Samsung accused of stealing product designs from appliance maker Dyson

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Apple isn't the only major electronics maker to accuse Samsung of copying, as vacuum manufacturer Dyson has filed a new patent infringement suit against the South Korean company.


Company founder Sir James Dyson spoke with the BBC, revealing that he feels he was "forced" to file the lawsuit in English High Court. Dyson said he would much rather his company invest in its own research to develop new technology.

Dyson's issue is with the new Motion Sync vacuum cleaner Samsung unveiled at IFA last week, as the British appliance maker believes it infringes on a patent related to a steering mechanism for cylinder cleaners.

"This looks like a cynical ripoff," Dyson said. "Samsung has many patent lawyers, so I find it hard not to believe that this is a deliberate or utterly reckless infringement of our patent."

Samsung responded by calling the claims from Dyson "groundless." The electronics maker has vowed to "take all necessary measures" to protect its products.

Samsung Phones
Apple illustration of Samsung phones pre- and post-iPhone. | Source: Apple trial brief

The comments from Dyson are somewhat similar to those made by Apple in 2011, when the iPhone maker filed its own patent infringement suit against Samsung. The legal battle between Apple and Samsung remains ongoing, with Apple insisting that Samsung has stolen the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad for its own mobile devices.

"Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and tablet computers, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products," Apple said in its original complaint.

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs took particular issue with Samsung, as well as Google's Android, feeling that the products were "stolen" from his own company.

"We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We've decided to do something about it," Jobs said in 2011. "We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours."


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    Can't wait for next year revision with a bigger screen. /s
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    Shut the company down entirely.


    In before the Anti-Apple Brigade whines about the phone picture.

    Originally Posted by BigMac2 View Post

    Can't wait for next year revision with a bigger screen. /s


    Bigger sucking head, you mean. Samsung will be the first vacuum manufacturer with a 20" sucking head.


    And IGZO.

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    Blatant, shameless, and getting to be the norm. Have they no conscience?

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    Originally Posted by Dickprinter View Post

    Blatant, shameless, and getting to be the norm. Have they no conscience?


    How dare you say they have no shame? They have so much shame that they glorify it. Hence, shamesung.
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    hydrhydr Posts: 146member

    This is their business model. Copy winners, release at a lower price, profit. 

    What can be done about it? Not much.

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    Originally Posted by Avonord View Post

    How dare you say they have no shame?


    Indeed. They've copied their shame straight from companies that have it; it's flawless!

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    according to the article ... Samsung has tried to rip of Dyson before
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    Samsung actually has a head of design position.  In other companies, he's called the copy machine guy.

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    I am shocked, I tell you, shocked! The company of innovative integrity doing such a dastardly deed is beyond the fathom of belief. Well, a tiny part of a fathom anyway.:no:
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    The best news before the Apple Event!

    Have been happy since morning because of Apple event!

    Now the happiness is tripled! :D  Love you Samsung! Keep Stealing, keep making us happy! 

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    Is anyone surprised?

    C'mon, every knows Dyson's design is the convergence point. Dyson's is just monopolizing cylinder shapes.
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    Well that sucks!
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    Let's hope Dyson cleans up.
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    Stinken Samsung. I cannot stand Samsung! I have vowed to never buy any Samsung product, no matter what! They think that because they're in Korea, they can just take everyone's idea and they'll do nothing about it. First apple, now Dyson. Get your own stinken ideas Samsung.
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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    C'mon, every knows Dyson's design is the convergence point. Dyson's is just monopolizing cylinder shapes.


    "How dare they try to patent rounded cylinders. Samsung is just giving them what they deserve! Samsung is the hero, saving all these industries from the tyranny of other companies!"

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    Fandroids are at this moment probably signing up to all of the biggest vacuum cleaner forums on the net.


    They are going to claim that Dyson has never innovated, and that the Samsung rip off looks nothing like the Dyson. Whenever Samsung releases a new product that looks like or works like something else, it's only a pure coincidence and the natural evolution of things.

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    OMG...Again. Will someone please give Samsung some original ideas! SMH
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    an article headline about samsung stealing from dyson. with 132 words about samsung stealing from dyson. and 167 words about samsung stealing from apple. so, what was the article really about?
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    Personally, I think Samsung's alleged infringement on steering for cylinder cleaners is pretty twisted.
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    This pic of CopyCatSam is on par with any Rembrandt. As I told writer, I have a copy, actually two copies, in the most important little room in the house. I can view it standing or sitting performing some major thinking whilst evacuating bad karma. :smokey:
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