Monday at WWDC: Apple delivers big surprises as most predictions ended up wrong



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    razorpitrazorpit Posts: 1,796member

    Originally Posted by rob53 View Post

    Unfortunately the stock market listens to them and did yesterday. I agree we not only need to ignore them but find a way to get rid of them.

    Time to buy, buy, buy!

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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member

    The reason the healthkit and homekit stuff leaked out was the fact Apple was obviously talking to companies outside of Apple and those people were leaking the information.

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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,272member
    lkrupp wrote: »
    iCloud critics should be pretty much silenced now. Sounds like Apple knew all along that they were behind the curve with Dropbox and OneDrive and will be at least on a par with the competition. I know I will most likely move away from Dropbox and OneDrive if iCloud fits the bill.
    As with most things Apple waits until it can do things right before releasing something. iCloud Drive works with Continuity across all Apple products not just one. Apple had already allowed documents on iCloud storage for Macs but the new version is much better and a more complete cloud-based file system. I just wish they would release a version running on OSX server for enterprise use.
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    thewhitefalconthewhitefalcon Posts: 4,453member

    Originally Posted by razorpit View Post


    Time to buy, buy, buy!

    I'm still torn between picking up a few shares post split, and buying a new Mini when they refresh so I can get beyond Lion to Yosemite. I want my iOS 8 devices to have full functionality.

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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member

    Originally Posted by rob53 View Post

    Unfortunately the stock market listens to them and did yesterday. I agree we not only need to ignore them but find a way to get rid of them.


    Well, they didn’t listen too closely apparently. AAPL was down $4 yesterday. This morning it’s up $7

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,926member
    rogifan wrote: »
    listening to all these financial analysts on Bloomberg and CNBC is hilarious! It's almost like they're reading from the same script. All of them disappointed because no new hardware was announced yesterday. All of them saying that hardware is more important to Apple than software is. Even though a lot of these clowns are the same ones claiming Apple is doomed because they're too much of a hardware company. :rolleyes:


    These dumb analysts haven't realized that this is developers conference.
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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,272member

    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post



    Well, they didn’t listen too closely apparently. AAPL was down $4 yesterday. This morning it’s up $7

    I'm watching the comments on Yahoo finance market pulse, something that usually makes me sick to my stomach but this morning it seems to be very positive. Of course there still are comments about iOS fast reply (Messages) being taken from Blackberry but who cares. When Apple incorporates something it usually benefits the user and makes things easier to use. On other platforms it's usually a gimmick.


    From Yahoo market pulse: "Lesson for bears: when you see this stock up several points with 2.5m volume in under 30min, that means you probably shouldn't short."

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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,272member

    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    These dumb analysts haven't realized that this is developers conference.

    I agree but you'll also hear from Apple-loving people that hardware has been released at previous WWDCs so people have come to expect it. Of course, WWDC has just begun and there's a few more days where "One More Thing" might pop up. 


    (I don't have any inside information on this, I'm just repeating a typical Steve Job's statement.)

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    suddenly newtonsuddenly newton Posts: 13,819member
    The rumor mill also offered no inkling of the majority of Apple's big news items

    Virtually every significant new iOS and OS X feature that Apple unveiled and subsequently detailed on its website was a real surprise, while nearly every WWDC rumor ended up being wrong or significantly off the mark. Clearly, Apple's "doubling down" on secrecy has paid off.

    Yes, if by " secrecy has paid off" you mean that developers were delightfully surprised that Apple could show them something unexpected and thus truly "new" because the rumor mill didn't spoil it first.

    Ironic your admonishment of the rumor mill is being posted on a rumor aggregator website.

    I don't know that you could say it was the result of Apple doubling down on secrecy. This successful unveiling probably had more to do with the fact they do their software development behind locked doors in Cupertino rather than a supply chain factory in China.
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    Nice recap, Dan. :)
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    rob53rob53 Posts: 3,272member

    Originally Posted by blackbook View Post

    Another thing I loved about WWDC was the focus on spotlight.

