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    Stone Age:


    Metal Age:

    Amiga 500 with 1(!) MB RAM and even a second disc drive.

    Beige Age:

    486 DX2 / 66 ... Win 3.11. And Rebel Assault.

    Pentium 133 with VooDoo1.

    Pentium II 350.

    Mac Age:

    iMac 333 with OS 8.6

    Current: iBook 500 Combo with OS X. The best thing I ever had.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I have way too much to list, so here is my 'current' Mac.

    PowerBook G3/500 (Pismo)

    12 GB HD

    256 MB RAM


    Airport Card

    Mac OS X 10.1.1

    Mac OS 9.2.2

    and of course:

    Newton 2100
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    matveimatvei Posts: 193member
    Amstrad 8mhz 8088 PC (DOS) (1988) SOLD

    Amiga 500 (AmigaDos 1.3) (1991) SOLD (snif!)

    PC clone 33Mhz 4MB RAM (Win 3.1 & DOS) (1994) SOLD

    PC clone 233MMX pentium 32MB RAM (Win 95osr2) (1997) SOLD

    Powerbook 540c 66mhz 20MB RAM (Mac OS 8.1) (1999) AILING

    iMac DVSE 400Mhz 640MB RAM (Mac OS X.1) (1999) RUNS LIKE A CHAMP

    Color Classic 16Mhz 8MB RAM (System 7.1) (2000) LOOKS GOOD IN CORNER

    Looking for new laptop...

    (see thread in current hardware)

    Funny how I have zero love lost for my old PCs! I'd buy another Amiga though...
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,464member
    Past Computers-

    Commodore 64 (1982-1988)

    Amiga 500 (1988-1990)

    Mac Classic II (1990-1995)

    Mac 6230 (1995-1996)-That Road Apple had to go

    Present Computers-

    Umax c600@240 (1996-present)

    IBM Celeron 566@850,gf2mx,256m RAM, 40 gig HD

    Gateway Pentium 133 (found junked)

    Mac G3@400 (300 overclocked so only 512k cache)

    and the newest addition iBook 600 w/cdr (Thanks work)
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    Pretty nice overclocking job on the Celery, there, trumpetman. I knew the 300A's were good, but you must have done some serious fan arrangement for that one, or were you just lucky?
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    Macintosh classic II

    166mhz intel chip.

    64 mg ram

    8 mg video card

    Sony Trinitron Musliscan 200SX

    733 mhz chip

    256 ram

    64 mg ASUS Nvidia GeForce2

    Zip drive

    DVD drive

    Good speakers on both computers.

    Microsoft intella mouse.

    Didn?t pay for any of my Microsoft products except the mouse.

    ***I really, really want a power book to run Maya on, that why I?m getting a job***

    <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
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    HP Pavilion 7950

    1.2 GHz AMD Athlon

    60 GB HD

    384 MB RAM

    DVD-ROM and CD-RW

    Windows XP Home Edition

    replaced my aging iMac with this four months ago....what a *huge* mistake that was... I'm definitely getting a PowerBook G4 for college .
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    double post.

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    Might as Well:

    First: Apple //e (Tricked out with 128 Colum Card and 128K of RAM!)

    Second: Performa 600 (1x CDROM and 8MB!!!)

    Current: iMac (266, 192MB, 20GB HD with 9.1, Linux)

    Future: New iMac!!!
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    PM G4 733QS,

    640 MB RAM,

    Combo dive,

    40 Gig HD,


    17" Apple LCD.

    Pro Speakers.


    HP deskjet990C M.

    Old Computer;

    PM 5500/275,(aka.The Black Mac)

    20 Gig HD,

    124MB RAM.

    Old Printer

    Apple leserWiter.
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    How can all of you afford to get so many macs in so little a time frame?!?

    I'm lucky if I get a new computer every 2 years!

    Here goes:

    iceBook 500/384/10GB (Mine all mine)

    +HP DeakJet 882c

    +Pro mouse/keyboard

    +(This Christmas!)AirPort, LaCie 32x Burner, and Handspring Visor Prism!!!

    +Mac OS X 10.1

    iMac DVSE 400/128/13GB (My Mom's computer)

    +Origional keyboard/Mouse

    +(This Christmas!) HP Deskjet 950c

    +Mac OS X 10.1

    Performa 6115CD 60/40/512MB

    +Apple ADB Keyboard

    +Kensington 2Btn Mouse

    +Apple Color StyleWriter 2400

    +SCSI Zip Drive

    +Mac OS 9.1 (Slow but it works)

    Mac IIcx 16/4/80MB

    +Apple ADM Keyboard/ADB Mouse I

    +System 7.5

    Macintosh 512k 8/512KB/(N/A)

    +Apple Mouse and Keyboard

    +Apple ImageWriter I

    +System 3.1??

