How and where to trade in your old iPhone for the most cash or store credit



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    Why would you sell on gazelle? I sold mine on - seriously, they offer 24 hours payment guarantee! Also did i mention they deposited the funds into my bank account?

    Don't risk ebay or craigslist - you'll get scammed.
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    I sold my iphone on form more than I paid for it! They paid my postage, wiped the phone for me and and I got paid the same day on PayPal. Better than all of the prices on this page. Highly recommended!
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    Originally Posted by angusw View Post

    I traded my iPhone 5 32GB in for HK$3800 today - in Hong Kong of course.

    That's US$490

    For your reference

    I know this is an old thread, but just wondering where in HK you traded? Need to upgrade my iPhone 5 and not keen on being locked into a contract if I can help it. TIA.

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