Citing iPhone 5s yields & iPhone 5c pricing, Jefferies lowers Apple target to $425



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    Wow, Apple has creamed their price target already! :) Closing price today $464.90, down $7.79. After hours, down to $463.48. Why is *anybody* listening to this clown? :(
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    Originally Posted by Joe Mecca View Post

    Apple is most likely taking pre-orders on 5c so that they can get a better grip on distribution. If it's available in 10 countries, some countries might prefer some colors over others. It would be a mess if they evenly distributed each of the colors to 10 countries. Pre-orders allows Apple to sell everything they have in the right places.

    That's my uneducated guess.


    I suspect the color preferences were researched. 



    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    Agreed. The expectations are totally unrealistic. They want the best phone in the world for a very low price but they don't want margins to suffer or for there to be any cannibalization of the high end phone. Just not going to happen.

    To be fair, things are different in other parts of the world. In much of the world, phones are typically not subsidized, so the real prices are $549 vs $649 (for the 5S). And, yes, there are a lot of people who could afford $400, but not $550 - they may have to save up for an entire year or more just to get the $400.



    The issue is not about the best phone in the world. The 5 is the top premium product and rightly commands a premium price. Nobody expects that to be otherwise.

    The issue is with the technology from last year's best phone being repackaged using cheaper plastic, and instead of using this saving to make inroads in the middle of the market, Apple just prices it the same as they've always priced last years iPhone.

    Analysts have known that Apple is competitive at the top end that's not changed. But with prior knowledge of the plastic 5c from leaks, they suspected Apple had a strategy to increase presence in the middle ground. However, it turns out that Apple just wants plastic to save on manufacturing costs and bolster their margins. 
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    as usual analyst have a mole into supply chain and stupid shareholders pay the price - while aapl mgmt neither refuses  - i.e agrees - result mkt punishes. How long this saga going to go on - This infact be culpable situation on aapl part where Tim & co come out singing happy song and days later market ignores every dam thing aapl innovated and hands over trash saying fix this -- great way to price & keep ws happy. Formally aapl should take a stand. Where is the proof and how did he get this data? Isn't it not breach of some supplier agreement and aapl can sue analyst for probing into insider information?

    if any company needs to go private its aapl - enough of rumor mongers and ws anal's



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    Originally Posted by AppleSauce007 View Post

    Unlocked yellow iPhone 5c are sold out




    All five colors, both in 16GB and 32GB, are available for delivery on 9/20.





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    "The 4S is an old phone. It will be supported for one iOS upgrade. 7. It's not got the lure of the new.

    Now if they sold the 5C at that price - we would be cooking."


    Responding to the above:


    The 4S is only an old phone to YOU. To much of the world, having a 4S means getting AN IPHONE.


    And now you can get AN IPHONE running the latest iOS for a very LOW PRICE.


    That is going to be a huge driver of sales.  Everyone focuses on the top end and the middle, when some of the big news is at the bottom.


    4s phone with Siri and iOS7 is available for low low price in China and elsewhere.


    That is big news.

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    Analysts are just looking for mentions/hits, not accuracy.

    If Apple dropped the price of iPhones, they will pound it for loss of margin. If Apple maintains the price then they pound it for lack of market share.

    There's no innovation with these guys, no creativity at all.

    Best thing to do is recognize that they don't understand, and then ignore them.
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    Hmm. I may buy more AAPL just to spite this ignorant twet.
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    Apple should seriously take the company private. Steve would be proud
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    cash907 wrote: »
    Innovative? They took last years phone and tossed it into a god awful pastel plastic shell. What's so innovative about that?

    First, I was referring to the 5S.
    Second, you obviously did not understand that they modified last year'a model to gain higher appeal in their target markets/groups.
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    basjhj wrote: »
    Well, I could start over with answering "If we take history as our guide..."

    If we do that then Apple need to reduce prices and not be run by salesmen. Hat tip: Steve Jobs
    pendergast wrote: »
    I would imagine it will at LEAST get iOS 8.

    It is(will be) shipping with iOS 7. 

    And it will be a big seller in emerging markets at only $450, which is conveniently the price analysts were expecting. 

    That's the same price as the 4 was last year. A two year old phone has far less appeal - and competes against its own second hand market - than a new phone. A 5C at $450 would have sold like gangbusters. It would vastly outsell a 4S at that price because its new and because its not competing with the same phone in the second hand market. That's why the last year and the year begore's strategy is flawed by the way. I can't imagine they started the year with the plan to not bury the 4S. Maybe they just realise that they would never meet demand at that price in the Chtistmas period/Chinese new year and later they will drop the 4S. Maybe there is mid year announcement next year. If so hats off to Cook. For then it makes sense.
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    benji888 wrote: »

    Apple made a smart long term move with the 5c: because of its simpler construction, it will be much easier to produce and keep up with demand. And, next year it will be entry level iPhone, the following year, they will update the will be a design they keep in the entry level iPhone position.

    These people are likely the ones that fed the low-price iPhone rumor, so that, when it didn't happen they could drive the price down, buy more, then watch it go back into a steady upswing on the long term.

    This is what i think too, they wont change the shell of this 4" screen and use it in a year for a free on contract phone and unlock around $400. Its will be a cheap phone in a year.
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    If yield was low Apple wouldn't:

    - Launch both online and retail on the same day. (This puts more pressure on stock levels)
    - Launch in more countries and carriers than ever before
    - Launch 15 separate SKUs on day 0. (iPhone 5, had just 6 on day-0.)

    Pre-sales are a mechanism to deal with the slow arrival of stock, they effectively buy another week while sating enthusiasts. They aren't good for consumers as they facilitate scalpers.

    Pre-sales also aid carriers who are increasingly pushing customers onto more profitable handsets.
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     Jefferies should be down grading themselves along with bank America.


    bac stock at 14 for a reason.

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     Jefferies had a price target of 450 stock went to 506 if you listed to him you would of loss money

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     jeffriers and bank America allowed to buy the stock much lower I need to thank them.


    I have to go on carl icahns camp if he is buying appl and unloading netflixs I need to be on his side.

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     as americans lets start buying American companies and stop going for the cheap you only get what you pay for.


    Samsung is cheap for a reason.

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     buy more don't listen to these idiots they are wrong more then 50% of the time.


    bank America should be down graded themselves its 6 points away from being a penny stock again.


    good move ba buying Merrill lynch and countrywide and you are nay saying apple.

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    Originally Posted by mikeliberty View Post


     as americans lets start buying American companies and stop going for the cheap you only get what you pay for.


    Samsung is cheap for a reason.



    By American do you mean a phone whose IP is claimed in the US and is manufactured in the US, or one whose IP is claimed in Ireland and is manufactured in China?

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