    All computers function and are in working order.
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    Dude......I'm lucky I get a new computer every 8 years.......I'm lucky that I still don't have a Mac IIci....seriously......
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    From oldest to newest:

    macintosh SE

    8mhz 68000 cpu

    1mb ram

    400mb Hd

    System 6.8.1

    Performa 6200cd

    1.3gig Hd

    24 Ram

    system 8


    350mhz G3 @500mhz


    Sonnet PCI66 IDE adaper

    20MB Seagate BaracudaIII HD

    ATI Rage ORion PCI

    24x CDROM (ide)

    17"Sony G400

    System 9

    Abit Bx6r2

    Celemine 533 @ 822


    Hercules Mx

    SB Live! value

    Haupauge TV

    Realmagiv DVD


    40x CD-ROM


    Tyan Tiger MP

    2X 1.2 Athlon Thunderbird

    256 Reg ddr

    Radeon AIW

    T.B santacruz



    I win!
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    JFW: That is a nice overclocked G3. 350 MHz to 500 MHz is pretty good. What sort of an upgrade card (assume that's all it could be sinceit's a PowerCurve) is that and how did you go about overclocking it? I might overclock my G3 but if I could find a 350 MHZ G3 cheap that will do 500 I'm all for it.
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    The G3 is a Powerlogix Powerforce. It's overclocking features are pretty good (although voltage adjustment aren't there) it provides well accessable dip switches on top of the daughtercard whereby you can set the FSB and Multiplier.

    It'll go as high as 600 if you go by those adjustments alone (I can't get it to boot past 500 in my case), but your success will really be luck of the draw.

    I have my G3 set to a FSB of 50 with a multiplier of 10, Voila! it runs fine as far as I can tell. I added active cooling to the small heatsink provided by Powerlogic by salvaging an old Socket 3 fan (this was the socket format used by the originl pentium. Now that's old!)

    It runs fine, albiet I need to add 128MB more ram to it.
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    PM G4 400 gigabit ethernet, 832 MB RAM, 30 gig HD, 32MB Radeon OEM.


    Toshiba Satellite Pro 435 CDS 120mhz pentium laptop (brief flirtation with the dark side)

    Powerbook Duo 2300

    Macintosh LC 475

    Mac Classic II (b&w version)

    Commodore 64
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    Current computer

    iMac DVSE sept. 2001 graphite

    500 mhz

    128 ram

    etc etc

    Computer in febuary

    Powermac g5 dual 1.6 ghz

    384 ddr-sdram at 333 mhz

    geforce 3

    100 gig HD

    17 inch lcd


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    Current Desktop

    Duron 800

    LaCie Electron 22 Blue

    Radeon SDR (overclocked)

    256 MB SDRAM

    20 Gig Maxtor

    This was a "build it myself" job, made for very little money in the spring (so that I could run certain PC software for college)

    Current Laptop

    N.B. This item was ordered on Friday and has not arrived at the house yet!

    iBook 600/DVD/384mb/15gb

    She will be running:

    Virtual PC 4.0.2

    Via Voice

    Code Warrior

    SuSE Linux

    and Quake 3 BABY!

    Previous Laptop

    Chikara - PowerBook FireWire

    400 MHz/384mb/20gb/2batteries

    This was my baby. I loved her. She died two months ago. I cried!!!!!

    I decided to add a brief list of old computers:

    1999: second user PowerBook 1400. I upgraded the RAM and hard drive (as well as fixing her, for she was broken). Sold in 2000 to make way for Chikara.

    Long time ago: Commodore Amiga 500plus (I made a 80 second animation on it for my high-school art project way back in 1992-3), Commodore 64, Acorn Electron, ZX81 (yup, I had one of these!).

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    eskimoeskimo Posts: 474member

    AMD Athlon 1.0GHz OC'd to 1.53GHz

    Iwill KK266 motherboard

    512MB PC133

    20GB Maxtor DiamondMax

    30GB IBM "Deathstar" 75GXP

    64MB GeForce 2 Pro

    Dell branded 21" Trinitron

    Antec KS-188 full tower painted and modified to accommidate 120mm intake fan along with variable voltage fan switch and green neon light.

    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard

    Cambridge Soundworks DTT2500 5.1 speakers

    Netgear 10/100 NIC

    Kenwood 72X TrueX CDROM

    Teac 12/10/32 CDRW

    Logitech wireless iTouch keyboard

    Logitech Mouseman+

    Windows XP Professional


    AMD Athlon 750 OC'd to 1.0GHz

    Abit KT7-RAID motherboard

    320MB PC133 RAM

    6GB+13GB HDs

    Nvidia TNT video

    SBLive sound

    Linksys 10/100 NIC

    Windows XP Professional


    Dell Inspiron 5000


    192MB RAM

    18GB HD

    15.1" XVGA TFT

    8X DVD

    Windows XP Professional

    [quote]GTXP soundcard that sucks monkey balls, although it looks great on paper.


    Might want to check for a new driver for that. There was a flaw in a previous driver version that caused sound quality problems when a computer had 512MB or more of RAM such as yours.

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