Apple expected to offer more affordable 'budget' iMac next year



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    herbapouherbapou Posts: 2,221member
    rob bonner wrote: »
    Everytime they come out with a budget model, folks buy the nicer ones. So many 5c's in stock right now.

    Imo the 5c days will come in the last 6 months of the cycle, when there are less tech fans and more price sensitive people buying iphones.
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    Why don't you guys just give Ming-chi Kuo his own rumor site.

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    Originally Posted by macxpress0660 View Post


    Because if you don't have a keyboard, mouse, and display by the time you get these, you're damn close to the price of an iMac if you have to buy these all at once. 


    You're supposed to reuse the ones from your old PC.

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Why don't you guys just give Ming-chi Kuo his own rumor site.


    Because “Ming-chi Kuo Insider” would need a .xxx TDL.

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    Originally Posted by xZu View Post


    In a little over a week, Apple's entire line up of computers that will not include one computer you can add an additional internal hard drive nor video card. Really, a mini with non-descreet graphics? iMacs with mobile graphics and a Mac Pro with fixed pro graphics.... What happened to the desktop computer? Reinvented or completely ignored? I built a hackintosh for $1800 with great graphics, multiple drives, and plenty of ram... It looks like crap but I have given up on Apple desktops after 7 iMacs... I will never buy and all-one-computer again.... it is so 1999. Their portables are amazing... but how about a small tower, two drive slots, and 3 pci slots? And really give us a choice of some monitors... 24", 27", 30" + 42" with a tv tuner.


    Congratulations on your 1337 hackintosh. Nobody cares.

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    "As 9to5Mac notes, Kuo has a decent track record predicting future Apple gadgets, but his timing is often incorrect."


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    Would love the refresh to happen on the Mac mini... waiting on Haswell with 802.11ac :D
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    xzuxzu Posts: 139member

    Originally Posted by TimmyDax View Post

    Firstly, did you steal OSX?

    Secondly, buy a Mac mini. It has thunderbolt, hdmi etc. and move into this century honestly.

    Absolutely not, always purchase all software, including Windows! It was and experiment, I have owned over 50 Mac back to Mac Plus... mostly for business. osX runs amazing well, far better then Windows 7 on the same hardware, and we were evaluating switching to windows. 


    Thunderbolt and hdmi? So does the majority of other computers on the market. I am sure my software will scream with intel intergrated graphics, great. Is it too much to ask for a desktop computer without laptop graphics? Sure you can hang as much storage off the back as you want, each with another power supply, great design no doubt. I just think the market that buys iMacs is the same market that buys laptops, there is nothing between $1000 and $2500 in Apples line up for someone who wants a desktop. An $900 iMac doesn't sound appealing to me. 

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    Cheap iMacs! Can we have them in five different flavours like in the old days? So we can reminisce on how apple have become the world class ass kicking bringers of simplicity we know them as today. They love saving you money and always have done.
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    xzu wrote: »
    osX runs amazing well, far better then Windows 7 on the same hardware...

    Thunderbolt and hdmi? So does the majority of other computers on the market. I am sure my software will scream with intel intergrated graphics, great. Is it too much to ask for a desktop computer without laptop graphics?

    The power OSX adds to hardware in comparison to windows is awesome; however I fail to understand your use-case for this long-fabled xMac.

    Running software? I presume not games then, as most PC games run as well, if not better on windows due to Microsoft's monopoly position with Direct X. If it's computationally intensive enough to warrant dedicated graphics and isn't gaming, you really need a Pro. Get a MacBook, plug it in. Or wait for their new desktop and sell it in a couple of years to recoup the additional cost. There are some external GPUs in the pipeline.

    If it's a money thing, you can't honestly believe that OSX isn't subsidised by hardware sales. The price they sell it at is a token sticker price and no doubt helps cover development costs, but a Mac is about integration. The likelihood of them making a mini tower is so slim at this point, given their extraordinary move away from that form-factor recently, it may be worth thinking about other legitimate options.
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    mr omr o Posts: 1,046member

    I don't think it will be a budget iMac.


    Instead Apple will go for a mac mini redesign.


    Think same form factor as the mac pro but in Silver.


    This way they could go from real basic to higher end. E.g. The new cylindrical mac mini could have the same specs as the high end 27" iMac but with the same price as the entry level 21" iMac. Now, that would be tempting …

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    Originally Posted by Eriamjh View Post


    But apple doesn't cater to the low end, and that tends to be what schools buy. 


    That's absolutely untrue, at least here in the United States. Schools have hundreds and hundreds of computers and districts have tens of schools, so they act like any mid-size enterprise that buys thousands of computers. They have to balance the cost of staff time against the cost of cheap hardware. All of the schools I've seen use enterprise-grade hardware like Dell Optiplexes and have a standard configuration over entire districts. They need the long-term support, something you can't get on low end home computers.

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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,360member

    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    fewer-than-expected iMacs were shipped worldwide after the desktop was updated with a redesign in late 2012.

    It was a disappointing redesign. Maybe the pointless thinning out and removal of the DVD drive has put people off, I know it made me reconsider and I kept hold of my 24" hoping for an eventual update that would make it worth getting.

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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member

    Originally Posted by davebarnes View Post

    I just want a 30-inch iMac with a retina display and fusion drive for $2200 USD.

    Apple would charge you $6,400 for that.

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    And once more Cook, the former world's best COO and nothing else, comes up with one of his "budget" ideas destined to fail just like the irrelevant iPhone 5C. Why does this remind me more and more of the late 90s?


    Memo to Cook: Apple is about delivering the BEST; the moment you put "CHEAPER" as the priority, you undermine all the principles behind the company's fantastic recovery under SJ: design and deliver a great device, set up prices accordingly and create new demand/markets even when there is none at the beginning. Alas, it seems like what is important now is to have dinners with financial criminals like Mr Icahn...


    In other words: FAIL. 

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    zabazaba Posts: 226member
    Expected? BS
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    space gray will be really nice on iMacs.
    Anyways I hope, Apple will produce more high end iMac than low end, the same with iPhone ...
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    These kinds of bullshit never end .
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    I predict that the budget iMac will be ARM based.


    The CPU and GPU are among the most expensive parts so if they can slash the the CPU/GPU costs retail prices will drop.

    They will also need either a full blown 64 bit OS X port to the ARM architecture or perhaps a new iOS  Desktop UI.


    OS X applications will then be recompiled and ported to the  iOS Desktop.


    Time will tell.

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    gedged Posts: 10member

    and wasn't everybody saying the same thing about what is nor the iphone 5c? and then the same people were shocked when it wasn't "cheap".


    i'm not saying an inexpensive imac wouldn't be nice to have (if it had a matte screen), but it ain't never gonna happen.

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