Rumor: Large-screen iPhone 6 in June, 'iWatch' to use flexible LG OLED display



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    Regarding bigger iPhone, Apple should not forget that iPhone is still a phone.
    If someone needs really bigger screen he may have iPad or iPad mini.
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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    That concept phone is hideous. IF Apple is making a larger phone then they need to rethink the UI. I'm not sure rows and rows of apps/folders is the way to go. Have a place to go where I can see all my apps in alphabetic order or grouped by app type. But then make the home screen more customizable. Do it on the iPad too.

    Back to the future.... It's iPhone 6 and is that why it comes with iOS6 style icons? Lol thats the biggest joke!!

    Just having a bigger screen with rows and rows of icons doesn't look appealing. With bigger screen there needs to be a different layout as well. 

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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    dunks wrote: »
    <span style="line-height:1.4em;">But that's not really what "retina" was about. The real magic behind retina wa</span>
    <span style="line-height:1.4em;">s the 4x increase in pixels so that it was fully backwards compatible. It was the most optimal transition possible because it made retina aware apps look great and non-retina aware apps looked no worse than they did before. The whole "</span>
    indistinguishable<span style="line-height:1.4em;"> pixels" thing was only even just marketing to package the concept. I have always been able to </span>
    distinguish<span style="line-height:1.4em;"> the pixels on iOS devices, though the enhancements are obvious for typography.</span>

    <span style="line-height:1.4em;">I'd like to see a larger display, particularly if that extra surface area went into making the battery </span>
    capacity, <span style="line-height:1.4em;">but resolution is ultimately more important than display size.</span>

    I don't think you're going to get 4x the number of pixels this time around, but even if you did we're still talking about a larger display which is not something that has happened before except for the iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 and that used the same pixel density with apps being centered on borders.
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    jungmark wrote: »
    Oh gosh. Will it never end! I doubt there will be an iPhone Phablet. The < 5" iphone seems feasible as long as it complements a new 4" iPhone.

    iPhone X 4"
    iPhone X+ < 5"

    More analysts making noise. AI just regurgitates it second- or third-hand. For the click traffic.
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    Yeah, none whatsoever.

    I'm looking forward to when they drop the numbers, but I think they'll keep them for one more year, so people feel comfortable associating a new look with a new name (number). But after 2014, the naming gets messy. I think Apple will be ok with a 5c and 6c this year, but I don't see them releasing an iPhone 6sc in 2015.

    Here's how I see the naming happening:

    iPhone 5c
    iPhone 6c
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6x (larger screen)

    iPhone c
    iPhone x
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,623member

    Originally Posted by iMember View Post


    Am i the only one here who thinks the iPhone 6 sounds terrible? and they should pick a better number


    You're the only one.

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,623member

    Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

    An announcement at WWDC makes some kind of sense because I don't think there will be an iOS 8 this year ( where are the reports of any website being surfed with betas? ). They will lock down on iOS 7, which needs lots of improvements and the OS teams can concentrate on new devices.


    iOS 8 welcomes you to planet earth.

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    bugsnwbugsnw Posts: 717member
    I was at Walmart trying to get Straighttalk to work with my new, unlocked iPhone 5S and saw a whole shelf of Android phones just sitting there. I picked each of them up and felt them in my hand. Other than the cheap plasticky feel, I thought they were onto something with the larger sizes. My iPhone suddenly felt pretty tiny.

    If Apple introduces a new size, they should stick to something just under 5" as that was about as big a phone I'd want to hold in one hand.

    The older I get, the more difficult it is to see smaller text. Jonny Ive needs to rethink light, thin text on light backgrounds. I love iOS 7, but even with the text tweaks, I find myself squinting often. topic...Apple, add another speaker. I was somewhat miffed that my upgrade from my 4S to the 5S didn't result in an improvement in sound output. Still one tiny speaker. Boo.

    I was happy to get Straighttalk working fine and am ecstatic paying a lot less for cellular.
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    poksipoksi Posts: 481member

    New resolution format iPhone (if it comes) is definitely to be announced at WWDC, as I mentioned few times before, since this will above all be developers problem, when Apple solves all the hardware constraints to release it in the first place. Apple doesn't push us to use Auto Layouts and Dynamic Types for nothing. Also the Asset Library in Xcode smells on more viability in terms of screen formats.


    I don't understand, why is this news anyway...

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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,312member
    ireland wrote: »
    iOS 8 welcomes you to planet earth.

    I am not accepting that as a reasonable argument.
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    jumejume Posts: 194member
    It's about time Apple!! The argument about large screen not fitting into hand nicely is as old as the original iPhone. They can easily make iPhone 1/2 of an inch wider to accommodate large screen and still getting it to fit nicely into the hand.

    I would also like to see iOS (on iPad) getting side-by-side apps functionality. I don't care if they copy this from Windows Mobile or they implement completely their own solution. But this functionality is definitely useful, and whoever denies it is a fool. I do more and more serious work on iPad and switching between apps zillion times in short time is totaly frustrating!

    You can do it Apple!
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    imemberimember Posts: 247member
    Originally Posted by Jexus View Post

    Everyone says OLED!

    Meanwhile I'm still here waiting for more IGZO :C

    I dont think they will use a flexible display so that means no OLED

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    The tech press has been begging Apple to return to a summer release schedule for 3 years and it's not going to happen. Same with screen size - the large screen imperative only exists here on the blogs. Reality is that those larger phones don't sell as well.
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    Originally Posted by PatchyThePirate View Post

    but I think theyll keep them for one more year


    And then one more year and then one more year and then one more year…


    It has to end.


    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    You're the only one.


    Nah, get over yourself.

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    imember wrote: »
    The things i don't want about iPhone 2014: number 6, 4.5 inch screen, 1920 x 1280 resolution and 400 ppi without a bionic eye

    The things i want about iPhone 2014: better number, 4.7  inch screen, less important (2K resolution, 326 ppi or 400 ppi with a bionic eye),
    and very important (replacing the IPS LCD with something that doesn't damage your eyes + samsung will go backrupt).

    2K (1920 x 1080) resolution 

    I agree about not wanting a 4.5" screen, but 4.7"? Too big. Needs to be 4.6".
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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,312member
    The tech press has been begging Apple to return to a summer release schedule for 3 years and it's not going to happen. Same with screen size - the large screen imperative only exists here on the blogs. Reality is that those larger phones don't sell as well.

    They sell pretty well where I live.
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    asdasd wrote: »
    They sell pretty well where I live.

    I'm sure they might but the numbers show that they don't sell at a rate that indicates a mass consumer preference for devices of that size.
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    Originally Posted by AppleSauce007 View Post

    Should be an interesting looking watch.


    That looks the business.


    Lemon Bon Bon.

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    Originally Posted by Benjamin Frost View Post

    I agree about not wanting a 4.5" screen, but 4.7"? Too big. Needs to be 4.6".

    4.5 not big enough.  Mere 1/2 inch?  Meh.


    Closer to 5 inch.  'Done.'


    Lemon Bon Bon.

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    Hope the larger screen model also has the ability to show photos & videos from the phone to my HDTV
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