Apple's Tim Cook meets Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at Apple HQ



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    My family lived in Jaffa  for centuries and lived happily among Arabs and Jews, they respected each other and were kind to each other. I despise Israel's continuous discriminatory acts and vilification of the Palestinian peopleand neighboring countries.


    Netanyahu carries the same old and outdated "hate your neighbor" mindset that never worked. Israel needs a young peace-making leader, one with a plan to make amends. The Middle-East if full of smart people, it could become a beacon of peace and prosperity.

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    I think on AI, we should leave politics out of it.  Hardly anyone is ever going to change their position, so it's nothing more than verbal masturbation to comment on either the Israeli or Palestinian governments.


    If Apple decided not to do business in any country where the Government has been accused of doing something terrible, they wouldn't be able to do business anywhere (including the United States).


    The fact is that the more non-Israeli companies that do business in Israel, the more influence they will have on the Government, just as the pulling of investments such a pension funds out of South Africa is what killed apartheid.


    While I personally feel that Apple's investments in Israel is fine, I would also be happy to see them build a facility in the occupied territories and put more Palestinians to work.   What's going to cause peace (if there can ever be a peace) is not the negotiating table or who occupies the Government - it's when all people in the region can see a future. 

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    Regardless of like or dislike, Apple does business in Israel. Tim Cook should meet with any head of state of any country Apple wants to do business in if there is potential for mutual benefit. End of story really.
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    What gives Jesse, if you never been to Israel what right do you have to say anything at all? The English mandate was meant to give Arabs and Jews home lands in 2 separate lands, Jordan for Arabs and Israel for the Jews. The problem was when the arabs didn't want to let there be a jewish land in the former muslim conquered ottoman empire because muslim land must remain as muslim property in muslim minds. The arabs attacked the Israelis as soon as they became independent and after Israel won the war there became a new people from what was always known as just arab people, The Palestinians, These Palestinians should have gone to Jordan where the other 80% of Palestinians live but decided to stay in Israel as a burden on the Jews in Judea And Samaria and Gaza as Palestinian Refugees. meanwhile no one ever remembers about the millions of Jewish refugees from Arab lands, these Jews were Arab Jews who were persecuted and murdered by the Muslims in the muslim lands they lived, these lans were Syria, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Turkey. these Jews were made to leave all their possessions, businesses and money in the bank and were allowed to go with just the shirts on their backs, no one ever mentions the land grab the Arabs committed and literally threw the Jews out of their homes and their countries, The only reason we don't talk about it is because Israelis took these Jews in just like they took in jews from all over the world (Eastern Europe, Ethiopia) who needed protection from the persecution their host counties were inflicting upon them. What my point is to make a long story short is that Israel took in any jews who were escaping persecution and gave them citizenship and they integrated and assimilated just fine and the Jewish refugee problem was solved, why can't these same Muslim countries take in the Palestinian refugees? There are over 50 muslim countries and there is plenty of room for the Palestinians to integrate and assimilate into the Arab world countries as Jewish Arabs assimilated into Israeli society. Do the Arab countries really hate the Palestinians so much they don't want them in their countries or do the arab countries hate Israel so much that they want Palestinians as a burden on Israel or maybe both.

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    Oh boy.

    Just delete this thread, AI. :rolleyes:

    Hear, hear!. It's off the rails.
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    Israel's enemy's are pure scum, and I support wiping out each and every one of them.


    Israel's enemy's don't believe in peace, and neither do I. Wipe them all out.


    War is the answer. I support a greater Israel, and I believe that they should annex more territories. 


    I am at war with all terrorist Islamo-fascists since Sept. 2001, and my ultimate goal is to see them all disappear. Whenever Israel kills a terrorist, it makes me all happy inside. Their lives mean nothing to me. I don't care how many of them die. The more, the better.

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    Originally Posted by pigybank View Post

    Just waiting for the anti-semites to show up. That said, I'm glad Tim Cook and Apple have the good sense to not let politics get in the way of good business.



    That was fast, you guys are efficient. First of all, there's not a single anti-semetic comment in that thread. Secondly, it's absolutely disgusting, and repugnant, how you use the "anti-semite" club to swat down any kind of legitimate criticisms of Israeli policy and the US government. It's a cheap, lazy, cowardly, and played out tactic that shows an unwillingness to actually engage in any kind of fact or honesty. It displays how morally and intellectually backrupt you are by demonizing people who raise concerns related to human rights and human suffering, attempting to categorize them as racists because they don't share your zionist ideology. I've been in many debates with zionists, and after they have nowhere else to go, they're forced to pull out the "anti-semite" card- as if it's a free pass to "win" the argument. It's a shameful accusation, and a shameful tactic. Not that I would expect people like you, who rush to defend oppression at every turn and use the twisted "anti-semite" rebuttal would feel shame at all. Why come into this thread to pre-emptively dismiss  comments? Is that how terrified you are of a few facts being shared? Chill out on your propaganda campaigns. 


