Apple releases iPhone 5c ad first shown at last week's special event



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    GTFO you cheapskate. The 5C is a faster phone than the $700 Galaxy S4 which has massive lag.

    I won't try to figure out GTFO, maybe thats the girl version of UTFO. LOL. 


    I don't think he is considering a Galaxy over an iPhone. I want the unlocked version of the iPhone (c) and (s). The (c) for my wife who don't care about specs, the (s) for me because I kind of do care. You know more bang for your buck. The high end (c) same price as low end (s). Man that puts the brakes on. Now I have to justify the price of the (c). 


    I know you was speaking sarcasm. I just want to chime in.


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    Sounds like someone who is pretending to sound like Jony.

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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    Apple touting plastic fantastic.
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    And this is my personal opinion. How about the other?


    Your opinion is marred by incompetence. Educate yourself on the purpose of this phone.

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    semanka wrote: »
    I strongly believe that their presale was disappointing.

    Ready to eat your words?

    Not much can be said about the ad aside from how divergent it is compared to Apple's recent direction in iPhone marketing. It can be assumed that the company is targeting a different demographic with the 5c spot, as it has a "fun" feel to it.

    Well, duh.

    Isn't about time that you realized that the 5C is meant to appeal to a different market than the 5S?
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