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This thread was done in the past at AI, so I am going to bring it back.

List all the Macs/PCs you've owned previously, still own, or own right now. Also feel free to include any addititional computer items that go along with your setup.

I'll start

PowerMac G3 beige minitower

300 MHz


8 GB hard drive

internal Zip 100 drive

internal Lite-On 24x10x40x CD-RW

Mac OS 9.0.4

ViewSonic 17" GS771 monitor

HP Deskjet 935C

Microtek scanner

Macintosh IIci w/Apple monitor

Apple Stylewriter 4500

Macintosh Classic


bondi blue

333 MHz


Super Disk (120 MB)


Mac OS 8.6

Epson Stylus 740i printer

and last but not least......

Apple IIc!!


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    markmark Posts: 143member
    Again?'s what's in the house now:

    Blue G3/450

    "Flower Power" iMac/600

    Color Classic

    PowerBook Duo 280

    LC 475

    eMate 300

    Apple IIgs

    286 PC

    K6/266 PC


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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    Celeron II 566 overclocked to 850

    ABit BH6 Mobo

    TNT2 Ultra overclocked to 180

    20GB Maxtor

    4Gb IBM


    Cambridge SoundeWroks PC Works 4.1 surround
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    PowerMac G4 400 AGP Rev B

    400MHz G4 CPU 1MB L2

    512 MB PC133 SDRAM (2 DIMMS)

    10GB 5400RPM ATA (Master)

    80GB 5400RPM ATA (Slave)

    ATI 128 Pro AGP

    Voodoo2 12MB PCI

    5X DVD

    17" ASD @1280 x 1024 75Hz

    MM-700 Speakers

    Palm V

    F-16 Fighterstick

    iMate ADB-USB adaptor

    Keyspan Serial-USB adaptor


    PowerBase 180 MT

    180MHz 603e CPU

    48MB RAM

    Voodoo 2

    15" PowerComputing Monitor

    2GB HD

    How did I ever live with that thing?

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    PowerBook G4 rev A 500 mhz overclocked to 600

    512 mb ram

    dvd drive, firewire cd-rw

    pro mouse, airport, hp photosmart p1000 printer.

    hooked into my stereo

    Previously: Pismo 400, Beige G3/266 DT, 6400-180, LCII.
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    Overclocked eh? Well aren't you just the l33t one?

    Seriously, I never heard of someone overclocking a TiPB. Did you ever do a write up on it?
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    G4 Cube 450/CD-RW / 1.1GB / 20GB and Sony 21" FD Trinitron monitor -- my main system -- running OS X 10.1.1.

    PowerBook G3 (Pismo, Rev. B) / 320 MB / 10 GB running OS X 10.1.1.

    Power Macintosh 9500/G3-350 (upgraded) / 160 MB / 20 GB (total drive space) and AppleVision 1710 monitor. Running OS 9.1, the last OS that will install on this machine (unless you use an unsupported hack).

    NeXT Turbo 25 slab and monitor; don't have all the specs memorized, as I recently bought it from someone on the MacNN forums. Currently running NeXTStep 3.3. I think.

    Dell Pentium III 550 mhz / 192 MB / 6 GB for when I need to use a Windoze-only app. Needless to say, it doesn't see much use, though it nonetheless has Win XP, IE 6, and all the latest goodies. Boy, sure would suck to have to pay for all that.

    AST Pentium 75 mhz / 32 MB / 20 GB running FreeBSD 4.3. This is my gateway machine.

    Two old Quadra 700s, one running 7.something and one running NetBSD. Got them from eBay to tool around with; haven't actually done much as yet. They also threw in an old Performa 410 for kicks, which I can't find much use for anyway. One 12-inch monitor to share among the three of these.

    Apple II GS, bought from eBay. With 5.25 and 3.5-inch drives and a joystick. Unfortunately, not a Woz edition, but it runs my old software from the //c days (see below). Came with an ImageWriter // printer, though that kind of got broken in transit.

