Project "Glove" and "Lucida" in July

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I can be tracked, so I won't stay after this posting.

Glove is a code name given to a Apple (new) strategy that started the day after Microsoft announced their software as a service model. Glove means "one size fits all". This strategy is designed for the heart of MS's strategy. I know the general specs. After July, only "1" OSX license is required to install OSX on any Mac. Every corporation, printshop, creative house, school, college or anybody is ONLY required to purchase "1" license of OSX. For example, today, a university with 500 Macs and 500 PCs would have to purchase 500 new OSX licenses and 500 XP licenses if they decided to upgrade. When Glove kicks in, that same university would only have to purchase "1" license to install OSX on all their Macs. The license belongs to the entity and not longer for each piece of hardware. As long as you own the license, you can install it on all the machines you want, if you own the hardware of course. Apple believes this changes everything and they think this a solid reason to purchase Apple hardware. It goes completely against MS strategy and gives their customers a way out.

Lucida has been mentioned here before but not by name. Its a combination of a number of threads. It is a digital camera/camcorder. It is designed for the consumer market and it was "also" designed to float in water and can be submerged to quite some depth. Recreation diving is huge and these underwater features was a small engineering task to a grab this large explosive market (digital camera/camcorders). It will blow you away.

I'll be back soon.



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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    ok, all i can say is at least there will be something to talk about now... <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" /> <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    glove sounds like a good idea, but would be very hard for apple to implement... they get too much revenue from OSx--unless of course they prevent people from upgrading their OS and force them to buy new hardware... i doubt this will ahppen anytime soon...

    lucida sounds like too much engineering and research for a small market...

    good ideas tho...
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    patmcfar8patmcfar8 Posts: 84member
    Quick everyone... back to the Batcave!
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    whoamiwhoami Posts: 301member
    the glove sounds like a very apple thing to do, and as far as the camera, they better have teamed up with a good company to pull that one off. i don't want a generic execution of a cool idea, i.e. low resolution!
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    squashsquash Posts: 332member
    Whoami...not to slam your post, but is ipod a POS? I'm sure if apple did a camera, it would be 1st rate, but we'll pay for how great it is. I doubt they would low ball a digital camera, since the competition is fierce....just a thought.
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    A digital camera of some sort seemed inevitable for apple after their iPhoto release. But it needs to be pretty special to compete with all the others. I don't know if an underwater feature will do that.

    Now if its a digtal video camera with an ipod like HD that would be something better. It would probably have mid-level specs so it could be bundled with an imac and still be affordable.

    Apple could do something like glove since they rely on their hardware sales with the OS essentially free anyway. They better get their *** together with better powermacs to make this work though.
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    What a great rumor, the kind of thing that would make the register's front page were it touted anywhere else but here in our playhouse! It'd be OH so very interesting were this to happen!

    The hardest thing to police is software, but for people to get your hardware they have to shell out some money or twist the lock off the back door to your warehouse. Making the software help sell the hardware is a great move..if the development costs of the software aren't astronomical....kind of like making a movie if you think abou it...drop a wad of money on the movie, but know that you'll reap rewards as time goes by.

    Standing there looking all open-sourcey and license-free is bound to make Microsoft:

    a) MAD and,

    b) look like money-grubbing capitalists...but,

    after all, it's all about making money isn't it?

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    A digital camera/camcorder is quite a bit harder to get right compared to an mp3 player.
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    stroszekstroszek Posts: 801member
    OK. so this guy is worried about being "tracked" and seems to claim that he has inside info. but he gives his first name "allen" and what appears to be a full name "allenmcjones.' granted, be could be lying about it, but if i had inside info and was worried about being "tracked" i think my screen name would be somehting like, oh, i don't know Stroszek? and i think i would probably sign my name as something like, oh i don't know, not my real name?

    don't mean to piss on a party, but it's just a thought.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    The glove reference should be more directed at what Apple should do...take it's gloves off and really go after the other 95%.

    With the generally favourable reviews of OSX and the iMac, this is an opportunity for Apple to make a dent and slowly turn the tide.

    Unfortunately, Apple still higher prices don't help.
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
    True or not, the "Glove" idea is radical and totally interesting.

    If true, it would make buying large numbers of Macs actually cheaper than Wintel PCs running Windows.

    And it's the one area Microsoft simply cannot follow in, unless they wish to destroy their main revenue stream.

    It sounds like a brilliant gamble...
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    nitridenitride Posts: 100member
    [quote] b) look like money-grubbing capitalists...but, <hr></blockquote>

    Apple has over 4 billion of hard cash in the bank. Thats real money, not short term investments that can be converted...

    Besides Apple makes most of its money from selling hardware, the software is largely gravy for them (and a reason to *buy* their hardware).

    Apple is pushing really hard on the software end to sell more boxes (witness Digital Filmmaking now at the focus of the pro line).

