Samsung follows Apple's lead, announces new gold edition of Galaxy S4

in iPhone edited June 2015
Just days after Apple's new gold iPhone 5s went on sale, Samsung has announced the new Galaxy S4 "Gold Edition," though the back of the device retains the same plastic design as other models.


The new devices will come with a gold plastic trim on the outside, while the front glass will be available in brown or pink. The handsets were announced on Wednesday by Samsung Gulf, the company's Middle Eastern outfit.

The advertisement from Samsung even refers to the "elegance" of the new color option. When details on Apple's gold iPhone 5s were leaked in August ? almost a month ahead of the device's announcement ? the color was also described as "elegant."

Samsung hasn't indicated whether the new gold Galaxy S4 models will be available anywhere outside of the Middle East.


The company's new gold options are expected to be joined by HTC, which is planning a gold version of its flagship One smartphone, according to recently leaked parts.

Competitors such as Samsung and HTC have been accused of copying Apple in designing their products, and following the Cupertino company's lead for evolving trends in the technology industry. The new gold iPhone 5s proved to be a popular option when it went on sale last Friday, selling out almost immediately.

Both HTC and Samsung have accordingly been sued by Apple, accusing its rivals of stealing its ideas. HTC smartphones were first attacked by Apple in 2010, though those complaints were eventually settled. Apple's patent infringement pursuit against Samsung began in 2011 and remains ongoing, having expanded to new courtroom venues throughout the world.


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