    Original Macintosh 128k from 1984. Bought from eBay (again) from someone who kept the original boxes, packing materials, manuals, even the audio tapes. Really nice, but . . . beyond the initial thrill when I bought it, I'm not sure what I can do with it. Also has an ImageWriter printer.


    No-name 386DX/40 with 4 MB RAM. Ran Windoze 3.1, then became a FreeBSD/Linux box after I moved to Macs in 1996.

    Packard Hell 386SX/16. (shudder)

    No-name IBM PC/XT-compatible.

    Original Apple //c with monochrome monitor. We later bought a 640k RAM upgrade from a company whose name had some kind of chess theme. But I forget the actual name.

    Timex Sinclair 1000, although that doesn't really count, because my parents got it by driving to Virginia to listen to some stupid time-share pitch, but really, it was just to get the free gift.

    In the mid-80s, I also would toy with Apple //e's or original Mac 128s when my father would bring them home from work during the weekend or something.

    In the early 80s, I used to occasionally putter around on some old Hazeltine terminal when my father, once in a while, brought it home from work to dial into the university mainframe at a whopping 300 -- or maybe 110? -- baud.

    Hrm, it's been a long ride.
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    daverdaver Posts: 496member
    It all started in August, 1993...

    Mac LC III

    25 MHz 68030 (woo hoo!)

    8 MB RAM

    80 MB HD

    StyleWriter II

    External SCSI CD-ROM

    UMAX C600

    240 MHz 603e

    32 MB RAM

    3.3 GB HD

    UMAX SCSI scanner (can't remember the exact model)

    Epson Stylus Colour 740

    iMac DV SE (my main machine)

    500 MHz G3

    256 MB RAM

    30 GB HD

    iMac DV (my family's machine)

    400 MHz G3

    128 MB RAM

    10 GB HD

    iBook (Dual USB)

    500 MHz G3

    128 MB RAM

    10 GB HD

    Lexmark Z32 printer
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    • -?[b]500 MHz Dual USB iBook (DVD)?-

    • Name: The Rootwitch

    • Mac OS 10.1.1/9.2.2

    • 384 MB of RAM

    • 10 GB HD (upgrading to 30 GB within a month)


    -?400 MHz PowerBook G3 (FireWire)?-
    Name: Mercury
    Mac OS 10.1/9.1
    384 MB of RAM
    20 GB HD

    -?300 MHz Beige G3?-
    Name: The Funky Avocado
    Mac OS 9.1
    192 MB of RAM (maxing it out soon)
    6 GB HD (getting a big hard drive soon, maybe 100 GB)
    Notes: I got this for free when an Apple certified tech said the logicboard was dead. (The zip drive and CD drive didn't work) Turns out the Zip drive was dead and the cable to the CD drive had a short. It looked bent. My theory is that the person who was using it tried to fix the Zip drive and did something to the cable in the process. I love free computers.

    -?240 MHz Power Computing PowerCenter Pro (I think)?-
    Name: Because It's There
    Mac OS 9.1
    192 MB of RAM
    ? GB HD
    Notes: This computer is currently not functioning. I got it free, but have yet to fix it.

    Name: The Double Planet
    Mac OS 8.5
    ? MB of RAM
    ? GB HD
    Notes: Another free computer, partly because the janitor threw it in a dumpster and scattered pieces of it in several directions. I found all the pieces and re-assembled it, and now it works just fine...sort of. I can't find any monitors that fit it (it has a weird connector), so I can't use it.

    -?Mac Classic II?-
    Name: The Orphan from Baltimore
    • Mac OS 7.6

    • ? MB of RAM

    • ? MB HD

    • Notes: Pretty cheap. No use. I play black and white games on it every year or so.


    I'm pretty sure I have some more, but I can't recall them right now.

