Steve Jobs biopic 'Jobs' now available to purchase and rent on iTunes



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    That is your opinion only.

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    Originally Posted by saarek View Post

    Wait two months & then pick it up from the bargain bins for £2.99


    Pay for such a bad movie? Catch on on Netflix in a year and you'll see what I mean.

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    We have all these critics on JOBS who no doubt know how to make a movie. Like movie critic Roger Ebert, when he went to make his own movie, and it flopped abysmally, he had a better appreciation for what goes into film-making.

    I saw the movie, enjoyed it, so did my girlfriend. We wanted entertainment, not the discovery of America. Kutcher did a pretty good job.

    The one thing I have learned in my life about "whiners," they aren't much good at doing ANYTHING except, you guessed it: Whining. You guys are as bad as those who come to this website to whine about spelling, grammar and any other thing most of us don't have the time for.


    While your sentiment may apply to a less than stellar film made in good faith, "Jobs" does not fall into that category. This film was utter garbage, rushed to production for no reason other than to capitalize on the man's death. Wozniak immediately distanced himself from the project when he got a glimpse at the terrible job they did at capturing the essence of the title character, himself or most of the key story lines. 

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    It was an okay movie, but there is too much source material to cram into a couple hours. We need a Steve Jobs miniseries.
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    I saw the film, it was horrible. It was just a bland story and dry acting. I learned nothing I couldn't have learn from wikipedia. 

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    Originally Posted by bobbyfozz View Post

    "We" was in reference to myself and girlfriend.


    Okay, then.

    The notion that occasionally you make sense Tallest is overshadowed by you "I'm always right ego."


    Of course. Now watch as I dismiss this nonsense offhand because you can do better than this.


    I don't need you to explain Truth to me, or anyone else.


    That’s for sure; you just don’t care about it at all.


    Even saying that makes you subjective. 


    I’m now confident you know neither what truth nor subjectivity are.

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    gtr wrote: »
    And, yes, the others were right.

    This movie is Goddamn AWFUL.

    I would have to agree with that summary. With someone so iconic you must be careful about dramatizing etc. They weren't. Plus the dialogue was terrible. As a pro film maker I could spot non stop horrible directing and camera work as well.

    These guys claim they did it because they love Apple etc but it's rather clear they rushed in order to be first and to get press based on the association. It shows in every frame. As does their lack of experience. A fresh out of school writer, a director with perhaps two previous gigs and neither was any better than direct to DVD if that. It shows
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    I enjoyed it for what it is. Facts don't necessarily add up to truth. One could watch that movie and think Jobs rode the coattails of Woz and Ive while being himself market savy and unwilling to compromise. I look forward to the one based on Isaacson's book for a more complete and perhaps accurate view. In this movie too much focus was given to finite turning points, but I still found it compelling and moving, factual or not, true or not.
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    Originally Posted by Jim Gramze View Post

    I look forward to the one based on Isaacson's book for a more complete and perhaps accurate view.


    Ri~ght… “Complete and accurate” from Isaacson… 


    Better wait on that movie until he finishes writing his second book of Jobs. You know, because he has publicly stated the one he did release was a first draft. 

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