Irish school's attempt to replace books with HP tablets results in 'unmitigated disaster'



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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    melgross wrote: »
    But that software isn't qualified for use in a tablet with a small screen, a stylus, and the not so hot typing covers. All that software needs to be requalified for that use, which means extensive rewriting of the UI.

    Really, I just upped the UI to 110% and they work just fine. I have yet to use a desktop app that wasn't useable. Not sure what people are complaining about, I do have small fingers though.
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    jkichlinejkichline Posts: 1,369member
    Just get an iPad. Morons.
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,866moderator
    Well, that's where HP went wrong. They included logic boards in their tablets. iPad innards include only a battery, a display, a speaker, and something Apple's detractors refer to as a reality distortion field. Whatever is in there, those iPads work perfectly every time. LOL!
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    I feel sorry for the kids. It just goes to show how stubborn IT departments can be. This is the old 'iPads are not for productivity argument because they don't have MS Word.' If you are a student what is wrong with Pages ? or any other word processing App made for iPad ?!?
    Anyone in education is speaking iPad because iPad has the apps and the tools that educators require. It has an established an education ecosystem, so going with any other brand would just be counterintuitive.
    Hardware issues are not specific to the HP W8 Tablets either. My workplace has Acer Iconias and they need to be switched on and off to enable a transition between Wifi and 3G. The IT department thinks they are great because they are NOT APPLE. When will these people get with what the USERS want. There will be a day when we don't need IT departments, so better hurry up and do what we want or we will make you all redundant !
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    gooneryoda wrote: »
    "We're not blaming anyone" for the failures, Gleeson said.

    Yeah, you should. Blame HP and MS. In addition, blame the dumbasses who thought it would have been a good idea in the first place.
    I am sure he is the post-dumbass who approved it.
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    The Polaris Office suite. It very good. However I am an Apple fan and prefer Pages :)

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    sog35 wrote: »
    Perfect candidate for 64GB iPad2 $699

    When will these fools learn?  Saving a few bucks buying Android/MS stuff is just not worth it.

    darthw wrote: »
    That seems really expensive, $741? Isn't an iPad cheaper? Can't see how this school board went with such an expensive, unproven tablet. iPad is cheaper and proven in education. Doesn't say much for the school board. And how can they not blame anyone? It's obviously HP & MS fault.
    Sounds like they didn't even negotiated for a pool buy, instead bought them individually, perhaps they know if the oarents go to return it themselves, the generate foot traffic, pollute the air with added trips, I wont trust to send my kids to be educated in that dumb country. Afterall, dont they have a Noble Sir in charge of education?
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    tzeshantzeshan Posts: 2,351member

    Originally Posted by Relic View Post

    The same feature exists in Windows 8, you can even add a broader definition search by adding sites like Wikipedia to the function. Windows 8 isn't such a bad OS for education, the amount of software available for Windows is quite vast. I know the iPad has a lot as well, just saying that the opinion of Windows 8 not being up for for this task is just biased crap.

    This feature exists since the beginning of iOS.  I think MS has a lot of time to copy it to Windows 8. 

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    Good point jfc1138,  


    I loved Wordperfect, because it worked with a mouse.  I cut my teeth on WordProcessors with "WordStar"  that was a big full featured DOS WordProcessor.  I could not imagine something knocking out WordStar, then WP came along and blue it out of the water, then along came Word and killed WP.  Something tells me that Word my not rule forever.  I even remember doing mail merges with Adobe PageMaker.

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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member

    Originally Posted by melgross View Post

    Actually, he was right, and you are wrong. You read like a typical person who has never used any tablet, much less an iPad. I can assure you that they can be, and are, used for far more complex work that you seem to be aware that they can do. Or want to believe that they can do.


    Actually he was wrong, and - therefore - so are you.


    A few weeks ago I had to complete an Irish Income tax return and upload the completed return via the  website.  This process can not be accomplished on an iPad.

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    At least it an unmitigated disaster.
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    adamcadamc Posts: 583member
    slurpy wrote: »
    Yeah, sounded like an absolutely brilliant move, forcing Windows 8 tablets upon students- build by HP, no less. What could go wrong?

    Delta airline pilots using the Surface as an electronic bag.
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member

    Would you send your kids to a school like this. It demonstrates that this school systems do not have the ability to analysis and critically think. They did not even bother to test these things ahead of time, they just believe what was being sold to them. I guess they are teaching the kids the same behaviors which is trust the sales guy.

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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,565member
    That person was also mentioning "there's a lot of software for Windows." Right, but is that Windows RT, Win 8, Win 7, Win Mobile, WebOS, and does it allow for FINGERS once you click on some happy icon in that Metro interface designed for the XBox?

