Steve Jobs reportedly mulled axing Apple's pro products



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    Just revisited the Mac Pro preview on Apple's website, that thing is seriously amazing. If you've ever built your own PC, you'll know how many heat sinks and cooling fans there could be in a PC, its not unusual even for casual (not complete beginner casual) to replace the stock heat sink and fan of the CPU with a better after market cooler, and you might put a fan or two on the case to help cool the GPU and in general. So for the Mac Pro to fit everything to that single heat sink with one fan, its absolutely out of this world.


    You cannot buy components that fit like that in the consumer PC components market, so what you end up with when you build a beast of a computer is to make it HUGE, huge enclosure with great cooling features, lots of expansion possibility, everything more or less must be inside, what's outside is usually just the external storage. And consumer GPUs are huge also, each with its own cooling attached and this class of GPU will probably need extra power, you need two to match the Mac Pro. There is no way to build a PC like that with similar performance, and at that size on your own, size won't even be close really. And the the Mac Pro enclosure is aluminum too, without a seam, how did they do that??

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    Apple kill off the 17" Macbook Pro? Unless someone can prove to me Apple said such a thing then the 17" Pro still lives!!

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    And this conversation is verifiable?
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    I could see Apple re-releasing the 17 inch MacBook Pro, if the bezels are reduced in the next model.


    Honestly I don't know why the bezel is so big around the MacBook line. With the iPad's bezel getting trimmed I could see the same happening with the MacBooks.


    A 17 inch could end up the same size as the current 15 inch and all other sizes would shrink comparably.

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    This is one of the areas where Steve was wrong. What are Mac professionals supposed to use? Windows? Did he really want to send 5% of his customers over to Windows? He said he didn't care about market share.


    I mean, seriously. Are you actually going to turn your pro customers over to the competition?

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    Yes please gives us audio pros a 17 " retina with ALL the state of the art hardware available. I know a lot of guys in LA who would buy one or two NOW! 

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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    And this conversation is verifiable?


    As verifiable as Eddy Cue's claim that Steve considered a smaller iPad.

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    I think some questions need to be asked about what was going on at Apple during the last year or two of Steve Jobs's life.  Certainly not software development, as the long wait for Aperture 4 and iWork 2011, er, 2012, er, 2013 demonstrates.  And by the sounds of it, a fair bit of indecision regarding the higher-end Apple products that lure people into the Apple ecosystem even if they don't necessarily generate a lot of sales.


    My sense is that the company is back on track, though we won't know for sure for about another year as there are a lot of pent up product introductions.

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    Originally Posted by kiraniumbra View Post

    If they bring back the 17" MacBook pro with a retina display, I'll forgo my overseas trip next year. I want on of those baby's so bad


    I'd sell my CAR if I could get a 17" version with modern quad, fast busses and USB3, Retina or not.



    Originally Posted by TheOtherGeoff View Post

    Sounds like someone loved his 17" at one time.


    He's not alone. I haven't purchased a new Mac for myself since it was discontinued. (I got a non-retina Pro for my wife and a mini for the living room, but nothing for ME.)


    I'd take a 19" if they made it!


    A few people have noted that you can now cram more onto a 15" screen than I can on my old 17", but it's all really SMALL. The precision required to put the cursor on a bezier curve handle that's about the size of a pin head is more than my clumsy hands can muster. Sure, a 22" monitor would be even better than a 17" display, but until they make one that runs on batteries and folds into a computer so I can carry it around...



    Originally Posted by eng12 View Post

    My current 2009 17" needs to last until they release something that can replace it.


    Mine, too. Of course, we will now be mocked and ridiculed by those who don't have to manipulate tiny little handles in Illustrator or view more of a waveform on a timeline without scrolling or try to fit thirty-eleven floating tool palettes on the screen at once. Because THEY have no such need, WE are foolish for working that way.



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    It's like carrying around your own tombstone. Apple was right to kill it! :)


    I don't mind it, actually. Once you've got a laptop in your backpack it doesn't really matter whether it's 15" or 17". It's like carrying bags of groceries. Do you really notice a significant difference carrying five bags instead of four?


