Creator of Apple's Core Animation leaves for new role, likely at Facebook



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    The way people here are crying wolf as if very time a person leaves Apple, it will be end of Apple. Thank god the custodians at Apple are not on LinkedIn or has twitter account - atleast I hope not. Because a departure by one of them means Apple is "done" Man, some of you are sounding like the lame reporters and analysts on CNBC, MarketWatch or WSJ!

    Maybe, what you are seeing is the result of anti-poaching settlement recently made by some of the valley giants?
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    palegolaspalegolas Posts: 1,361member

    We'll soon be enjoying silky smooth scrolling in Facebook.

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    palegolas wrote: »
    We'll soon be enjoying silky smooth scrolling in Facebook.

    I think its users need that. Without a search function and the pisspoor layout of that website it will need every little improvement it can get.
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    CoreAnimation is a pretty amazing framework, you can do really fancy stuff in only a few lines of code. Sorry to see him moving on.
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    Originally Posted by bighype View Post

    Apple should be deeply concerned about the constant exodus of deeply technical people in recent years. Tim Cook is dropping the ball again.


    do you have HR data to indicate it's above or below their normal churn? do you also have their hiring data? if not, how do you feel qualified to make that statement at all? you dont seem qualified to me.

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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post



    I know 3 out of 5 of them personally. None of them were involved with the actual making of the products directly, whether hardware, software or what have you. They were leaders in directing and focusing teams to meet goals.


    Bertrand is a great guy. He hadn't been knee deep in coding for nearly 15 years. Rubenstein never wrote code and his expertise of working with hardware was in the past. Sina worked in branding, marketing and non tech related relations. He was one of the first guys we contacted to come back during the merger. He had bailed on NeXT and professional services prior to the merger.


    There is plenty of talent at Apple. If someone wants to leave to get a huge pay day and a title they've been pining over, let them go. They'll discover the experience never pans out.

    Couldn't agree more.  Facebook is a shitty company that makes shitty products, but happens to have a lot of money.  Harper is going to get a huge pay raise.  I'm sure he will like the money.  Who knows whether he will like the work.  If he likes fixing shitty products and they give him the leeway to do what he wants, he may actually like it.  However, if I had to guess, the people responsible for creating shitty products at Facebook are going to insist on continuing to create shit.  A tiger doesn't change its stripes.  Harper will become disenfranchised and eventually leave to go do something else once his options vest and he has money.  Also not necessarily a bad option.  

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