Survey suggests Apple could sell 15M more iPhones in US with larger 5" display option



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    goosedaddy wrote: »
    One of the reasons the iPhone has been so successful is apps, and a huge reason why iPhone apps have been so successful is that Apple doesn't jerk developers around by having a ton of different screen sizes that developers need to support - just 2: iPhone/iPod-touch, and iPad (iPad mini and iPad are the same aspect ratio - iPad mini is the same UI slightly shrunk).

    When they shifted to the iPhone 5, they made a big point of saying that this was the size they were going to stay at for a long time, and I think they will be true to that and keep to the current size.
    With Apple's large customer base, every developer doesn't mind to optimize apps to accomodate new screen size. More customers, more money!
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    Is there ANY product in any product market, product category, or industry that gets as much unsolicited "free business advice" from industry pundits and experts as Apple's iPhone? 


    Step back and think about the massive waste of time, money, and human capital that this represents. The iPhone and Apple in particular are tremendously successful and seem to be doing quite well one their own. Heck, I think Apple is probably the one company in the world that obviously would be best served to just keep following whatever strategy and execution models they currently have in place. It kinda seems to be working, don't you think? Did they post a plea for help or issue an SOS? 


    At the same time there are thousands of other industries, companies, and multitudes of products and services that are simply dying a slow death and struggling. Think health care, food & water safety, crime prevention, universal Internet access, or everyone's favorite - global warming. Now those are areas that are ripe for bringing in all these "big thinkers" and trying to plug some of the holes would deliver tangible value. Heck, just getting some of the companies in other industries from the "sucks really badly" level to the "sucks but not too badly" level would have a profound positive impact on the quality of life of millions. 


    The perverse fascination with telling the #1 most valuable company in the world what they should be thinking and doing is kind of absurd within the scope of reality. In fact it's become just another "fantasy league sport" for the couch and cubicle dwelling masses to vicariously live outside of their own limited personal experiences. Hey, I'm totally cool with this at the level of hobby/fan sites like AI, but to see industry professionals,  pundits, and credentialed business people engaged and obsessed at the levels they are engaging, and to observe that they seriously believe they are in a position to steer Apple in the "right direction" is borderline crazy - unless they are still operating strictly within the realm of fantasy.

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    I'm not keen for a larger iPhone, but I might purchase one for my younger brother who doesn't have access to low cost internet so that he can watch Netflix and Hulu and get basic internet service via Sprint Unlimited.


    Would that my LTE iPad Air be considered by Sprint a smartphone and I would be dumping my landline and very slow DSL, albeit I would want to have a better tethering plan than what they offer.

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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post


    I already guarantee you don't. I'm sure you hold it with one hand, as I do. But as soon as the index finger from your other hand comes up, you're argument fails.

    Am I authorized to say that maybe I know more about my own behaviors than you do?

    I use it with two hands from time to time, but I often use it with just one hand while walking, with the other hand in my pocket, and I like that.


    My argument doesn't fail because I can use a small screen with one or two hands, but I can't use a big screen with one hand only.

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    Originally Posted by wigby View Post


    The only time I use my index finger is if I go into landscape mode to read a specific webpage format or type a long message but that is rare. I hate anything but my one thumb to operate just a little more than I love a big screen. This is why I am happy with 4" and might never go above that size. So I will really need to evaluate a new, larger iPhone at the Apple store. It's the only way to really know.

    Same here. I will judge in the store.

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    Originally Posted by fallenjt View Post

    With Apple's large customer base, every developer doesn't mind to optimize apps to accomodate new screen size. More customers, more money!

    That works in theory but talk to any developer. To do it right takes weeks or months (depending upon graphical complexity of app) of their best programmers and testing on yet another device size. Even the big developers do not want to waste time optimizing for screen size. It's probably the single biggest reason for the quality discrepancy between Android tablet apps and iPad apps. I'm sure it will become an issue for iPhone if many sizes are needed for that too.

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    Originally Posted by pazuzu View Post


    It will be interesting to see how Cook spins that Apple innovated this.


    Not spin, but the iPhone 6 will be one of the most one handed friendly phones ever made out the box, and certainly easier on the hands than 99% of the android phones out there of similar size.


    1: It's thin, so you won't need as big of a grip or stretch as often

    2: control center puts many toggles and settings on the lower part of the screen so you don't have to reach

    3: Gestures make navigating easier without reaching for in app controls


    No android phone outside of the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 makes an effort to preserve one-handed use. 99% of android phones are pretty rough on one-handed use.

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    pazuzu wrote: »
    It will be interesting to see how Cook spins that Apple innovated this.

    What's truly weird is your limited view of how innovation works. I wonder if you actually think a larger display is innovation in and of itself (despite Apple having used much larger displays for It's entire existence) or if you are just trolling.
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