Apple's official WWDC 2013 iOS app now available



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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    Check out the app from last year. Basically the same as this years app. Since this app is used once a year and for a specific purpose I don't think we should read in to the design of it. Especially assuming it has any meaning on what iOS 7 will look like.

    It looks the same for your average person but it terms of design it is not the same. No color gradient. The entire design is lighter in color. The shadows are thinner. The buttons locations switched. I wouldn't call them the same. This is good indication of the new direction in design. Check this comparison:


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    Yes, and they're going to pull them out to check maps, conference schedules, etc. while walking around. They're that hardcore. /s
    Holy carp that was funny! Well played, sir!
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    I think 9to5's rumor was that the new newsstand design looks like the Mac OSX dock, if that's the case then it's pretty nifty. All I keep hearing about is the removal of gloss or whatever, but I haven't heard much about how any of this looks or functions better. Those leaked iOS7 photos on macrumors look like a baby version of iOS. I somehow doubt this redesign is simply a matter of removing all accents from the software.

    Oooh that would be nifty! I actually have a fair amount of confidence in the visual quality of ios 7. Personally, I think Reminders could use a massive aesthetic alteration. I really like the way it works but I can't bring myself to use it much because I think it's unattractive. I actually get claustrophobic using the app because the design is cluttered. That's just a personal opinion. In that case the visual upgrade is as good or better than any new function or feature.
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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post


    This kind of app doesn't make any sense on a MacBook Pro though.  

    Of course, you wouldn't want someone sitting in one talk taking notes to be able to swipe to another beautiful full screen app and see a map of what's coming up and where to go next. They have to pull out their phone and drill through layer upon layer of columns for that.

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