Samsung follows Apple's lead, announces new gold edition of Galaxy S4



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    Gold color on plastic is horrible imo. If you are going to do a "gold" edition, make it on a metal case.

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    Originally Posted by Mac-Daddy View Post


    Quit whining. Apple didn't invent gold. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattering, so smile and move on. 



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    Fandroids: Apple did not invent Gold!!


    Yeah, but who had really brought a gold phone to the market like this before Apple? Apple didn't invent color either, but the Macs with it were hugely revolutionary.

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    It's okay! The more they copy the more they put themselves in a bad light and the more coverage and comparisons the copying gets. The news trickles down hill and will take a while to fully enter the psyche of the consumer base. Like Microsuck in the last decade Samsung will be the laughing stock of the industry for their "Me Too" attitude. There 15 min. of fame is about up.
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    Monkey see, monkey do.


    In true Samsung fashion, its not even a genuine effort. The colored plastic will just scuff (much more easily than the iPhone's metal) leaving the user with the bleak reality of their plastic knock-off.


    I prefer calling the iPhone's gold-color option champagne, rather than gold. But that's just me.

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    Fandroids: Apple did not invent Gold!!

    Fandroids: How can Samsung copy Apple if the gold iPhone has only been on the market for a few days? We know Google has already ported Android over to gold because it is based on Linux and Linux was already gold for many years.
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    Now let's see if it sells out as fast as the 5s
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    Once again Apple *implements* "gold" correctly. 


    Also-rans answer with a gold plated something-or-other. 







    Pure gold. 

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    Samsung is now the official innovator of copying.

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    psitthipo wrote: »
    Do Samsung customers feel ashamed of what their brand is doing?

    Of course not. The Samsung customers that enjoy the ads mocking Apple's success are the same people we all know that rally against anything that is popular, regardless of why it's popular. These are the people that Samsung is trying to appeal to with most of their ads. These are the people that want what Apple offers in every way but at the same time want to feel they are somehow better because they aren't doing what is most popular.

    This is a highly successful strategy for Samsung. Copy Apple — at least this time they aren't stealing something Apple owns — whilst mocking Apple. The problem that could arise is that Samsung is so successful within the Android-based community that they might lose these a portion of these anti-Apple customers if they also start to see Samsung as being dominate. They are clearly number two overall, and a distance second in mindshare behind Apple, but if HTC, LG or MS Nokia figures out Samsung's strategy and uses it against them it could hurt them. Of course, Samsung doesn't care because they know it's better to be at the top.
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    Shameless!!! Although Samsung is free to use gold, it was not announced until after the launch of the gold iPhone 5s. If they were working on a Gold Edition phone for some time now, it seems to me they could have been released a Gold Edition; it's not like gold is a critical component of the phone, it's just a color!!! And on top of that, it will be plastic. How long will it take for that to fade and wear off the plastic? But good luck to Samsung. It's not like selling a gold edition will bump up sales of the phone. Gold wasn't the only change that made the iPhone 5s sell. So Samsung will just be adding a gold color to the existing phones that is already in the market. Nothing new to the phone except a gold color on plastic no less. Almost laughable!
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    Shouldn't the ad's tagline read:


    Elegance is a touch of gold-colored plastic



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    quadra 610 wrote: »
    Once again Apple *implements* "gold" correctly.

    That's my problem with this. It's not that they said, "Hey, gold is popular, let's do that." it's that they are doing a bad version of it after being shown the way. On top of that this promotional image fails by showing a gold background for the gold S4. Why obfuscate the device by camouflaging it with a gold background?
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    Think Stereos, they have been gold, silver, black, white.  The difference here is that Apple is consistently the clear trend setter.  Everyone tries to ride the coat tails of the leader and it is fun to watch them all get jerked around!

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,642member
    jragosta wrote: »
    Samsung is never embarrassed by anything they do. They believe that their customers are too stupid and/or unethical to care.

    For the Samsung shills here, no, Apple didn't invent gold. They're not even the first to offer a gold cell phone. But when Samsung announces a gold phone (which is nothing more than a cheap plastic color change) the day after Apple announces massive sales of their new gold phone, it's pretty suspicious

    To be a tiny bit more fair Samsung did release a "gold" (really more bronze) flip-style smartphone back in August, and at the same time apparently said another clamshell in gold would be coming for the Mideast market. For some reason they think a clamshell form-factor is desirable there? But even those particular phones weren't mentioned before the rumors of a gold iPhone were already pretty widespread, tho Sammy has offered "gold" phones in the past..

    Yeah, they're absolutely fine copyists. A leopard doesn't change it's spots.
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    They interviewed the people waiting for the iPhone 5S. Probably asked the question "which one will you buy" and many replied "gold".





    Gold Samsung Galaxy.



    Goes to show how much they "got" Apple... zero.





    the reason why "champagne" is so popular:


    Nothing to do with the color

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    (in the voice of Dr. Evil)  Gold with brown, like a corny turd.  Riiiight.

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    It's not the copying that is shameless, companies would be foolish to disregard design trends, but it's the crassness of the design which is the inevitable result of the haphazard, last-minute, me-too manner in which it was executed.  Come on, plastic gold?  And paired with pink?


    Samsung has no notion at all of building and defending a reputable brand.  They're a world-class company in size and breadth but Alibaba-class in mentality.  (As in the, home of the dodgiest vendors in the world.)

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    I read about this in Cult of Android via the Zite iPhone app. I had a great laugh due to CoA calling Samsung shameless. When I emailed the article link to an Android friend, he responded that his daughter had gold-colored Motorola and LG phones. To short circuit his Android defenses quickly, I clued him in that the article was from the Android camp. He then responded that the gold color was shifty on Sammy's part.
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    Unapologetically Samsung.

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