Apple's massive $3B bet on Beats a sure thing compared to all-in gamble on NeXT in 1996



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    You're joking right, Spotify is way better than Beats streaming service.:no:

    What evidence do you have to show the algorithm or any other aspects of the service is worse than Spotify?
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    Originally Posted by sog35 View Post


    You can get Beats Executive for $199 at Costco



    Hell no.

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    Rap music is definitely inferior to classical music. If you have ever gone Cold Turkey and just listened to classical music for several months, and then gone back to mainstream music, your brain is like "What the hell is this simplisitic sh*t?" You just giggle at how simple it is.


    But there is a tradition in Western society of letting the youth find their own way. Maybe in other cultures they try to control their kids and discourage them from listening to s*it. But we tend to let them go their own way, knowing that once they (eventually) start thinking for themselves, they will gradually come back in to the fold. As evidenced by the photos above of Dr. Dre as a hood in his youth, but a successful businessman in his maturity.


    It's the only way that works in the long run. I know some Asian kids forced to be perfect their whole lives and when they hit 40 they have mid life breakdown.


    Have you ever listened to classical music on Beats headphones? What a sin.

    And that look of Princess Leia Cinnabon buns on your head? Stoopid.


    The Star Wars Beats edition.


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    Originally Posted by Potsie Webber View Post


    You're joking right, Spotify is way better than Beats streaming service.:no:


    Try Beats music. Its actually better than Spotify. Spotify search is not good. I get alot of results that are legitimate covers and I also get karaoke tracks and random users who name stuff the same so people will listen to it etc... Every so often it turns the offline feature off. On more than one occasion when using Spotify i'd download music to my device one day and the next it would no longer be there. I was not a happy camper. I tried Beats music and it has been very smooth sailing thus far. That is why I said it is a better version of Spotify. It is easier to use. 


    As far as the headphones go... I noticed that comparably priced headphones in the $350-$400 actually had bout the same sound quality. Beats tend to run about $20 cheaper than its competitors. The only headphones I thought had better sound than Beats had this touch volume feature that is amazing. However, when I turned the sound up the bass sounded muffly and I hate that. I tested all of the headphones with Truly, Madly Deeply and Adorn. 

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    hillstones wrote: »
    gwmac wrote: »
    My original negative take was based off of a headphone purchase a young friend of mine made several months back. He often consults me about any tech type questions and asks my opinion. He wanted some high quality headphones and was trying to decide between a few different Beats models. I did some research and gave him a few suggestions for models by Shure and Sennheiser instead were actually cheaper but seemed to get far better ratings from some pro review sites. He would have none of it. He would not consider those brands for even a second. It was Beats or nothing. So even though he knew review sites rated Beats poorly and thought they were overpriced, that is what he wanted and would not even consider superior sounding and cheaper alternatives. That says a lot. Imagine how sticky the consumers will be once Apple engineers get a chance to actually make Beats headphones sound far better. 
    Reviews can be subjective and so can sound to any person.  Although you made recommendations, maybe your friend did not like the sound of Shure or Sennheiser.  Maybe he preferred the sound quality of Beats, even though you don't like them.  Maybe he hurt your ego for not going with headphones you wanted him to buy, but it sounds like he found headphones that he likes.  The Beats headphones do not sound bad, if that is the sound you prefer.  Many people either love or hate Bose products, but it all depends on the sound quality you prefer.  

    I had the Harmon Kardon original SoundSticks (USB) for over 10 years.  They are highly reviewed and award winning in design.  I always thought they sounded great, which they still do.  I recently replaced them with the Bose Companion IIIs, and the Bose sound better than the SoundSticks in my opinion.  They have a brighter sound, deeper bass, and more power than the HKs.  The Bose also look better in appearance, matching the look of my iMac better than the HKs.

    Don't knock your friend for listening to your advice, then deciding on his own what he preferred to buy.  I am sure he considered your options, but preferred the sound of Beats.

    It's one of life's dilemmas: should we criticise people for exercising bad judgement? I think we should, strongly.
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    haggar wrote: »
    Seems that even the biggest Apple defenders on AI are having a hard time rationalizing the Beats purchase to themselves.  Maybe that's why there is no fluffy DED article yet?

    Hold your horses and wait for WWDC. It might have the odd thing worth writing about.
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