Rumor: Photo shows "iPhone 6" rear shell with cut-out Apple logo



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    eric38eric38 Posts: 100member
    The breaks are too wide. Every purported leak has these. Grrrr

    Why not have 2mm of plastic on the bottom and top? Oh well, Apple can afford to make a phone that some people don't like, since they're finally releasing a big phone.
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    eric38eric38 Posts: 100member
    vl-tone wrote: »
    I suspect that there's a technical/functional reason behind the increased thickness of the antenna separations. Maybe it will also act as a shock absorber and reduce the possibility of breaking the screen if the iPhone 6 is dropped on one of its corners?

    What if the separation is made from a new RF transparent LiquidMetal alloy? :) (OK maybe not)

    That's exactly my thoughts. Some sort of shock absorber. A screen that never breaks (from drops) or scratches. Huge selling point.
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by Ivabign View Post

    This is the new iphone. No doubt about it. It will look amazing in person. With Apple it is all about the details, and the detailing will be brilliant. All the wailing about the thickness if the antenna bands is silly. Wait until it is in your hand.

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    I'm pretty sure every single design consideration for the phone was made for extremely good reasons - I suggest you don't second guess these decisions when you dont have any info behind them, especially when you have no clue if this is even the final design. 

    The two above replies are the correct responses


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    If you mean 3 different LED's in that one hole i still do not think so, as a repair tech, the LED's Apple uses for the flash requires two different spots for the light to blend together correctly. And plus the emitters aren't small enough to fit in that one hole. I just don't see it. 

    Apple is not going to use an inferior flash on a new model of their flagship phone. There are lots of dual element LEDs out there but the typical usage is as indicators like on the AirPort Extreme, green and yellow.  Apple has probably had a dual element LED custom made for the spectrum they want. The standard incandescent white LED is 4500 K and the pale white is 6500 K. When you combine them you get 5500 K depending on the intensity of each element, which is almost exactly natural light. As an example in the printing business, viewing booths use 5000 K. I'm not claiming this is what they have done but it is entirely possible.


    I can't think of any reason that the two LEDs need to be separated in order to blend. LEDs can be very tiny. Some dual element LEDs are only .75 mm so they can fit in a 1 mm hole no problem.

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    benjamin frostbenjamin frost Posts: 7,203member
    I'd love to see an Apple logo on the iPad and iPhone that changed colour according to the weather outside. Or according to your mood; in fact, customisable so it could change colour according to any parameter that you so desired. Useless but fun.
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    Naw. No way. they arent going to take out the truetone flash and go from 2 LED back to 1. Its semi convincing, but I say fake
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    Naw. No way. they arent going to take out the truetone flash and go from 2 LED back to 1. Its semi convincing, but I say fake
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    Originally Posted by yaboigrande View Post

    they arent going to take out the truetone flash and go from 2 LED back to 1.



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