Wall Street impressed by Apple's surprise second quarter, analysts see stock headed to new highs



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    You are just embarrassing yourself.  Maybe take an introductory college course in economics first okay?  


    I was going to say, but you said it better than I could have. :)

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    I'm hoping for $1000 ... and I mean after the stock split ... image

    You may see it! You may also need some patience.

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    Shape-shifters are great at morphing news to suit their personal goals.


    Just like the NY Times, which within an hour of the earnings report had posted an article headlined "Apple's Profit Climbs, but Cracks Are Showing" which was mostly gloom-and-doom and lots of FUD. I specifically remember a photo of an empty-looking Apple Store and a discussion of how the smartphone market in China was declining (with no mention whatsoever of Apple's strong performance in China).  Today I find the article has disappeared from the NY Times website, and has been morphed into a new article by the same author (Brian X. Chen), painting a rosier picture of Apple, and a variant headline "Apple's Profit Still Climbs, but Pressure is Growing". Must be that Chen's first version was advance-written, under the influence of the typical "analyst" FUD. But now, the "analysts" (aka, stock manipulators) are singing praise and pumping the stock up, so Chen revised his song.  I'm sure Constable Odo will find a contrarian melody of his own.

    Well spotted! Just goes to show what a load of junk the news is these days - there's always a fucking agenda behind everything. I hate it so much. AI is not immune, but at least there are a lot fewer lies and deceit here than all the mainstream rags.

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    Apple to $1,000,000,000,000 by… June 2015, then? Anyone?

    May 2015. I think they probably won't reach that high by then, but you're on!

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    Nah: "APPLE Slashes dividend from $3.29 to $0.47 per share!"

    Rather: GOOGLE $525 APPLE $75: GOOGLE Now Worth Seven Times Apple!

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