    I'm a semite myself. I couldn't give 2 fucks what religion someone follows, or what they background is. I judge people by their character and their actions. Some of my best friends are Jewish, and I respect them a lot.  I hosted a jewish immigrant in my home for 2 months, and refused to charge him a penny. I have christian and muslim friends. My best female friend is hindu. But I strongly disagree with current Israeli policy and government- as many people do.  I'm not sure if that's something you could possibly ever understand in you petty little world of "pro-semites and anti-semites".  

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    AI it's "Haifa" not "Hafia". Agreed please delete this thread.
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    From Wiki:


    "While the term's etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic people, the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass ("Jew-hatred"), and that has been its normal use since then. For the purposes of a 2005 U.S. governmental report, antisemitism was considered "hatred toward Jews—individually and as a group—that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity."


    ObAppleRelevance: It's the old "Macs are PCs" argument. There's the world of the OCD pedant, and then there's the real world where the street determines what words represent, and doesn't give a gnat's fart about your pedantry, and nor should it.

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    Why is this news AGAIN? The guy is a racist war criminal and no one should care about who he visits - just delete this thread and be done with it.

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    > The fact is that the more non-Israeli companies that do business in Israel, the more
    > influence they will have on the Government, just as the pulling of investments such
    > a pension funds out of South Africa is what killed apartheid.

    This is precisely an argument for Apple to *boycott* Israel. South Africa was a case of corporations publicly shaming and punishing the government for apartheid, not (literally) embracing it.

    Such a public embracement of a modern apartheid government is absolutely shameful.
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    In Israel, 1.5 million Arabs are full Israeli citizens with representation in the Knesset, equal access to secondary and higher educations, well paid jobs, same transportation, same restaurants, same hotels, same hospitals, same level of medical care, same national healthcare plans, same entertainment venues, same parks, same political rights, equal pay for equal work, freedom of religion, etc. Besides enjoying equal rights with Jews, Israeli Arabs don't have to do the mandatory military and/or civil service like Jews and other non-Arabic Israeli citizens do. However, if Arabs do want to serve in the IDF or do civil service, they are welcome. So, how is this apartheid again?

    People who compare Israel to South Africa have never been to Israel. If you went, you would see how Arabs live in Israel. I will not ever be able to afford a house like the mansions that some Israeli Arabs live in. Not just mansions, but mansions made of stone - castles. Go and check them out for yourself. I've driven through Israeli Druze towns in the North of Israel - you would never believe that people can have such houses. And those are not the Jews.

    Find me one Arab country where Arab citizens have a better way than they do in Israel. How dare people call this apartheid? You know where apartheid was very popular? The US was no better than South Africa until just a few decades ago. The place where Tim Cook went to school - that's where the racism flourished - UCLA - Upper Corner Lower Alabama.

    And how dare you call Bibi a racist! He is a lot of things, but he is not a racist or a war criminal.
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    Not sure why my post was removed, as there was nothing wrong with it, IMO.  I'll try again.


    One can dislike the PM's policies and his government and think him a very flawed person without being an anti-Semite.  One doesn't follow from the other.

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    aaronj wrote: »
    Not sure why my post was removed, as there was nothing wrong with it, IMO.  I'll try again.

    One can dislike the PM's policies and his government and think him a very flawed person without being an anti-Semite.  One doesn't follow from the other.

    Who besides you used the word anti-Semite?
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    I thought Apple has moral standards.


    What's next? Meeting Putin who has just occupied Crimea (though the fanatics in Kiev have really made it easy for him by passing laws that outlaw the native tongue of the people living there) and who has been endorsed by Assad on that move?


    Israel's occupation and settlement policies are illegal and ugly. Cook should not dignify people like Netanyahu who support and execute those policies by meeting him. Wasn't it Cook who recently stated that there is more than just shareholder value?

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    Originally Posted by GregInPrague View Post

    Who besides you used the word anti-Semite?


    The post to which I originally responded was removed, along with my response.  

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    If you don't like it then sell your Apple shares and quit using their computers. Make a stand, be a man.


    As for me, I like Apple even more now! <img class=" src="" />

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    Not sure why my post was removed, as there was nothing wrong with it, IMO.  I'll try again.

    One can dislike the PM's policies and his government and think him a very flawed person without being an anti-Semite.  One doesn't follow from the other.
    According to the standard Jewish Encyclopedia 96% of all the Jews known to the world today are descendents of the Khazar tribes of Russia, Eastern Europe and western Mongolia. They are not Shemetic (Semitic) anyway, they have absolutely no claim to any of that land. New genetic research confirms Khazar Ashkenazi Jews are not the Jews of the Bible.
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    Revelation 3:9 & 2:9
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    Of course it is perfectly OK that this thread is being flooded with useful idiots with a sick mind, who have not any consideration or understanding that the Jewish people are again being set up to be the 'source' and 'excuse' for the next holocaust, the only difference is the 'politic correct' 'excuse' of the 'religion of peace' and the elite ... (censored) who are eager to collaborate with these 'victims' for this 'nob?e' cause. Does the moderation of 'AI' fall in the same category as these useful idiots?
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