    Again though, just because YOU don't wan... oh never mind.



    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post

    Okay, time for a rant. So-called "pros" are never satisfied with anything. They perpetually bitch and whine about whatever they use as unable to meet their needs. Every Mac ever released as a pro machine was met with derision and plain old hatred


    What are you talking about? The only people I knew who HAD Macs in the 80's WERE "Pros," most of them working on document design, or as it was known then, "desktop publishing." In the 90's I saw Macs in studios but very, very few in homes.


    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Mac even really make inroads into the "average user" "home computer" market until the mid-to-late 90's, and didn't begin to outnumber the pro users until the 21st century.


    So, no, pro users obviously do not automatically hate everything Apple does. In fact, it might be argued that there wouldn't BE any Apple computers if it wasn't for Pro users.


    By all means, feel free to express your own preferences, but don't deride those who use their computers for more demanding tasks just because the factors that influence their decisions don't affect you. Remember that there are lots of situations in human existence in which a small minority play an important role in creating opportunities for the majority.


    Oh, and by the way, saying I wish they hadn't discontinued the 17" is not Apple hate, it's Apple love. I can get a 17" laptop from Asus or Lenovo, but I don't because I want an APPLE.

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    But Apple did kill the Xserve and let the Mac Pro languish for years, with the recently disclosed Mac Pro re-design hardly being a high-end product*... except for FCPX users.


    *e.g., the new Mac Pro is only single processor, has only 4 DIMM slots and no expansion options.

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    I'm sure Jobs has mulled over a LOT of things during his tenure at Apple, but that's got nothing to do with anything. What they make is what counts.
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    Meh. There's still a Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. They added a retina display version. They still sell Logic Pro, FCP, Motion. Still offer FireWire. Not sure what the fuss is about.
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    As long as apps are written in C++ or Object C the traditional mouse and keyboard will be necessary. Once we get to the new paradigm where we program with synaptic-like parallel thought generated code then we can move beyond the linear nature of line by line code.

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    NOW, when is Apple bringing back the 17" MBP, so I can upgrade my 2011!?  *grumble*

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    Originally Posted by christopher126 View Post

    It's like carrying around your own tombstone. Apple was right to kill it! :)


    I loved mine and wish I could get another.

    People who dislike the 17" MBPs just don't understand that it's not really a laptop. It's a portable full featured desktop with a big display. If you needed to get serious work done and also needed the ability to relocate at will, it was a great solution. The 15" MBPs will always feel a bit confining to me.

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    Count me in the Pro 17" camp.

    I had a 17" (techinally still have) and was forced into a 15" retina. The resolution on retina is astounding but I can't help but miss the physical real estate of the 17". It's the perfect laptop screen size.

    I thought they didn't update the 17" due to the newness of retina displays and had to wait for the price to come down. The 17" version would be expensive at the time.

    But now, there will likely be 27" iMac retina displays. So a 27" MacBook Pro screen is seemingly feasible again.

    I'd definitely buy one. Day one.

    The Mac Pro too is something I can't wait to grab. It's a beast.

    I don't think the "pro" crowd is shrinking at all.

    But the consumer products are obviously going to overshadow everything since they focus on consuming that which is created.

    But you need machines to do the creating. No need to leave that to the windows gang.
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    Steve would have been a crappy CEO if he didn't consider it. Thank goodness he was a great CEO and kept them and figured out they had to have a little more mainstream appeal. Can't wait to get my MacPro.
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    You know, if there's a slight shift in the pro markets to bring in more consumers/prosumers, the sales could increase and the price tag could come down a bit for us pros. Ah who am I kidding...
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    jragosta wrote: »
    Jobs considered various options before making decisions.

    Why is that news to anyone?

    ...They're also proud of the products they didn't release.
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    Originally Posted by kiraniumbra View Post

    If they bring back the 17" MacBook pro with a retina display, I'll forgo my overseas trip next year. I want on of those baby's so bad

    Send Apple feedback.

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