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    Current Hardware

    G4/400 AGP (Speed dump)


    Print&Scan by Epson

    Apple 17" Studio Display

    OS 10.1 & 9.1 (9.2 is too flaky)

    Power Mac 6100/66

    (with 1 meg of L2 cache :eek: )


    OS 8.1

    Quadra 660AV

    20?(too lazy to look)/230/CD

    OS 10.2 beta

    Off Brand Cyrix PC



    Win 98SE

    Formerly of the house

    Mac Plus

    Mac Classic

    Mac 128K upgraded to Plus

    Mac Color Classic

    Performa 405

    Performa 550

    Mac IIvx


    Stylewriter 1200

    Color Stylewriter 1500 (horror story #1)

    HP Deskjet 970 Csi (horror story #2)

    UMAX 2000U USB scanner (horror story #3)
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    iBook 466 SE Graphite (main machine)
    • 128 MB

    • 10 GB

    • DVD-ROM

    • Mac OS X 10.0.4

    • Lexmark Z42

    Perfoma 6115CD
    • MaxPowr G3 240

    • Apple Video Card

    • 72 MB

    • 1 GB

    • Mac OS 9.1

    • Epson Stylus 600

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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member

    500MHz iBook




    Pro Keyboard

    Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse

    Epson 777i

    Altec Lansing 4 piece speakers

    Iomega ZipCD

    Former Machines:

    Tangerine Rev C iMac



    Performa 6115CD
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    [quote]Originally posted by The Rootwitch:

    • -?[b]500 MHz Dual USB iBook (DVD)[b]?-

    • Name: The Rootwitch

    • Mac OS 10.1.1/9.2.2

    • 384 MB of RAM

    • 10 GB HD (upgrading to 30 GB within a month)


    [list]-?6100?-[*]Name: The Double Planet[*]Mac OS 8.5[*]? MB of RAM[*]? GB HD[*]Notes: Another free computer, partly because the janitor threw it in a dumpster and scattered pieces of it in several directions. I found all the pieces and re-assembled it, and now it works just fine...sort of. I can't find any monitors that fit it (it has a weird connector), so I can't use it. [/list</strong><hr></blockquote>

    You could check around ebay for a Performa Monitor Adaptor. I had to use one on my Performa because apple used a weird connector on it. I have one but I'm going to keep it around in case my PDS Video card dies and I have to use the built-in monitor port.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    450MHz G4 Cube

    30GB drive

    1GB RAM

    15" LCD


    200MHz PowerMac 8600

    2GB drive

    384MB RAM

    17" Radius M1

    16MHz LC II

    4MB RAM

    80MB HD (? I think so...)

    12" Apple monitor

    1.1MHz Apple //c

    128K RAM

    5 1/4" floppy drive

    12" color monitor

    Timex Sinclair 1000

    2K RAM (later upgraded to 16K)

    used cassette player for storage

    12" b/w tv
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    Since I have put Windows behind me and don't care to revisit that dark time in my life I will only list the Apple computers I have.

    Mac 512 upgraded to "Plus" w/ 20 MB Rodine Internal HD. (clips on to the CPU)

    Cube 450 1024MB RAM - 100GB WD Caviar SE w/ 8 MB RAM cashe

    250MB Zip, imation 3.5" floppy, Sony firewire CD burner, Sony TRV 520 DV cam, Speed Stream DSL modem, Sony 505 (mouse pad).

    I will upgrade this Cube to dual 500's as soon as I can find a DP Sawtooth for a reasonable price.


    NeXt Mac = TiBook w/ dual G4 7410 or &gt; Gig 7560 or G5 8540

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    That's weird Murbot isn't here are mine:


    PowerMac G4 Dual 500 w/1750MB RAM

    Twin 80GB HD

    21" Apple Studio Display (Graphite)

    6x8 Intuos Tablet

    Kensington Mouse in a Box Pro Optical Mouse

    Running OSX 10.1

    iBook 600 DVD w/384MB RAM, Airport (got it at a cheap price ) &lt;--Gotta love this little thing

    950Mhz K7 overclocked to 1.1Ghz, 512MB RAM, ATi Rage II+ w/4MB VRAM. Win 98


    Pismo 400 with 384MB RAM

    MainStree PB G3 (the one with 12.1" Passive Matrix Display) with 96MB RAM

    Beige G3 266DT with 512MB RAM, Two 4GB HD

    Yikes G4 400 with 640MB RAM, Two 20GB HD

    Sawtooth G4 450 with 1.5GB RAM, Two 40GB HD

    iMac DV SE 400 with 384MB RAM

    Performa 5200/100 with 48MB RAM

    17" Apple Studio Display (Graphite)

    19" Viewsonic Monitor (forgot the model)

    17" Viewsonic Q71 Monitor

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Hey Leonis, this is getting to be alot of work man, I needed time to prep.

