First look: Sony's iPhone-compatible QX10 and QX100 Cyber-shot lenses



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    Originally Posted by Kung Fu Guy View Post


    Why no flash?  I'd love to see Canon and Nikon response to this.


    I hope they do bring out their own versions.

    I love what Canon & Nikon do, they make the best DSLRs in the world, the only problem with going against the QX100 & 10, Sony makes the best enthusiast camera & the best selling & pretty much best mirrorless cameras too (the NEX series). 

    So Nikon & Canon will need to pick up their game.

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    Originally Posted by Mark Booth View Post








    SoCal here as well :) 

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    Is this Wi-Fi or bluetooth? Wi-Fi feels like too much of a hassle. Bluetooth would be great.
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    They should have put a ring of LEDs around that lens.

    The deal breaker for me is that you are limited to using it with just the Sony app.
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