Apple boosts iPhone 4/4S trade-in values in handset upgrade push



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    rkanagarkanaga Posts: 11member
    Aren't the 4 and 4s already equipped with kill switch via IOS 6 and later?
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,460member
    If you sell it, you won't have a collection of every iPhone there has ever been, unless you have more than one.

    I worded that poorly, I was meaning I wonder if it's worth saving a set or not.
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    benjamin frostbenjamin frost Posts: 7,203member
    If you sell it, you won't have a collection of every iPhone there has ever been, unless you have more than one.

    I worded that poorly, I was meaning I wonder if it's worth saving a set or not.

    If they are in good condition, I would say certainly. I would love to be in your position! I like to hang onto my first computer, phone etc. Even if you never see them gain any worth as an antique, you or others will be able to look back on them in years to come with awe.
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    bigpicsbigpics Posts: 1,382member
    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    THIS makes the iPhone the least expensive smart phone to own...


    • (Note: US-centric comment, and noting you didn't specify "best" as well as "least expensive"): 

    ....Except for off-contract phones with no-lock-in to parasitic subsidized contracts, e.g., a decent Android activated at T-Mob. 

    Too many short-sighted folks never stop to think that "expensive to own" (very much) includes TCO which (very much) includes the non-expiring premium for a subsidized phone that continues after the full cost of the device has been paid.


    So a full-freight 5s on a pay-for-service only plan is also cheaper to own over two years than a 5c or 4s on a contract.

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    Is this applicable to broken iPhone models? Didn't do it myself.
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    Do I have to be in the United States, or can I pay in Europe?
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    Does this program apply for not self broken iPhone 4's? Can I pay with EUR? Or do I have to buy a plane ticket to the U.S.A.? That would make it a lot more expensive and is not eviromentally friendly.

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    kibitzerkibitzer Posts: 1,114member

    Because the Apple website trade-in page still links to PowerON, I have to speak up based on an unfortunate episode in early November when I traded in two iPhone 4 models. I will not do business with PowerON again and I believe that anybody else who uses them will be doing so at their own risk.


    After sending in each phone which I evaluated as being in "Good" condition according to their checklist, PowerOn came back with emails that downgraded each phone to "Fair" and knocked $30 off their estimate for each phone. They attached what were purported to be photos of each phone's screen and said there were scratches that downgraded their value.


    EXCEPT ... that the photos they sent WERE NOT of my phones! I took detailed record photos of each of my phones before sending them in, and in no way do the screen photos they sent remotely compare to the photos that I took of my phones.


    I have not said that PowerON attempted to cheat me, but you are free to draw your own conclusions from the facts as presented.


    I responded that I thought their estimates were bullshit and directed them to return the phones to me, per their trade-in terms. Two days later, this is what they emailed back (names and quote numbers deleted):




    "Hello ##########,

    Thank you for your email. It's unfortunate you are unsatisfied with the audit results. However, we would like you to be satisfied with the program, and after reviewing your quote, we have gone ahead and decided to award you in full for both quotes (###### and ######). Please let us know if this is acceptable to you or if you would still like the phones returned. Thank you for your interest in the program and have a great day.

    #### #######

    Head Consumer Trade-In Specialist"




    Now isn't that amazing? Just like that, this wonderful, beneficent company decides to "give" me $60 more just because "we would like you to be satisfied with the program."


    I accepted the offer, but I have to wonder how many other people were dealt with in the same way by this outfit. People who plan to trade in their old devices need to be very, very careful about where they do business. For its part, it would behoove Apple to audit the business practices of PowerON, with whom they chose to partner.

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    joshajosha Posts: 901member
    Originally Posted by Inkling View Post

    It's easy to suspect that recycling means turning those still useful iPhone 4/4s phones into plastic and aluminum pop cans rather the keeping them in service, so Apple can sell more new phones. Don't do that. That's wasterful. Make sure they are reused for what they were intended. Sell them or give them to a friend or relative.


    For now I'm keeping my perfect condition off contract iPhone 4.
    Sure I get a $99 trade in, but the new usage plan is $30/m more than what I was paying.
    Actually the next usage plan for me would be $50/m more than the reduced cost plan
    I'm now paying for my owned iPhone4.
    Yes my voice and data allowance is less, but more than enough for me.
    I'm heavy on data usage, but it's mostly on faster WiFi.
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    nhajnhaj Posts: 7member
    I don%u2019t like the idea of selling it back to Apple and only getting store credit. I would rather sell it & get back cash so I can purchase the new iPhone 6 when it comes out. There a dozen of buy back companies that will pay more the Apple.

    There%u2019s even a Kayak like site but for Apple Devices that show you all the offers in one spot.

    I%u2019ve used it before and loved it. I highly suggest it to other Apple lovers, it%u2019s called
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