Behind-the-scenes details revealed about Steve Jobs' first iPhone announcement



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    I re-watched the original iPhone demo this morning with another and new set of emotions. This time with utter fear and sweat after reading the NYT article!!!

    The tandem added another revelation about SJ: the guy had the biggest "cajones" and poker face that most of us have ever witnessed and/or will for some time to come. If even half of the article about the 100+ rehearsals is true, what do you think was going through SJ's or the engineer's mind when he was just punching away at the iPhone at the end of the demo? That last act of "Daily Scenario" could have blown what was up until then, a perfect, enthralling and crowd-wooing-and-ahhing demo.

    "Conquering The Fear Like A Boss", I believe the yungins say today!!!!!!!! :wow:

    Even though I know the outcome, my stomach was still turning watching it again. Just "F******" Amazing!

    1) "funny thing happened on the way to the theater" this morning: due to the NYT article, people that have not actually watched the preso are claiming in some forums that the iPhone was crashing at the demo, not just the rehearsals.

    2) This non-comprehending BS, TLDR crap is really out of control!!!!! :no: I guess you can't expect more from the "TAJ, y'all" (The Average Joe, y'all!) when the reporter can't be bothered to do simple math (Gruber's Knock-Out Punch).

    3) Thanks PhilBoogie for the book quote.

    The "Layers of Secrecy" part stands out, because if there was one guy at Apple that knew everything there was to know about the iPhone besides SJ, wanna guess who that probably was? Tim Cook almost certainly.

    These days nobody wants to give him credit for helping build Apple and truly being on the "inside" of just about everything Apple has created for the last 15 years. As if he just "stepped up to the plate" as a minor league rookie to take the place of an injured SJ. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Not only is he influential and respected within Apple, he has "innovated" the supply and process lines at Apple that without him, would make bringing many of Apple's creations to the mass market extremely difficult.

    So once again... anytime some media pundit starts to pick on TC, we should all remind them what this guy has REALLY accomplished through out his career at Apple. He puts the "execution" in the title of executive better than most anyone in tech today... or in the past.

    4) Regardless, damn I still miss SJ and those keynotes! There will most likely never be a more professional and cool presenter like him... ever.

    5) Although... gotta give a deserving tip of the hat to Craig Federighi. He gets it. He's growing. Far better than anything we've witnessed from Apple's competitors MS, Samsung, Qualcomm, even Google. Most of those cause me to wince in embarrassment, rather than fear of a demo going bad.

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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,317member
    This slamming doors and leadership is, perhaps, what's missing from Apple now.
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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post

    Yep! They do look at the competition, just not how to duplicate it.


    I wouldn't call Windows Tablet PC competition. Have you ever used it? It was already a pathetic, clunky failure that Microsoft never improved on until Giant iPod Touch showed the way...

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    Originally Posted by akqies View Post

    I would have thought that… …would have stood in for the sarcasm tag.


    Mentioned in the thumb on your post, but I apologize for my error as I did not track the conversation back far enough to see that. Again, apologies.

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    Originally Posted by Bryant NorCal View Post

    All this effort from Apple benefited Google and other mobiel device companies through Android. Many dont know the story of Sergey Brin (one of the Google founders) being on the Apple board (under Jobs wing) during the iPhone dev days and literally took what he learned from Apple, bought Android, and made an iOS clone. Hilariously ironic how Apple got burned again from a supposed partner, first being M$. Brin was later booted off of the Apple board.


    You have Sergey Brin mixed up with Eric (the mole) Schmidt ... Brin was one of the Google founders, but Schmidt was on Apple's board. ;)

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    boeyc15 wrote: »
    The demo video is so much fun to watch even all these years later.

    It really is! I have all the Apple podcasts and will flick thru them from time to time just to watch SJ on stage and hear the awe from the audiance over features we think nothing of today, only 6/7 yrs later.
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    This article is very inspiring to me. It shows how attention to detail can pay and how a boss Mr Jobs was, even though I doubt i'd had fun working under is orders. yet, it was clearly an inspiring personality and he has really changed the world as said Tim Cook last week : Jobs has left the world a better world.

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