    And I'm sure that Win 8 has a dictionary search, but someone has to have a working model to verify this. ;-)

    As far as I know, there's little, if no professional education software for RT. The software that is available for Windows is qualified for "computers". That is a device with a full size keyboard, a mouse or trackball, and a trackpad. It's not qualified for a small screen that uses a stylus as a required part of using software. For education, all of this will need to be re-qualified.

    Student use is different from business, or home, use. No one want students to squint at a screen while trying to poke at an answer on a small screen that consists of a box or circle an eighth of an inch across. The UI will have to be completely redone. For RT, the entire software package will need to be rewritten from the ground up.

    And what's the point of that unless there is a minimum amount of guaranteed sales? Microsoft tried to sell RT to education by dropping the price to $199 a tablet. But a couple of months after that we got the 640,000 iPad sale to Los Angeles. So that didn't work.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,565member
    I'm sure there is pricey stuff out there. But at least Europeans don't have to panic to pay for school, healthcare and retirement like we do.

    And you are for sure paying less than the poor Australians with all the kapitalists marking up every import!

    Actually, their taxes are so much higher in every way, that they are paying for all of that—through the nose! Most tax rates in the EU begin at around 30% for working people, and the VAT is 20%. 21% in the UK.
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    jfanningjfanning Posts: 3,398member
    I'm not sure how a fool does this but I googled; "buy iPad in Ireland" and got;;jsessionid=000020bI9veOK8Ylt_0AsIUrMOz:130mf1637

    It was €438.00 -- you can get it for less or more depending on specs. Not sure what  that translates to in $. Could be $50,000 with the exchange rate. /s

    Ireland is one of the major places they assemble Apple devices for Europe -- or at least on paper for tax purposes ;-)

    Excluding VAT, 538 including, and if the parents are paying, they will be paying VAT

    And the iPad is assembed in China
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,565member
    relic wrote: »
    Really, I just upped the UI to 110% and they work just fine. I have yet to use a desktop app that wasn't useable. Not sure what people are complaining about, I do have small fingers though.
    relic wrote: »
    Really, I just upped the UI to 110% and they work just fine. I have yet to use a desktop app that wasn't useable. Not sure what people are complaining about, I do have small fingers though.

    You isn't understand. We're talking about students. It doesn't work that way with students. Everything must be the same. If they are using it in the 12th grade, it will be set up the same way as those using it in the 4th grade. That's just the way it is. They're not going to have a number of configurations, just one. And anything that will be more complex, in any way, won't be used.

    You really don't understand what a locked down environment education is. And if the students can alter it, they will. And not usually in the good way. Windows was simply not designed to be used with a very small screen, with a stylus. Anyone trying to find excuses as to how wonderful it is, is simply not admitting to themselves that it's a total mess.

    We never could use the convertibles with their 13-15" screens, because they were too small. They needed special software that just allows you to poke at a box with the stylus, and sign you name with it at the bottom. These tablets are far worse. It's making the best of a bad thing, when you magnify the screen. Besides, Microsoft already does that for you. It's standard on the Pro, so if you're going even further, that just makes the situation worse.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,565member
    cnocbui wrote: »
    Actually he was wrong, and - therefore - so are you.

    A few weeks ago I had to complete an Irish Income tax return and upload the completed return via the  website.  This process can not be accomplished on an iPad.

    So, maybe you're right about that one thing. But that's not software itself. Some places still require Windows. But you are wrong about everything else.
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    jfanningjfanning Posts: 3,398member
    relic wrote: »
    Never said they overcharge, just that it's cheaper to buy them In the US. Personally, I actually think all these gadgets are cheap, I used to pay 3000 dollars for a Sony Picturebook and that was before I was making real money. I'm not really sure what your trying to prove.

    I didn't mean you. I said when non-US people on this site say that Apple are ripping them off, the US answer is, exchange rate, VAT , cost of business etc, etc. Now we have an article that decides to convert the price to US$ and the US people are trying to say US$741 is too expensive you can by an iPad for $699. You can't honestly directly convert these prices as there are a number of different factors influencing them.

    But yes, things are a lot cheaper now, my first Mac Mini cost over $2000, now I can get the same for $1200
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    relic wrote: »
    philboogie wrote: »
    For a minute there I thought this was my junior high school teacher describing me.

    Aaaahhh sweety, I'm sure you were loved by your teachers as much as we adore you here.

    Ah, Relic, you always make me smile.
    relic wrote: »
    I can password protect my child's iPad but like most kids nowadays, they know more about these devices then we do and will just bipass whatever security I implement. I'm so proud, I mean bad children, no no.

    Again and again!
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