and it might double during that time frame.


    I think Apple is going to release software updates as Logic, Aperture, iWork, and iLife suites are getting ripe for an upgrade.


    OS X and iOS will get getting updates this year and it will be interesting to see how much they are both improved/changed.

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