Samsung hopes to restore confidence with its concerned investors at strategy meeting

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Samsung is organizing a "strategic conference" with 400 investors and analysts, in order to "fight a gnawing suspicion that its heyday may have come and gone."

Source: Reuters

According to a report by Reuters, Samsung's prior "series of record profits" from smartphones is now being seen by analysts as linked to a segment that "may have passed its peak this year as the market saturates and competition from cheaper phones intensifies."

Samsung began warning its investors in January that easy profits from smartphones were increasingly going to be offset by competitive pressures and satiating demand. However, the media hype machine continued to portray Samsung as the new, innovative powerhouse that would replace Apple.

Samsung's shares over the most recent quarter dropped 13 percent, largely in response to weaker than expected sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, which was launched with great fanfare but delivered very little to incite sales excitement among consumers.

The company is largely dependent upon smartphone sales, which account for two thirds of Samsung Electronics' total profits. Reuters noted that other businesses, including solar cells and medical equipment, have failed to yield tangible results since they were first unveiled in 2010.

Apple vs Samsung

Apple's shares are also down significantly from their peak one year ago. However, Apple hasn't launched any major new products since its top to bottom refresh of its product line completed during the year-ago holiday season.

Apple has fought against incessant criticism and badgering predictions of doom throughout the year, despite maintaining a lock on the majority of industry profits across the PC, tablet, smartphone and mobile apps segments.

And while Apple hasn't released new smartphones and tablets, its existing iPhone 5 and iPad mini continue to lead every other competing model in both sales volumes and in profits.

In stark contrast, Samsung has spent the year floating on enthusiastic optimism while it launched new flagship models at regular intervals. In the previous quarter, it debuted both the S4 and the Galaxy Note 8, an iPad mini competitor.

While the S4 phone failed to meet lofty expectations, the Note 8 tablet failed to even maintain the company's tablet shipment volumes. Tablet shipment estimates by IDC and Strategy Analytics both agreed that Samsung's tablet shipments actually declined sequentially by millions of units in the quarter, despite the new model launch.

Data from Strategy Analytics further indicates that outside of subsidized phones and "phablets," Samsung's non-subsidized sales of tablets and the rest of its notebook, netbook, ChromeBook and other PC businesses account for very little, reportedly just $440 million in profits, or a tenth of what Apple earns from its comparable, non-iPhone products.


Source: Samsung

Samsung has also released a series of products intended to duplicate Apple's iPod touch and Apple TV, but hasn't been able to strong demand for either category. Its own efforts to develop original products, including the Galaxy Camera, have also been insignificant, despite Samsung's efforts to boost sales by giving away free tablets from its inventory as an incentive.


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    And what are Samsung's innovations lately?
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    It hasn't come and gone%u2026 they just don't have any product to copy these days.

    They need Apple to out some new stuff%u2026 or Sony%u2026 or anyone for that matter. They can't continue to release larger and more plastic phones and think they are fooling people into considering that "innovation"

    Their smartwatch release sure shows they suck at innovating on their own%u2026.
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    Samsung's investors should be worried. Apple hasn't produced anything for Samsung to copy, so now they're copying things based on rumors of what Apple will produce (smart watch).

    Well, Apple will be coming out with some new items in a few days. Samesong: get those photocopiers humming!
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    After seeing that hideous watch, I can see what the concern is.
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    Originally Posted by AjbDtc826 View Post

    After seeing that hideous watch, I can see what the concern is.

    Lol you mean that phone strapped to your wrist?/s

    And its tethered to the Galaxy Note III only for interactive functions, it won't work with there regular phones.

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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    I thought this was "apple insider." What gives with all the Samsung coverage?
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    Is there anywhere that has actual sales figures for the S4?

    I know there's been previous questions between shipped and sold units, but just wondering how many classifies as low sales vs lower than expected?
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    512ke512ke Posts: 782member

    Samsung can't be in trouble.  I've been reading all over the internet how they completely dethroned Apple and became the #1 force in consumer electronics.


    And I've been reading about how Apple is tumbling with declining profit margins and plummeting market share.


    So how can Samsung investors be worried?  


    Wait a minute, is someone suggesting that all the stuff on the internet wasn't true!?


    Go Apple.  Eat Samsung's lunch.

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    cpsrocpsro Posts: 2,928member

    Consider that, in addition to the screwed watch announced today, Samsung's days of supplying tons of stuff to Apple are also numbered.

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    "We (Samdung) will copy the share buyback program like Apple did. We will keep on copying Apple products shamelessly till Apple Innovates!  We will build metal, plastic and other material products. We will capture many screen size for our products! We will keep on throwing various upgrades and features no matter how useful it is. We want people to believe that our products are the best! We will even copy the Rumored products of Apple and will leave no door open! We The Samdung believe in Innovation"

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,882member
    And what are Samsung's innovations lately?

    Does size count? Obviously Sammy is just waiting for Apple to release something so it could have another crisis in design.
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    This is the perfect reaction to today's Samsung announcements! Kudos to Samsung for having their head in the right place :)
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    Originally Posted by Modena360 View Post



    "Laughing, Floor All Over"?

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    "Laughing, Floor All Over"?


    "Lint, From Aspirin Orbit"

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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member

    Originally Posted by einsteinbqat View Post

    And what are Samsung's innovations lately?


    Bigger screens, overclocking the same CPU used in other high end Android phones, bloating their phones with duplicates of Google's software.

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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,528member
    modena360 wrote: »

    Lamentably, finding Apple opaque
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post



    "Lint, From Aspirin Orbit"

    Lumoxed, Floppy Alien Overlords

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    Even copying Apple share price fall ... unbelievable :p

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