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    Originally posted by Escher

    I have as much time as you're willing to give us!

    So it sounds like the T610 has a very solid foundation, but isn't blazingly fast. Of course, I assume it's a vast improvement over the T68i, right?

    Talking about using the T610 as a (limited) PDA substitute, can you turn off the phone part but keep using the device? This would be useful, e.g. to browse your schedule or play a Mophun game while in flight on a plane.


    Oh it's a different ball game, right down to build. Don't know if it has flight mode.
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    My T68i just got nicked this passed weekend am in the market for a new phone, but can't quite convince myself that the P800 is worth £400-500, the T610 is looking good! Any ideas when it is available in the UK?

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    hmm, the speakerproblem sounds scary. I'll definitely wait until thats sorted out before buying.

    I just got the Radio/handsfree set to my T68i, and its sweet! I'm wondering if that radio-sender to the ipod will allow me to listen to my ipod through the radio.

    If Apple were to do something more with SE, then ipod-to-phone bluetooth integration would be nr. one on my wishlist...

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    Official news is that SE now has fixed the speaker problem with the T610. So I guess it is now safe to buy. (Just make sure its new).

    First impressions on the camera is that it sucks. Sorry, the quality of the pictures I've seen this far is really bad.

    Other than that it seems very nice. can't wait to try it in person.
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    According to Think Secret's third iSync report, we'll get iSync 1.1 in early June. There is a whole slew of phones which is going to be supported with this release, both via Bluetooth and USB-cable.

    The T610 is certainly still at the top of my list. But I also like the Motorola T720, which will be supported via USB cable. If only the T720 were a tri-band (GSM) phone, and not just a US-centric dual-band model! If I go with GSM (instead of CDMA), I want to be able to use it in Europe, so nothing short of tri-band will do.

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