    With Spotlight's web search feature Apple is going to shift hundreds of millions of iOS and Mac customers away from google search.


    from Google search to Microsoft Bing search, at least per a very good article on electronista through macnn, "Analysis: Apple launches total war against Android"


    I have no problem whatsoever with this change in search vendor. Let Apple grab the search results from someone else and present them in a more meaningful way (sans ads).

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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    jungmark wrote: »
    These dumb analysts haven't realized that this is developers conference.
    What's so damn annoying is these are the same people predicting D&G and FUD and Apple is doomed because hardware is a commodity business and Samsung is eating their lunch blah blab blah. Can't have it both ways.
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    anantksundaramanantksundaram Posts: 20,407member

    Apple is like a fine wine. All in good time....


    Looks like the market is finally getting it.

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    sirdirsirdir Posts: 189member
    I like the direction the functionality is going. Actually this 'SMS continuity' was a thing I was thinking about a few weeks ago and thought.. why they just don't forward SMSs to/from the iPhone to the other devices... Nice they're doing that now.
    What I don't like at all is the design.
    OK, it's DP1, but now many things look just ugly. OK, we got used to iOS7, too, but if I see an iOS 6 device I could still cry for all this lost style and classiness.
    I.e. resolutions are getting bigger and bigger, so are screens, why the hell should the '3 coloured dots' be right beside other window elemts for the first time? but of course, not at least consistantly, but ONLY in safari? I hate it.
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    For me, the biggest surprise was CloudKit.  I think many people didn't realize that it is a direct competition to Amazon AWS and Google AppEngine.  Developers no longer needed to setup AWS servers or even host their server app somewhere, instead, use an API directly in iOS to seamless store information in the cloud and it is free!


    Apple gets Cloud.

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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    shogun wrote: »
    Keeping software secret should be trivial for Apple. Any software inklings we get (e.g. Healthbook) are controlled leaks by the powers that be. Keeping hardware secret is a very different story.

    And I look forward to the day when it will make complete sense to move all Apple manufacturing into their own secure facilities.
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    Apple should tell Yahoo if they ever want to do deep integration with iOS they need to clean up their anti-Apple drivel. Go to Yahoo Finance any day of the week and there is a hit piece on Apple. I just went there this morning to see how Apple stock was doing and I come across this stupid article from some CNNMoney contributor. :rolleyes:*
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    stefstef Posts: 87member

    Yesterday stuck; today sticky. Tomorrow ...

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    macarenamacarena Posts: 365member

    Nailed it in a way that no one else could.



    Like I said, Apple focussed more on Industries, with 3 of my first 4 choices hitting bulls eye. I still think Television will see something soon - with a separate App Store for content for Apple TV.


    Like I expected, Apple's big push will not come from launching Products any more - they didnt bother to launch a single product. Can there be a more clear statement that pretty much anything Apple launches going forward will just be a hobby? They have changed their focus to ecosystem plays, working with partners to crack into industries that haven't been exploited so far. This will help them dramatically expand their reach and stickiness. This is what will help them raise their marketshare against Android.


    The one announcement I did not predict turned out to be the biggest one - about Swift. And Swift is going to be a game-changer.

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    jumpcutterjumpcutter Posts: 100member

    Yes, It was a big surprise, to some, that Apple did not deliver anything of substance at WWDC. One big smoke screen involving the 2 operating systems. Why don,t Apple just merge the two systems into 1. They basically look the same with the flat Johnny Ive simple look. Apple was much better when they cared about the computer and not the iPhones and iPads. No Mac mini update for almost 2 years. No "new" products as advertised. Tim Cook is sending Eddy Cue out to promote these non existent products. Why don't Apple just not do anything with the computers anymore, just the mobile devices. Forgive me people, but I do not believe a thing Apple says anymore. They just lie.  

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