    Frankly unless someone invents completely clean unlimited energy and Star Trek replicators the entire world runs on money. Try to get by without it and you suddenly have a life expectancy of 40 some years, and will probably die of food poisoning, infection or some really big animal will swat you like a bug.

    I'd rather have air conditioning, cable TV and computers than take my chances.

    [Ever notice the people claiming to live at subsistence levels are always posting to the Internet with their own computer, from an AOL account? Or an exec with Green Peace driving an SUV and living in a giant house with all the lights turned on all the time? What's up with that?]
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    hobbeshobbes Posts: 1,252member
    As for 'Lucida', well, I have no idea, but they've got to have *something* at MWNY besides the long-due revamps of PowerMacs. <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    mugwumpmugwump Posts: 233member
    Lemmie get this straight. Some bonehead posts two lame ideas in here and suddenly the ripple of anticipation begins?

    Can we get some reality now? The very notion that Apple would begin competition against Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon -- with an UNDERWATER camera!

    You guys take anything, I guess. Though the idea is a good one about taking away the X fees. The company needs to increase marketshare more than OS X profits, and this would help.
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Am I missing something. If I buy 100 macs, I get 100 OS X disks. I guess when the next upgrade comes I only have to pay for one disk to update the 100 machines. However, I can update all of the machines over the net for free anyway. So apple is offering free OS upgrades from now on?? Oh boy....

    So what's the deal or am I just tired.
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    Okay, I'm nervous and this will be my last reply to this board until I figure a better way of doing this. The hole IP thing has me spooked. No, its not my real name.

    I'll try and put a little more spec on Glove. Apple has the one thing no other "personal computer" maker has: Complete ownership. As for glove, you don't have to purchase the license, you can also purchase a new Mac or if you have OSX, you're set. Install away. You inherit the glove license. Apple makes it money on hardware sales and they have timed this strategy to the fullest. Earlier this week it became know that Microsoft was having problems convincing companies to follow their subscription model, I think a 1/3 of their customers have signed up.

    Apple will implement glove in two ways, buy a mac or buy a copy of OSX. You can then install as many copies of OSX as you like, as long as you OWN the hardware. (you can only install OSX on Macs right?, right) More hardware sales, Apple wins. I think I'm done with this topic.

    Lucida has been built. I don't know the specs, only that its way ahead of anything out there. The whole submerging thing has been an added surprise to the project. They wanted it to be early iBook like, through it in your backpack. Most digital cameras today are very fragile. Apple will try and position the Lucida camera like a Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle. I was told Lucida means something in photograpy, but I don't know what. Powerful, tough, goes anywhere camera. It is firewire based, I do know that.

    I might be back.

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    murkmurk Posts: 935member
    Forget the shower cam. iChopperCam is the future.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">ChopperCam</a>

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    gumby5647gumby5647 Posts: 241member
    mmm, i think what he is trying to say is that once you plunk down 130.00 dollars, OS X is yours. And major upgrades will be like 10.1 was. Free at apple store, or pay small S&H fee.

    interesting....i like this concept
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    programmerprogrammer Posts: 3,409member
    I don't care what the rest of you think, if that Lucida rumour is true then I'm putting my money on the table. I'd be surprised if it were true, but very pleasantly so.
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    digixdigix Posts: 109member

    You mean something like this below?


    No per-user ?taxes? Xserve lets you eliminate the most galling expense in your department?s budget: the per-user ?tax? you?ve been obliged to pay for using server software. Since Xserve comes with an unlimited-client license for the UNIX-based, industrial-strength Mac OS X Server, you can serve thousands of additional users ? without spending thousands of additional dollars in licensing fees.


    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    Considering that Apple is primary a hardware company and most of its income primary come from hardware, it's not that unlikely from Apple to scream out, ?you only need to have one single license of our Mac OS X to install it on any number of Macintosh you like it?

    As for Lucida.

    Hmmm... Lucid dreaming?

    Ayway. All of these rumors regarding a non-Personal Computer device seems to stirred up a lot o thinking hre. I want to remind you, that the same thing happened before the introduction of the iPod.

    So... Please dn't be too disappointed if the thing that show up turn out to be an upgraded iPod under a new name and form.

    As for money.

    Hmmm... Between paper debt money (like the current U.S. Dollar) and gold, I think I rather take gold.
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    nonsuchnonsuch Posts: 293member
    [quote]Originally posted by allenmcjones:

    <strong>I was told Lucida means something in photograpy, but I don't know what.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Lucida</a> was an early precursor to the modern camera that projected a still image onto a glass surface, where it could be traced onto paper, kind of like a still rotoscope.

    The whole "Glove" strategy sounds bold and entirely plausible; as others have said, this will strike MS right in the vitals. Given the high hardware demands of OS X, Apple isn't likely to lose out much in hardware sales. I dearly hope this turns out to be kosher (I'm already looking forward to hearing Steve announce it in July).

    [edit: added image]

    [ 05-24-2002: Message edited by: Nonsuch ]</p>
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