Ahead of iOS 8 announcement iOS 7 adoption nears 90% for iPhone, 85% for iPad



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    I've heard that Apple has nearly 700 million iOS devices in service so a close to 90% upgrade rate is rather impressive.  I'm guessing that there are devices that can't be upgraded because they're too old.  Compared to Android Apple is doing rather well by keeping everything up-to-date in terms of security.  A lot of Android devices take months to upgrade due to carriers taking their sweet time or not bothering to upgrade certain devices at all.  And yet Wall Street thinks Android is so great and superior to iOS merely because of greater market share.  That's really stupid reasoning.

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    So this data is based on US persons with i-devices who click on ads?
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    braineatr wrote: »
    I don't understand everyone's aversion to iOS 7. I like it on my iPhone and my iPad. Seriously, why do people hate it so much?

    Working in tech support when the whole transition for FaceTime went down was a pain in the butt (It's still ongoing for those who don't use FaceTime very often.) A lot of people were angry with their cell phone carrier because they had to update their software. Explaining to people that APPLE, not their carrier, changed the requirements for running FaceTime time and again was awful. A lot of people were angry about having to give up iOS 6 so they could continue using FaceTime.
    people who hate it are insignificant <0.5%. Of course, there're always whiners and Apple dont give a shit 'bout them.
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    Originally Posted by Flaneur View Post

    Except 7 has no groove, visually. It's actually designed to be unattractive to the eye, so no groove permitted.

    Could be design laziness or tastelessness, but I think it was from an excess of design puritanism. "Let us have no texture" was the mandate. So we get an ungodly green for the battery icon, a nasty pointy blue thing for Safari, and so on.

    I've got 7 on my iPad mini, 6 on my iPhone 4Ses. It is always such a pleasure to see the 6 screens, such a pain to see the 7 icons. Design purity is right next to design perversity. They crossed the line. I hope they redeem themselves.



    Humans are complex - they are both adaptive and resistnce to change.


    You change anything significantly, people will cry out loud. After the initial outburst, people go on with their life (in Steve's view they "get a life"). And not long after, people start complaining about the stale and bornedom with their currnet things. After some time, you change it back to the previous and you will see the same outburst. This is a cycle. And due to the Internet where lying (some call it marketing) is so easy that you can blow anything out of proportion.


    In one end, you have the Antennagate. Somehow, millions of affected people is still using the phones that can't make calls. After crying out loud for weeks that their phones do not get any signal, they somehow kept using them (either they start getting signal magically or they use iPhones as iPod Touch).


    The problems with iOS 7 is at the other end. You can argue that it is tasteless but every two person have different tastes. Try to think of times when you received gifts which looks horrible. Now the person who bought the gift for you thought it is a wonderful thing but in your view it is ugly. I am also faced some problems with iOS 7 like calender view and draining batterly life. However, there are some improvements as well. You can easily make the colore less bright by reducing the brightness or using a black wallpaper.


    I am sure many of us who is complaining about iOS 7 will again complain if Apple decide to revert back to iOS 6 looks.

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