    These are machines I've had since Feb 2000, listed in order.

    400 MHz Pismo PowerBook, DVD, 6 GB HD, 192 MB RAM

    450 MHz G4 Cube, DVD, 20 GB HD, 384 MB RAM

    400 MHz Titanium PowerBook G4, DVD, 10 GB HD, 384 MB RAM

    600 MHz Graphite iMac, CD-RW, 40 GB HD, 384 MB RAM

    466 MHz G4 PowerMac with 15" LCD, CD-RW, 30 GB HD, 384 MB RAM

    500 MHz iBook, CD-RW/DVD, 10 GB HD, 384 MB RAM

    867 MHz G4 with 17" LCD, CD-RW, 60 GB HD, 768 MB RAM

    600 MHz Graphite iMac, CD-RW, 40 GB HD, 512 MB RAM

    550 MHz Titanium PowerBook G4, DVD, 20 GB HD, 512 MB RAM

    Currently still on the Titanium PowerBook. My buyer's money order was held up in customs for reasons they won't tell her, so she's just sent my money with PayPal. I'll be shipping it out next Friday when the money clears, so I've got it for another week.

    I'm still trying to decide on whether to go without a Mac until after MWSF, or grab an iBook until I order my new desktop mid-Jan. I was leaning towards going without, but it looks like my wife and mother-in-law are pitching in some dough to get me an iPod for Christmas. If that's the case, I'll get a combo-drive iBook next week, and sell it in Jan for a new Mac - either a G4/5 or an iMac. Have to see what his Steveness gives us.

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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    My current machine is a G4 450 AGP with 768 megs of ram and an extra hard drive.

    My first comupter was a Commodore 16, well my first real computer was a Performa 6500 250 with a wopping 48megs of ram. I actually need to get rid of the Performa. I don't use it and don't have the space.
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    dvddvd Posts: 45member
    Power mac G4 "digital audio"


    *640mb of ram

    *30 gig + 40 gig HDs

    Viewsonic Q95 (optiquest) 19'

    Klipsch promedias 2.1

    5 gig external firewire HD (iPod )

    Fujitsu Lifebook 656Tx (subnotebook)

    48mb of ram

    Pentium 150mhz (boooo)_

    2 Gig HD

    Docking station


    *4x cdrom

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    Quicksilver 733

    40gb HD

    Geforce 3

    512mb of RAM


    About to get a cambridge and soudworks 5.1 speaker set. Right now I have a 4.1 of some no name company.

    g4 400

    640(around there) mb of RAM

    20gb hd

    ATI rage 128

    iMac dv g3 400

    128mb of RAM (yah I need to get this thing more)

    10gb hd

    Ati rage 128

    And some other old macs.

    I love macs

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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    hmm, let's see

    an athlon 1.4 OC'ed to 1.6

    512 megs of DDR ram (with ECC)

    80 Gig HD made of two 40's in a RAID

    another two 40's as backups

    a 6GB HD that i had sitting around

    GTXP soundcard that sucks monkey balls, although it looks great on paper.

    2 CD burners. best one is 24x12x40. works perfectly with clone CD. one of three that has the best attributes for copying cd's.

    dvd player

    zip drive (floppy as well)

    GeForce 2 on the main monitor

    2 old vintage video cards for the other monitors

    a 24" sony w900

    two 21" Dell brand sony's.

    AudioTron for my mp3 collection

    two power supplies (i hacked this thing together nicely) a 200W and a 350W

    i think that's it.

    it's also running off a wireless network i share with my family in the house and my neighbor next door.

    this box is about as ugly as you can find.
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